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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was colleague.

Last in Parliament March 2011, as Conservative MP for Pontiac (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2011, with 30% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Transport June 9th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, obviously, our departmental authorities have already analyzed the suggestions made by my hon. colleague. Programs are in place. Although we are still very concerned, we are continuing to fund and do what needs to be done under the circumstances.

Transport June 9th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, obviously we take this seriously, and we are looking at these issues, which are extremely important, as the hon. member stated.

Safety is always extremely important. We take the necessary action after incidents occur.

During the most recent parliamentary commission, we had the opportunity to answer these questions. Transport Canada acts to ensure the safety not only of the public, but obviously of the ambient environment as well.

Museum of Science and Technology June 7th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, I thank my hon. colleague for his question. Obviously he was referring to our government's first 100 days.

It is too easy to say that we have resolved the UNESCO issue, which people had been demanding for many years. We also resolved the issue in the Quebec City region. We worked hard with the federalist government in Quebec City. We have an excellent working relationship with them. Not only did we resolve these matters, we also resolved the softwood issue, which that government chose to ignore.

The opposition will see us achieve even more over the next 100 days.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, I am happy to see all the effort that the hon. member has put into his question. It is too bad that he did not put as much effort and determination into solving the problem in his riding. The problem we have now with mail delivery has been apparent for several months. We are going to deal with it. Unfortunately, it must be said that they did nothing—especially this member—for the people of Digby.

Canada Post June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, I am in agreement with the last statement. We will treat all Canadians equally and we will ensure Canadians receive their mail delivery on time and as it should be done. That is our commitment and that is what we will be doing.

Canada Post June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, there is no need to go back 100 years. One need only look at 2004 when the previous government enabled a certain number of traditional ways of doing things to change. We are committed as a government to maintaining rural delivery in Canada.

Canada Post June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, this issue has been raised, not only by members on this side of the House, but also by members on the other side of the House.

As some members may know, there are over 840,000 rural mailboxes across the country. This government and this party is committed to maintaining the traditional rural mail delivery and this has been indicated to the officials of Canada Post. We will do what it takes to do that.

Transport June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, Transport Canada assumes a responsibility to ensure our railways and, of course, other modes of transportation are safe and secure for Canadians to use. Yes, unfortunately, there are cases where there are mishaps, incidents that occur, but our officials are there to take care of it and we build on the information that is gathered pursuant to the investigations that are taking place.

Transport June 6th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, last week when I appeared before the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, certain presentations were made by officials from my department. They were able to provide suitable, satisfactory answers to all the questions that the hon. member had.

Insofar as safety is concerned, Transport Canada is always trying to improve safety, not only for rail but also for all the other methods of transportation that Canadians use.

Infrastructure June 5th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, everyone knows that the Prime Minister addressed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities last Friday and told them how this government was delivering on its commitments for cities and communities across the country, such as budget 2006, where there is an unprecedented amount of $16.5 billion that will go to Canadians and the municipalities that we represent.

The response by the president of the federation was that these were solid gains for Canadians and municipalities and thanked us very much for our excellent work.