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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was put.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as NDP MP for Ottawa Centre (Ontario)

Lost his last election, in 2015, with 39% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Foreign Affairs June 18th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, it is about quality not quantity.

Members will not believe who the Conservatives are going along to get along with.

Yesterday, we learned that the Conservatives have most conveniently left off most of the most powerful Russian tycoons from their sanctions list. The Americans had no problem blacklisting people like Vladimir Yakunin. Yakunin is so delighted by the Conservative government's protection that he even boasted about it.

I would like to ask the minister, who has a lot of huff and puff, why the Conservatives are going along to get along with Russian tycoons who are tied to Mr. Putin. What do you have with Mr. Putin? Why are—

Foreign Affairs June 15th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, we cannot expect others to follow if we do not lead. Today, a leaked memo shows that the government will not implement a UN sustainable development plan here at home. Despite the G7 communiqué declaring support for the arms trade treaty, Canada has not signed it yet. Every one of our friends and allies has signed this treaty, everyone in the G7 and everyone in NATO. A hundred and thirty countries have signed the arms trade treaty.

I have a basic question for the government. Why will it not take a leadership role and at least sign the arms trade treaty?

Labour June 10th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, in 2009, Peter Kennedy went to work and did not come home. He was killed in an explosion right here, right next to Parliament Hill. Public Works was found guilty of violating health and safety laws. The court ordered safety inspections to ensure that these problems would be fixed.

Now we learn that not a single inspection has taken place as per the orders. We have seen the tragedy that can result when the government ignores health and safety laws.

The simple question is this: why did the Conservatives put workers at risk by failing to comply with the court's order?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns June 5th, 2015

With regard to Canadian policy concerning nuclear weapons: (a) has the government of Canada communicated or consulted with any other governments about the so-called Austrian Pledge on nuclear disarmament, that was issued following the 2014 Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, and, if so, which governments; (b) for each such communication or consultations, was it done by the Canadian government alone or in collaboration with other states, and, if the latter, which other states; (c) has the government encouraged other states to join the Austrian Pledge, and, if so, which states; (d) have other states encouraged Canada to join the Austrian Pledge, and, if so, which states; (e) what preparation has the government undertaken for the 2015 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) Review Conference; (f) what steps has the government taken to implement the parliamentary motion adopted by unanimous consent on December 7, 2010, which “encourage[d] the Government of Canada to engage in negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention”; (g) does official Canadian policy concerning nuclear weapons refer explicitly to the motion cited in (f); (h) has the government explicitly referenced the motion cited in (f) in any formal démarches to other countries regarding its policy on nuclear weapons; (i) as a NATO member state who has attended all three international meetings on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, has the government shared the findings of these meetings with other NATO members; (j) how has the government contributed to NATO efforts to reach its stated goal of a world without nuclear weapons; (k) for what reasons did the government refuse to endorse the Joint Statement on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons, as delivered by New Zealand at the United Nations General Assembly on October 20, 2014; (l) does the government agree with the statement that “[i]t is in the interest of the very survival of humanity that nuclear weapons are never used again, under any circumstances”; (m) under what circumstances does the government consider that the use of nuclear weapons would be appropriate; (n) how does the government reconcile the role of nuclear weapons in Canada’s security policy with Canada’s commitments under international humanitarian law and the NPT; (o) what is the government assessment of the sustainability of deterrence as a pillar of Canada's security policy; and (p) what steps has the government taken to implement the agreement of all states party to the NPT at the 2010 Review Conference, under action 5e of the Outcome Document, to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons for security?

Public Service June 5th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, one of the most basic responsibilities of any employer is to actually pay their employees, and we have a government that is not able to do that. These are hard-working public servants who make us proud every day. However, the government has fumbled the ball on actually being able to pay them. It brought in the centralized pay system that is inefficient and has not figured out how to work out the kinks to pay our public servants.

People are counting on their pay to pay their bills. They cannot wait for months without getting paid. Conservatives get their pay. We get our pay. Why do the public servants not get their pay? What are they going to do to fix this problem?

Foreign Affairs June 2nd, 2015

Mr. Speaker, while the international community is taking meaningful steps toward a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons, Canada is sitting on the sidelines. Just last week, the Conservatives played the spoiler role by blocking consensus at the nuclear non-proliferation treaty talks in New York. The Conservatives have also refused to join more than 100 countries in signing the international agreement recognizing the terrible consequences of nuclear weapons.

Why is the government not working with our allies constructively to free the world from nuclear weapons?

Canadian Heritage May 29th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, here is a story that is played out many times around the world.

The cabinet takes over prime real estate to build its leader's legacy project in the capital. It chooses a massive, imposing design. The plan creates local discontent. It gets a failing grade on cost and especially on location. Architects, the mayor and council, and even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court join the chorus of voices opposed to the plan. The public is opposed to it. Even the government's own partisans start asking for change, but still ministers gleefully promise to ride roughshod over everyone because nothing trumps their leader's vanity.

I am not describing a Communist dictatorship in its final days. This is the story of Canada's own “CommieCons”. The irony of it was funny for awhile, but enough is enough. The government's disregard for democratic voices is a slap in the face to the freedom fighters who are supposed to be honoured by this memorial. Let us tear down this monumental failure.

Relations with the Netherlands May 28th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to welcome King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands to Canada.

Yesterday the people of Ottawa were very proud to welcome them to our city. Ottawa has a long, proud tradition of friendship with the people of the Netherlands, most famously as the home of the Dutch royal family and birthplace of Princess Margriet during the Second World War. It is a pleasure and an honour to welcome the royal family back to Ottawa.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate a colleague and a friend.

Earlier this month, our very own member for Sackville—Eastern Shore was appointed by the King of the Netherlands as a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

With this member's strong record of advocacy for veterans and his passionate promotion of relations between Canada and the Netherlands, I am sure all members will join with me in congratulating the member for Sackville—Eastern Shore.

Although the appointment does not come with a formal title, to us he will now always be known as “Sir Buddy”.

Canadian Heritage May 27th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, if the government did not get the hint already, today Ottawa city council formally voted to ask the Conservatives to move the memorial for victims of Communism back to its original site.

A fundamental cornerstone of our democracy is consultation, and consultation requires listening. Will the minister do our democracy the honour of actually listening and respecting elected representatives? In other words, will Conservatives change the location of the memorial back to its original site?

CBC/Radio-Canada May 25th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, 82% of residents in the national capital region and almost two-thirds of Conservative supporters oppose the memorial in its current form.

The minister is ignoring the national capital plan, the mayor of Ottawa, the chief justice of the Supreme Court and local citizens. What kind of government and party ignores the opinion of 82% of the population? I will give a hint; the first letter is “c”, the second letter is “o”, and people can figure it out from there.

Why will the government not actually listen to the community and change the location of this monument?