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  • His favourite word is agreement.

Liberal MP for Sydney—Victoria (Nova Scotia)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 73% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Allan J. MacEachen September 18th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, yesterday, along with many of my colleagues and the Prime Minister, we attended a wonderful ceremony celebrating the life of the late Allan J. MacEachen, who passed away last week.

In the years after I was first elected, I had lots of advice from Mr. MacEachen. Over time I got to understand and respect the work. Whether it was people on the wharf, here in the halls of Ottawa, or in the international community, whether it was on medicare, labour laws, or charter rights, he was remembered by all.

Mr. MacEachen always told me to make it a priority to get home to listen to my constituents. While I was attending a trade meeting in San Francisco a few months ago, I heard a story about Mr. MacEachen arranging a Middle East peace conference to wrap up on a Thursday so he could be home Saturday to meet with his constituents.

May we never forget the great contributions Mr. MacEachen made to Cape Breton, Canadians, and the international community. His legacy and dedication will live on forever.

Committees of the House June 15th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the seventh report of the Standing Committee of International Trade, entitled “The Canadian Steel Industry's Ability to Compete Internationally”. Pursuant to Standing Order 109, the committee requests that the government table a comprehensive response to this report.

I would also like to thank our clerk, our analysts, and especially our committee. We have a hard-working committee. We do a lot of travel across the country and internationally. We do well for this country when we do our business.

Anne Michelle Curtis June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, today I rise in recognition of the late Anne Michelle Curtis, an Alberta native and former resident of New Waterford, who lost her life two years ago at the age of 45 while saving a group of children from a riptide off of Dunvegan, Nova Scotia.

August 2, 2015, Michelle noticed her nine-year-old son was among a few other children being pulled out to sea in a strong riptide. Without hesitation, Michelle swam to help her son and then headed back into the deep water to help another child. All children were rescued. Michelle made it back to shore, but encountered difficulties. Despite efforts of medical professionals, she died on the beach.

As a palliative care worker, a hospice volunteer, Michelle dedicated her life to helping others during the most fragile times of their lives. Michelle was often described by those who knew her as ambitious, energetic, a nurturer and giver, and Michelle referred to her children as her greatest accomplishment.

This past Monday, Michelle's husband Karl Curtis accepted the Medal of Bravery from the Governor General on her behalf.

Petitions June 1st, 2017

Mr. Speaker, my riding of Sydney—Victoria, in Cape Breton, has one of the highest proportions of seniors in the country. I have the honour to present a petition that contains hundreds of signatures of seniors from Cape Breton Island.

The petition is in good order and the petitioners are asking the Government of Canada to review the Canada pension plan, which, at the present, is not funded sufficiently to allow seniors to survive in today's society.

First World War April 11th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, this week our Prime Minister, members of this House, and other Canadians are recognizing Canada's contribution to World War I. I would like to pay tribute to a family who gave dearly.

The Livingstone family, from my hometown of Boularderie Island, lost three young brothers in World War I. It is said that their father died of a broken heart right after the war because of losing his three boys. Hugh was the first one to lose his life, in the Battle of Ypres; followed by Charles, in the Battle of the Somme; and then David, in the Battle of Cambrai.

On Boularderie Island, 22 young men in total died in World War I, and many others were wounded. There is a monument at Big Bras d'Or's St. James Presbyterian Church cemetery commemorating these brothers and others who fought for their country.

Another herald from my riding was Percival William Anderson, who led the Nova Scotia Highlanders to capture the infamous Hill 145 that determined the victory at Vimy Ridge. He lost his life later in Passchendaele.

These young men came from farming, fishing, lumber, and coal mining families. I ask members in this House to join with me in remembering them and the thousands of others who did not come home from this war that defined our nation.

Committees of the House April 10th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to table the committee's report, entitled the “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Benefits and Challenges for Canadians”. Pursuant to Standing Order 109, the committee requests that the government table a comprehensive response to this report.

Wagmatcook First Nation March 7th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the eight students in grade 11 and 12 visiting Ottawa today from Wagmatcook, a beautiful first nation community nestled on the Bras D’or Lake in in my riding.

The students are in the nation's capital today to learn more about leadership and Canadian politics, and to see some of the wonderful landmarks here in Ottawa. Joined by the students are teachers Vince Budge, Jackie MacLellan, and Wagmatcook CEO Brian Arbuthnot. The group has joined us here today in this chamber to witness question period, and I am sure they will be impressed.

When members of this House and their families come to visit our wonderful island of Cape Breton, I invite them to drop in to the Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre to learn more about the language and history of the Mi’kmaq people and also have a delicious meal at the restaurant overlooking the beautiful Bras D'or Lake.

I ask members in the House to welcome these students, our future leaders, to Parliament Hill.

International Trade February 14th, 2017

Take it easy, guys. We know what happened yesterday.

We are voting on two agreements today, the Ukrainian agreement and the European agreement. The fishing industry in our province of Nova Scotia is very excited about these agreements.

Could the Minister of International Trade tell this House how these agreements would benefit middle-class Canadians and what the next steps are toward implementing the CETA agreement?

International Trade February 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, when it comes to trade, our government gets it done. Our friends south of the border, want do more trade with us—

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act February 6th, 2017

Madam Speaker, the member should think of his relatives in Cape Breton who fish and how beneficial this will be beneficial to them. Every once in a while, he should go back to Cape Breton and get a taste of reality, and find out what real business is all about.