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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was industry.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for Fredericton (New Brunswick)

Lost his last election, in 2015, with 28% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Fisheries and Oceans April 23rd, 2013

Mr. Speaker, I put this issue to bed some months ago. Obviously the member opposite missed that.

In fact, on September 21, 2012, I categorically stated that we would not eliminate the fleet separation owner-operator policies. I do not know why the opposition continues to try to instill unfounded uncertainty and fear in an industry that is facing much more challenging issues.

Questions on the Order Paper April 19th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, with regard to (a), Fisheries and Oceans Canada has sought legal advice as appropriate.

With regard to (b), discussions are ongoing with various interested parties, including the Province of Ontario, about the future of the Experimental Lakes Area.

With regard to (c) and (e), Fisheries and Oceans Canada is not planning to undertake a research program at the Experimental Lakes Area as of March 31, 2013. However, discussions are ongoing with interested parties about the future of the facility.

With regard to (d), staffing discussions are ongoing as the department continues to work with affected staff to find other suitable positions within the department.

With regard to (f), discussions are ongoing with the Province of Ontario about the Canada-Ontario memorandum of agreement. They include issues related to liability and remediation.

Sealing Industry April 19th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, like my friend from Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley, I am proud to be part of a government that is standing shoulder to shoulder with Canadian sealers. Unlike the Liberals, who through the activities of Ontario Senator Mac Harb have consistently tried to destroy the livelihoods of Canadian sealers, our Conservative government will continue to fight for Canadian sealers and their families.

I am pleased to report that sealers working in the North Atlantic Ocean are on target to increase this year's harvest by some 40%. We remain committed to supporting jobs and growth generated by Canada's humane seal hunt.

Questions on the Order Paper April 18th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, with regard to (a), the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, DFO, has engaged various partners and stakeholders since summer 2012. DFO officials have met with representatives of various industries, such as oil and gas, e.g., Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, Canadian Association of Pipeline Producers; mining, e.g., Mining Association of Canada; forestry, e.g., Forest Products Association of Canada; hydroelectric, e.g., Canadian Electricity Association, Canadian Hydropower Association; and agriculture and agrifood, e.g., Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

The list includes the Canadian Gas Association, June 27 and July 9, 2012, teleconference, Ottawa; the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, June 27, July 17 and November 28, 2012 and January 30, 2013, teleconference, Ottawa, Calgary and Moncton; the Canadian Electricity Association, June 27, August 31 and November 13, 2012 and March 13, 2013, teleconference, Ottawa; the Canadian Hydropower Association, August 31 and November 13, 2012 and March 13, 2013, Ottawa; the Mining Association of Canada, June 27 and August 31, 2012, teleconference, Ottawa; the Forest Products Association of Canada, June 27, 2012, teleconference; the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, June 27, 2012 and January 31, 2013, teleconference, Calgary; the Canadian Nuclear Association, June 27 and December 14, 2012 and February 27, 2013, teleconference, Ottawa; Nalcor, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; Newfoundland Power, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; Rio Tinto, July 25 and October 4, 2012, St. John’s; Alderon Resources, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; Wabush Mines, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; Vale Inco, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; Kruger, July 25, 2012, St. John’s; British Columbia Hydro, June 27, 2012, teleconference; and Total E&P Canada, January 24, 2012, Ottawa.

With regard to (b), engagement sessions with industry, as well as other partners and stakeholders--e.g., provinces and territories, non-governmental organizations and aboriginal groups--started in June 2012 and are currently ongoing. These sessions have occurred across the country as well as through teleconference. The agendas for these meetings have been approximately the same: ensure comprehensive understanding of the changes to the Fisheries Act, flesh out the key concepts and gather information to assist in developing policy and regulations, identify and develop partnership opportunities and inform partners and stakeholders of implementation plans.

With regard to (c) and (d), DFO has spent approximately $100,000 in 2012-13 to undertake engagement sessions across the country. These costs are primarily associated with travel and translation. Included in this total is DFO financial support and participation in an NGO-organized workshop on October 30, 2012.

Search and Rescue April 17th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the facts are that since the closure of the Canadian Coast Guard station in Kitsilano base on February 19, 2013, the Canadian Coast Guard Sea Island station has responded to 37 search and rescue maritime distress incidents in the greater Vancouver area. These incidents involved 47 lives at risk. In all cases the CCG hovercraft has consistently had a reaction time of less than 10 minutes after receiving the tasking, which is well within the national service standards of 30 minutes.

Search and Rescue March 26th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, as I said before, consolidation will be based on operational needs, public safety and taking the time needed to complete the job properly. Of course, we will provide bilingual service.

Search and Rescue March 26th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the coast guard intends to maintain its excellent record of safety and service to mariners. As we have said all along, consolidation will be based on operational needs, public safety and taking the time needed to complete the work properly. Of course, we will maintain bilingual services.

Status of Women March 26th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, of course we have already dealt with that situation. What we are concentrating on is economic action plan 2013, jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. We are doing all of that without increasing taxes, without reducing transfer payments to the provinces, unlike the NDP, who would raise taxes with a $21 billion carbon tax.

Search and Rescue March 25th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, of course, before we make any changes in the Quebec office, we will ensure that the language capabilities and the language requirements are there to provide a bilingual service.

We would never put anyone's life in danger in this kind of situation.

Fisheries and Oceans March 25th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, economic action plan 2013 contains a number of significant investments to support the development of Canadian fisheries. This includes support for first nation fishing enterprises, improving the conservation of fisheries and enhancing regulatory clarity for the aquaculture sector.

Economic action plan 2013 proposes to dedicate all funds collected through the sale of the salmon conservation stamp to the Pacific Salmon Foundation.