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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was children.

Last in Parliament March 2011, as Conservative MP for Lethbridge (Alberta)

Won his last election, in 2008, with 67% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Child Protection Act (Online Sexual Exploitation) November 26th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, I have a question for my colleague. Maybe just to preface that a little bit, a number of years ago I tabled a private member's bill in the House to deal with child pornography. We had noticed at the time that the Criminal Code contained no provision to take away the equipment and materials used to create child pornography. Thus we brought forward that bill, and to the government's credit at the time, it included the provisions in a bill, which became law. So we feel pretty strongly about some of these issues.

I ask my colleague how many cases of Internet child pornography are investigated annually in Canada? He indicated that the ISPs are offering information now, but I would just like to know what is happening presently in Canada.

Petitions November 19th, 2009

Madam Speaker, I have the honour, under Standing Order 36, to present a petition containing 500 or 600 signatures.

The petitioners call upon Parliament and the Government of Canada to maintain the moratorium on post office closures and the threat of legislation to legalize remailers. They also call upon the Government of Canada to instruct Canada Post to maintain, expand and improve postal services.

Small Business Week October 28th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, last week was Small Business Week in Canada, an opportunity to recognize and offer appreciation to all small and medium size businesses, the very backbone of our Canadian economy and a major source of jobs across the country.

Operating a successful business requires focused commitment to effort and quality service. Across my southern Alberta riding, peer-to-peer award recognition was held in many communities including Lethbridge, where the Chamber of Commerce acknowledged 10 hard-working Lethbridge business operators and their staff with business of the year awards.

Mr. Speaker, I know you will join me in extending congratulations to the following businesses: Galko Homes, Canadian Pacific Railway, Davis Pontiac Buick GMC, Flair Travel Planners, Reiter Computer Associates, Pro Plant Care, D.A. Electric, Marble Slab Creamery, Kenegdo Day Spa and Enviro Foam Insulation, who also received the BDC Alberta young entrepreneur award.

On behalf of all southern Albertans, I extend gratitude to these entrepreneurs who have turned the past year's economic hard times into opportunities, providing economic stability to our country. I congratulate them on a job well done.

Petitions September 17th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, with respect to my many colleagues, I want to present a petition today.

Pursuant to Standing Order 36, I have the pleasure to present a petition that calls upon Parliament to pass legislation for the protection of human life from the time of conception until natural death.

Committees of the House June 18th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the second report of the hard-working Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan entitled “Report on Canada's Priority Number One in Afghanistan: Helping to Enhance the Afghan National Security Forces”.

Lethbridge Viaduct June 17th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, 100 years ago the highest and longest steel rail bridge in the world was completed just west of Lethbridge, Alberta spanning the Oldman River and overlooking Fort Whoop-Up and the scene of the last great Indian Battle. This bridge played an integral part in opening up the west to commerce and development.

Officially named the Lethbridge Viaduct, it is simply known to everyone as the High Level Bridge. It was completed in exactly one year. At just over a mile long and three hundred feet high it was originally dubbed “one of the wonders of the world”, an engineering and construction marvel then as it is now.

The High Level Bridge has been in continual service since 1909, carrying ever longer and heavier rail traffic, a testament to the foresight and ingenuity of the pioneer builders of the time.

In 2008, the bridge was commemorated as a nationally significant aspect of Canadian history. This September the In the Shadow of the Bridge Festival will help us celebrate 100 years of the bridge.

I want to invite everyone to come to Lethbridge to see this engineering marvel and all the other fantastic attractions in southern Alberta.

Committees of the House June 9th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the first report of the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan, following the recent fact-finding trip to Washington, entitled “Visit to Washington, D.C.”.

Petitions June 2nd, 2009

Madam Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order 36, I would like to present a petition today on behalf of 250 or so Canadians from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

These Canadians are particularly concerned about individuals and families affected by MS. They are calling upon the government to make employment insurance sickness benefits more flexible to allow for partial benefits and part-time work for individuals with episodic disabilities and to make the disability tax credit a refundable benefit, so persons with disabilities can have more income and would allow spouses to claim the caregiver tax credit.

National Parks May 11th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, Canada's national parks are world renowned and represent some of our country's most beautiful treasures. Their breathtaking scenery attracts people from around the world and from across our great nation.

In my southern Alberta riding, the rolling plains and picturesque coulees are only further complimented by the glacial mountains, pristine lakes and spectacular waterfalls of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Our national parks give every Canadian the opportunity to learn about our collective history and the chance to explore Canada's natural beauty.

Could the Minister of the Environment please inform the House of the government's recent announcement and how it will benefit Canadian families planning their summer vacations?

Canada Grain Act March 3rd, 2009

Mr. Speaker, maybe the member and I could get into a little one on one debate if nobody else gets up on questions and comments.

The effect of the arbitration aspect is something that interests me in a personal way that I cannot get into here. However, when a producer finds himself in conflict with the grade of the grain that he has put up for sale, in the past there was a method for a producer to have an arbitrary decision made.

What changes in Bill C-13 would address or enhance that. Do these changes have anything to do with the bigger grain terminals on the prairies, and were they delivered to a local elevator or one of these terminals? I am just not clear on that and maybe the member could help me with that.