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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was million.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for Eglinton—Lawrence (Ontario)

Lost his last election, in 2015, with 43% of the vote.

Statements in the House

The Environment February 2nd, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the NDP tunes out when it comes to job creation in the energy sector and turns its back on workers. Maybe the party should listen to Buzz Hargrove, the former CAW president, who said that we should not stop developing the oil sands because we need those jobs.

The Environment February 2nd, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the member opposite will not take yes for an answer so I will now go on to the subject of jobs.

Maybe the NDP will listen to a Canada building trades union that says ”right now the process is being subverted, needlessly delayed at the cost of Canadian jobs”.

We need to reform the system to encourage new investment in Canadian infrastructure. This process needs to be expeditious and not stifle investment and job creation.

The Environment February 2nd, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the member opposite gave me a break because I was not here.

The science is clear that human beings cause global warming. Our government has shown its support with investments of over $10 billion to support a cleaner environment and fight climate change through innovation.

What I do not believe in is the NDP's ideologically driven, Luddite battle against hundreds of thousands of jobs in Canada. Does the NDP want to deny Canadian families jobs and a secure future, yes or no?

Government Programs January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the eco-energy program has been enormously popular with Canadians and should approach the $400 million level announced in the budget ahead of schedule. The program will provide a quarter of a million Canadian families with up to $5,000 to make their homes more efficient. This program is expected to generate up to $4 billion in economic activity across the country, creating and protecting jobs for—

Natural Resources January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, our government is proud to support energy efficiency. The eco-energy program will allow Canadians to save on their heating bills while creating jobs and economic activity throughout the country.

On Sunday, we reiterated our commitment to energy efficiency with an additional $117 million in funding for these initiatives.

Natural Resources January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the eco-energy retrofit program reached its goal of 250,000 registered homeowners.

Participating homeowners will see significant savings on their energy bills. The program also provides jobs right across this country. With this program fully subscribed, we expect to approach our budget limit of $400 million.

While the opposition voted against this important initiative, our government remains proud of its success.

The Environment January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the member opposite continues to talk about the radicals.

Let us remember what some people believe. There are some radicals who oppose all hydrocarbon development. There are some who think that one one-thousandth of one per cent addition to global warming will somehow destroy the planet. These are people who are not backed by science.

We are going to continue to support job-creating projects that are important to build this country.

The Environment January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the government has invested over $10 billion in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating energy efficiency programs. The oil sands, which represent one one-thousandth of global emissions, have had their emissions reduced by over 30% in the last 12 years. The gap between oil sands oil and conventional oil is narrow, about 5% to 10%, and it is narrowing even further. We favour technological innovation which will improve the performance of the oil sands.

The Environment January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, what I said yesterday is the government's policy. We will only approve projects that are safe for Canadians and for the environment. We are in favour of projects which will create jobs and economic activity and which will be nation builders for Canadians right across this country, from coast to coast to coast.

The Environment January 31st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, a while ago the member opposite insulted Canadian seniors. Now, she is insulting our ancestors. When will it stop? Sir John A. Macdonald knew what a nation-building project would do. Today, this government knows that it will produce jobs, economic growth and revenue for governments to support social programs like health, education and—