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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was years.

Last in Parliament March 2014, as NDP MP for Trinity—Spadina (Ontario)

Lost her last election, in 2015, with 27% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Champlain Bridge December 2nd, 2013

Mr. Speaker, people should not have to pray before they cross the Champlain Bridge.

The minister has been responsible for the bridge for two and a half years, yet not a single dime was in the last two budgets for the new bridge, not a single dime.

Could the minister tell the House where the money is for a new bridge. Show us the money.

Petitions November 28th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the last petition is on side guards.

The petitioners are calling on the federal government to ensure that there are side guards on all trucks in order to save the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. They note that side guards on trucks would also save fuel.

Petitions November 28th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the third petition is on old age security.

Seniors want and deserve their old age security at age 65, not when they turn 67. The petitioners want to make sure there is an enhancement of the pension system via the guaranteed income supplement so that seniors can be lifted out of poverty.

Petitions November 28th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, my second petition is also about transit.

The petitioners are calling on the government to make sure there is a national transit strategy. They note that Canada is the only OECD country that does not have such a strategy and that there is an $18 billion gap in transit infrastructure needs.

Petitions November 28th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, I have four petitions.

The first one is from my constituents, who are calling on the government to make sure there is a reliable, fast, and accessible national rail passenger service.

Since the future of VIA Rail is threatened by a 62% cut in federal funding, communities from coast to coast will be hurt. Canada's rail network has shrunk by 20% while all other G8 countries are investing in high-speed rail. These petitioners call on the Government of Canada to immediately reverse funding cuts to VIA Rail, to secure the future of passenger rail service through federal legislation and long-term funding, and to make sure there is a legislative framework that governs VIA Rail so that we can get Canadians the 21st century transportation they deserve.

Rail Transportation November 27th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives should stop protecting their insider friends and start protecting Canadians on rail safety. The 2011 Auditor General's report found a long list of safety problems around the transportation of dangerous goods. These problems were flagged in 2006. It is now 2013, seven years later, and it is still all talk, all promises, and no delivery.

When will the government listen to the Auditor General and start protecting Canadians?

Rail Transportation November 26th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, obviously, it has not been working. Keeping Canadians safe should be a top priority, but today's Auditor General report on rail safety is damning. Three out of four safety audits are not done. High-risk companies are not inspected. Deteriorating bridges and tracks that carry dangerous goods are not noticed. Canadians deserve better than neglect and deregulation.

What are Conservatives going to do about this long list of failures and when are they going to act to keep Canadians safe?

Rail Transportation November 21st, 2013

Mr. Speaker, five months ago the government refused the NDP's request to work together to improve rail safety. This week, the Minister of Transport finally took a step forward, but Canadians will only be warned after the dangerous cargo has already rolled through town, and rail companies' safety protocols are still kept secret.

Why will the Conservative government not tell municipalities before the trains arrive, what is in them and what safety measures are in place? What is there to hide?

Affordable Housing November 21st, 2013

Mr. Speaker, ending homelessness is a plan, not a dream, and affordable housing is a strategy. It gives families support and reason to hope, shelters women from abuse, lets seniors live in dignity, and brings children in from the cold.

Back in 1994, the federal government backed away from this strategy, causing a national housing crisis.

Next year, when the last housing operating agreements end, it will get worse. In Toronto alone, 166,000 people are desperately waiting for housing.

Tomorrow is National Housing Day. If the government renews the housing agreements, does vital repairs, and builds new affordable housing, we can plan, once and for all, to end homelessness and fix Canada's housing crunch.

Petitions November 20th, 2013

Mr. Speaker, the last petition I would like to present on behalf of my constituents calls on the federal government to instruct Canada Post to halt its plan to downsize and downgrade public post offices and to consult with the public and others to improve the Canadian Postal Service Charter by developing a better process for making changes.