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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was democracy.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as NDP MP for Honoré-Mercier (Québec)

Lost her last election, in 2021, with 7% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Digital Privacy Act June 2nd, 2015

Mr. Speaker, on June 2, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down an important decision about sharing personal information.

In their decision, the Supreme Court justices stated that information about customers, including their names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses, could not be shared with a third party without a warrant.

In light of that decision, does the member believe that some of the provisions in Bill S-4 might not be constitutional?

Petitions June 2nd, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I am presenting a petition signed by a hundred or so people who want feminine hygiene products to be tax-free.

Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act May 25th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, lately there has been a lot of talk about security and terrorism, among other things. Now, there is talk about transporting weapons. I remember not so long ago, in October 2014, when an attacker came here to Parliament with a shotgun.

I am very concerned about that because there are so many weapons out there. There is also the whole problem of firearm trafficking. If I understand correctly, the transport of weapons will not be as tightly controlled under this bill. That is a contradiction. On one hand, the government talks about national security, and on the other hand it allows weapons to be transported without much oversight.

I agree with what my Liberal colleague said. I would like him to elaborate a bit on whether he does or does not agree that people should be allowed to transport weapons as easily as this bill proposes, and whether this contradicts the Conservatives' daily speeches on the need for protection.

Yukon and Nunavut Regulatory Improvement Act May 25th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I find it troubling that the Conservative government, with the full support of its members and its senators, did not consult the people of the Yukon and did not strive for social acceptability with these significant changes. However, it had no problem talking to the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, the Mining Association of Canada and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, among others.

Does my colleague think that we can improve the situation in the Yukon by showing contempt for aboriginal peoples and by only supporting the big mining companies? I am very concerned about the government's contempt for aboriginal peoples.

Safe and Accountable Rail Act May 12th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, first of all, there is something important missing from this bill. In Europe, everything is highly interconnected. In May 1985, they agreed to implement dangerous goods regulations. They even defined 13 classes of dangerous goods. Shippers and carriers have responsibilities.

Still, this bill is a step forward. If we look at the past, we can see that the Liberals moved backward 14 years after 1985 by starting the rail safety deregulation process. The Conservatives continued that process. Then Lac-Mégantic happened. There is one thing I find especially striking. These days, people talk about the danger of terrorism. In Lac-Mégantic, however, dozens of Quebeckers died, and children are now orphans. I think that rail safety should be a top priority.

Does my colleague agree that this bill should be more specific about listing dangerous goods? This is not just about oil.

Port State Measures Agreement Implementation Act May 7th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, there is one thing that worries me. Yes, this bill is a step in the right direction, but the Conservative government basically gutted the Fisheries Act, and the role of Fisheries and Oceans Canada is diminishing every year in coastal communities.

How, then, does the government plan to enforce this bill without adequate resources to do so? How can we eliminate illegal fishing without the resources needed to do so? It does not just magically happen; it takes resources.

Petitions May 7th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I am also calling on the government to remove the GST from feminine hygiene products because we did not choose to have a menstrual cycle every month, so it is an unfair tax. These products are basic necessities.

Petitions May 6th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I also want to present a petition signed by many Canadians about making life more affordable:

We the undersigned residents of Canada draw the attention of [the Government of Canada] to the following: ...practical proposals to cap ATM fees at 50 cents per transaction, widen access to low-interest credit cards...

Petitions May 6th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present a petition concerning Latin-American heritage day.

Several dozen people of Latin American origin want their communities to be recognized for the work they are doing across Canada. They support Bill C-635 to designate October 5 as Latin-American heritage day throughout Canada.

Foreign Affairs May 6th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, a number of Canadians are currently stuck in Nepal. Many of them are looking for alternative ways to get out of that country because our government does not have enough resources on the ground.

However, other foreign nationals are not running into the same problems getting services from their government. How does the minister explain the fact that Canadians stuck in Nepal are still having a hard time getting consular services from their own country?