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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was sector.

Last in Parliament December 2022, as Liberal MP for Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba)

Won his last election, in 2021, with 46% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, we are building the Canadian economy, and the Canadian economy will be built with large projects if they have the public confidence of Canadians. They have not had the public confidence of Canadians, which is why we are committed to modernizing the National Energy Board, and that modernization will proceed with a set of principles. The set of principles will include meaningful consultation with indigenous Canadians, a respect for the environment in all decisions, and an understanding that moving these resources to—

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, we have said all along that there will be a transitional process that will govern those major projects that are currently under review. That process will embody the principles that will be necessary if we are going to get approval of these very important projects for Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. In an odd way, we are taking the member's advice.

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I would not mind having the member's voting record: the number of people who have voted for him over these last 27 years. I am sure one of the many reasons they vote for him is that he listens to them and he is responsive to what they have to say.

This government will be responsive to what Canadians tell us about moving these resources to market responsibly. That is the way we develop public confidence, and that is exactly what we are doing.

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, Canadians want to find a responsible way to move these resources to international markets. They want to determine the safest, most economically advantageous and environmentally responsible way of moving them. The only way that these resources will move across the country is if the people of Canada have public confidence in the decisions that got us there. That is our commitment. That is what we intend to do.

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I understand that the premier of Saskatchewan has actually quoted the Prime Minister on this matter. We understand that to develop our resources responsibly—

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, we are aware of the importance of the resource economy to Canada. We know that 20% of our country's GDP is embedded in the natural resource sector. We are committed to developing this sector in a responsible way because we understand that tens of thousands of people are now suffering because of low commodity prices, not only in Alberta and Saskatchewan but in New Brunswick as well. We understand the importance of developing the sector responsibly.

We also understand that the consequence of this downturn has a real impact on people. We understand that and we recognize it—

Natural Resources January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I have had the opportunity to consult with Canadians in Winnipeg and in Halifax, and in two weeks in Vancouver.

My first trip outside of Ottawa was to Calgary, where I had an excellent conversation with industry leaders who had just come to the realization that if we are to determine the best way of getting our resources to market, we will need government, environmentalists, indigenous leaders, and industry.

If we are not able to accomplish that, we will have the record about which the people across should not be very boastful.

Employment January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, one of the major obligations of the Government of Canada is to make sure our resources end up at tidewater responsibly, and to do that we have to have processes that have the confidence of Canadians.

If we had had the confidence of Canadians, these major pipelines might have been built a long time ago, but there is none of that.

However, after we get through with a consultation process that has substance, includes indigenous peoples, and understands environmental issues, we will have a better chance than that government had.

Employment January 25th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, as a proud western Canadian, I will stand up for jobs in Alberta, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

If this were question and answer period, I would ask opposition members how many major pipelines they built in 10 years. The answer would be zero.

The reason they did not build major pipelines is that their process did not have the public confidence of Canadians.

We are talking to Canadians now, and what comes after these consultations will be Canadians' confidence in delivering these resources to market in a sustainable way.

Natural Resources December 9th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, commodity prices are at a historic low. We will take advantage of this moment to look at the regulatory process.

We will ensure that our resources get to international markets sustainably. We care as much about those who are suffering from where we are in the cycle as anybody else in this chamber.