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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was conservatives.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as NDP MP for Rivière-du-Nord (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2015, with 30% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Petitions February 25th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to present in the House today a petition signed by almost 300 people in my riding.

They are calling on the Government of Canada to adopt international aid policies that support small farmers, and especially women, and recognize their vital role in the struggle against hunger and poverty, while ensuring that these policies respect the right of small family farms to store, trade and use their seed.

Taxation February 19th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives are saying that they do not have any money for the middle class. If everyone did his or her part, there would be money. The money is there.

Just before Christmas, the Royal Bank of Canada was caught red-handed by the Americans for orchestrating a transfer of funds to tax havens. The American government recovered $35 million.

Did the minister at least even try to recover the amounts that are owed to the Crown? How does she explain the fact that the white-collar criminal who devised this strategy is still working for the Royal Bank of Canada?

Taxation February 18th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the HSBC Bank in embroiled in a huge scandal involving tax fraud and money laundering linked to drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism.

Some 1,800 Canadian clients had accounts with that Swiss bank. Often it was unscrupulous institutions here that facilitated the transfer of funds, allowing people to hide money with HSBC.

Now that we know that Swiss authorities began conducting searches today, can the minister tell us what she is doing to catch white collar fraudsters and crack down on their accomplices?

Taxation February 17th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the scandal involving HSBC's Swiss subsidiary is rocking the whole world, but here in Canada, the Conservatives are asleep at the switch.

We know that over 1,800 of the richest Canadian businesses and individuals have secret bank accounts in Geneva, mainly to avoid paying taxes here in Canada. Several well-known names were made public by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, but no charges have yet been laid.

When will the minister bring down the hammer on these white collar criminals?

Canada Revenue Agency February 5th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the organization Dying with Dignity has been stripped of its charitable tax status by the Canada Revenue Agency. According to the Conservatives, this organization is too political.

The problem with the Conservatives is that they have a double standard. Defending the rights of patients and the sick is too political. However, advocating for private health care is all right.

When is this witch hunt against progressive organizations going to stop?

Business of Supply February 2nd, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I am quite concerned about what I heard from my colleague across the aisle. He talked a lot about setting up a process to identify the negative impact that the agreement is having on the fishing industry in Newfoundland.

First of all, does the government have a game plan for that work? Since this process needs to be set up, are the Conservatives already working with Newfoundland to come up with criteria to assess the impact?

Second, the same considerations have been suggested regarding possible compensation for Quebec's cheese makers. We were told that if there are any losses, compensation will follow. What is happening with that file?

Michaëlle Jean December 1st, 2014

Mr. Speaker, at the 15th summit of la Francophonie in Dakar, heads of states and of governments that belong to the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie officially chose Michaëlle Jean as secretary general. Canadians, especially francophones across Canada and Canadians of Haitian origin, are delighted with this appointment.

Ms. Jean is the first woman, and also the first person from outside Africa, to hold this position. Her appointment will without a doubt deeply mark the course of la Francophonie for decades to come.

The new secretary general is adamant that she will give a voice to women and youth in order to increase equality and solidarity within la Francophonie and to bolster its economic footing.

In the global political landscape troubled by incidents of religious fundamentalism, the appointment of this strong woman, who is inspired by the core values of freedom, equality and social justice, is a powerful symbol and gives hope for the future of women and democracy.

Official Languages November 27th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the problem is that this reeks of amateurism. Once again, this proves that French is a second-class language to the Conservatives.

The government cannot simply translate English expressions into French. They need to be drafted in French.

This weekend marks the opening of the 15th Sommet de la Francophonie. Is this really the image of Canada that the Conservatives want to project internationally?

Official Languages November 27th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, if we are to believe the Conservatives and Canada's new French-language Twitter account, all francophones and Quebeckers walk around saying “ouais”. That is completely ridiculous and out of touch with reality. This is yet another advertising campaign designed in English and then translated.

With the Conservatives, it seems as though there are two official languages in Canada: English and translated English.

How could the Minister of Foreign Affairs allow this nonsense?

La Francophonie November 25th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, next weekend, the heads of state will meet in Dakar for the 15th Sommet de la Francophonie to choose Abdou Diouf's successor.

Naturally, we support Michaëlle Jean's candidacy. She would be the first woman to take over as head of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Unfortunately, Ms. Jean has to deal with Canada's poor track record when it comes to international co-operation.

Does the Conservative government realize that it is the main obstacle to Michaëlle Jean's candidacy?