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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was quebec.

Last in Parliament February 2017, as Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent (Québec)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 62% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Foreign Affairs November 3rd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the premise of the question is so outrageously wrong, I cannot be mute about that.

This government, in the last year, has been upfront to fight everywhere for universal human rights, for an inclusive approach, and for peace everywhere.

I cannot believe the question was asked this way. I think my colleague should be ashamed of himself.

Questions on the Order Paper November 2nd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, with regard to (a), reviews of the Columbia River Treaty, CRT, have taken place on both sides of the border and, as yet, neither side has given notice of termination or asked for renegotiation. The Government of Canada continues to engage with British Columbia on this issue and maintains regular contact with the United States in preparation for eventual discussions on the future of the CRT.

With regard to (b) and (c), negotiators have not yet been named on behalf of Canada.

With regard to (d), the CRT is a flood control and hydropower generation agreement and the original objective was to provide benefits that are shared equitably between the two countries. The Government of Canada will be focused on ensuring that the benefits from the CRT continue to be shared equitably in any future agreement.

With regard to (e), no negotiations are taking place at this time.

With regard to (f), the Government of Canada will continue to work with the Province of British Columbia and first nations on developing the process for first nations’ involvement in CRT negotiations.

With regard to (g), the Government of Canada will work with the province in preparations and during any negotiations on the future of the CRT.

With regard to (h), Global Affairs Canada has had discussions with representatives of the Columbia River Treaty Local Governments’ Committee about the CRT. The Government of Canada has a representative on the Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee, which was formed by the Columbia River Treaty Local Governments’ Committee and BC Hydro, which, among other purposes, was created to continue engagement with local communities during negotiations of a future CRT. This ongoing conversation and previous contributions from the Local Governments’ Committee will be considered by the Government of Canada as part of any negotiations.

Foreign Affairs November 2nd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my colleague for giving me the opportunity to comment on the impressive record we have with respect to the promotion of human rights over the last year.

We created the the office of human rights, freedoms, and inclusion. We are supporting the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights with a contribution of $15 million in new base funding. Canada has been elected to the Commission on the Status of Women of the United Nations.

Human rights, freedoms and inclusion are now among the fundamental objectives of all Canadian heads of missions. We have tabled new legislation to guarantee and protect the legal rights and—

Foreign Affairs November 2nd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I am proud to say that we seek to maximize membership on this council with countries that have strong human rights records at home and abroad, and that this council, as everywhere, will promote universal human rights, as we have done over the last year with the greatest of results.

This government asked for clemency in all cases of Canadians facing execution abroad. We will adopt the optional protocol to the convention against torture of the United Nations and a lot of—

Foreign Affairs October 21st, 2016

Madam Speaker, yesterday, Canada used a special measure to bring the world together, namely a plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo.

The international community was clear. There needs to be a real ceasefire and emergency humanitarian aid for a country that has been going without since July. The Assad regime and its supporters, chiefly Russia, need to hear the message loud and clear: stop the bombings and allow the humanitarian aid to go through.

Human Rights October 19th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, our government strongly protects the rights of all Canadians in Canada. Any government that tries to infringe on these rights would be wrong to do it, and we would tell that to any government.

On this specific case, we have told the government of Turkey that it has no evidence, and it should not create any problems for these people.

Human Rights October 19th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I will repeat again that the premise of the question is wrong.

We are not asking for favours for any vote. Never. That is not the way we work. The seat at the Security Council will be a tool for the goals we have for the world, for a world that will be more secure, more just, a world where we will have pacifism, and a world where we will have more equality between men and women.

This is the world which we are working on, and the Security Council seat is a tool for that.

Foreign Affairs October 18th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the Government of Canada is helping to ensure that the UN Human Rights Council is better and more effective at fighting human rights abuses. Human rights are universal rights. Every human has the same dignity and Canada will be there to improve the council's performance in all circumstances.

Foreign Affairs October 18th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, our government seeks to maximize the number of Human Rights Council member countries with strong human rights records at home and abroad. We want to increase the strength and the quality of the Human Rights Council, an institution that will benefit from the reforms that we will push for.

Foreign Affairs October 18th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, all our allies and NATO itself as an organization have two policies regarding Russia: strong deterrence and dialogue. Canada will do the same.

Canada made a mistake in the last 10 years to cut the dialogue. We need to keep the dialogue open. We did it in the past and it paid off, and it will continue to do so. It is part of the solution. Obviously, we have strong concerns about the attitude of Russia around the world. We condemn its attitudes regarding Ukraine and Syria, and we will say so directly to Russia.