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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was plan.

Last in Parliament July 2017, as Conservative MP for Sturgeon River—Parkland (Alberta)

Won her last election, in 2015, with 70% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Aerospace Industry April 3rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, Canadians work hard for their money. They feel nickel and dimed while the Prime Minister is taking away tax credits for their kids' sports, arts, and music lessons. He is even taking away their tax break for bus passes. Meanwhile, he is handing out millions of dollars that are being used for bonuses to Bombardier executives, all while they fire 14,000 middle-class workers.

Is this the Prime Minister's way of standing up for the middle class? Because if it is, he should sit back down.

Aerospace Industry April 3rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, millionaire Bombardier executives are giving themselves a 50% raise and bigger bonuses with tax dollars. This is a company and a CEO who said that he did not even need the money the Prime Minister gave him. Also, it is a company that is firing 14,000 workers in a year.

This is not helping the middle class. This is lining the pockets of the 1% of the 1% with tax dollars. Is the Prime Minister not embarrassed? How is this helping the middle class?

Aerospace Industry April 3rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I doubt Canadians appreciate seeing Bombardier executives giving themselves a pay raise after the company received a subsidy from the Liberal government. On top of that, Bombardier also recently eliminated some 14,000 good jobs. Canadians are also no doubt disappointed that the Prime Minister has remained silent on this matter.

Is the Prime Minister embarrassed about giving that money to Bombardier?

Public Safety April 3rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is being dangerously naive when it comes to airport security. He was asked about four ISIS sympathizers working at the Montreal airport. What did he say about it? He said that we needed to have a conversation about whether or not ISIS supporters should be able to still work in our airports. There is nothing to discuss here. They should all be fired. No terrorist sympathizers should be anywhere near our airports.

Canadian law enforcement agencies have done their job to keep us safe. When is the Prime Minister going to do his?

Public Safety April 3rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, following revelations about ISIS sympathizers working at the Montreal airport, the Prime Minister had a surprising reaction. He said we need to have a conversation. What conversation? Any employee with reported ties to ISIS needs to be fired immediately.

Does the Prime Minister think it is normal for ISIS sympathizers to work in our airports?

Government Accountability March 23rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is trying to rush through permanent changes to the rules of the House of Commons. These changes will undermine the opposition's ability to hold the Prime Minister to account and will allow him to be here only once a week.

In the House, we represent the views of our constituents and all Canadians. It is an honour and a privilege to be here, not an inconvenience.

Will the Prime Minister stop avoiding accountability and immediately abandon his plan to change the rules?

Government Accountability March 23rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, we have seen the Prime Minister's arrogant attitude with how he spends tax dollars, but now this behaviour is starting to creep into the House of Commons. He has proposed a plan to limit his attendance in question period to once a week, which in fact, is actually only one hour a week, and give all of his colleagues Fridays off.

I just want to remind the Prime Minister that while he was campaigning he said, “Sunlight is the world's best disinfectant”. My question is: What dirt is he trying to hide?

Ethics March 23rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, nobody is questioning the Prime Minister's need for security and no one has questioned his right to take a vacation. Everyone knows when the Prime Minister does things, it costs a lot of money.

What taxpayers are questioning is why, when he knows that everything he does costs taxpayers money, did he choose a vacation to a remote exclusive island. He knew that this would be very expensive for taxpayers. Why did he do it?

Ethics March 23rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister's budget raises taxes on people like Joe, whether it is for beer, wine, or spirits, but that is really ironic, because that same budget contains the tab for $1,700 worth of drinks and snacks during the Prime Minister's three hour flight to a private island getaway over the holidays.

What message does the Prime Minister think he is sending to a taxpayer like Joe when he raises Joe's taxes while helping himself to free drinks on the house?

The Budget March 23rd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, let us talk about what this budget means for a hard-working taxpayer. Let us call him Joe.

Joe takes the bus to work every day, and at the end of the day, he likes to go to the pub with his buddies for a beer. He is a responsible guy, so he always uses Uber to get home. What does this budget do for Joe? First of all, it taxes his bus pass. It takes away his tax credit for his bus pass. It taxes the beer he has at the pub. It even slaps a tax on his Uber ride.

What exactly does the Prime Minister have against people like Joe?