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  • His favourite word is chair.

Conservative MP for Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis (Québec)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 51% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Access to Information Act September 22nd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the eloquent speech that the young member for Calgary Shepard gave before question period on the access to information reform showed the Conservative spirit. Unfortunately, it also showed that there are flaws in the Liberals' bill.

I would like the member to explain to me how the Liberals are breaking their promise to be transparent with this bill. Former information commissioner Robert Marleau said that this is one step forward and two steps back. The Liberals promised us transparency but now they are plunging us into darkness.

I would like my colleague to explain this bill's shortcomings and how the Liberals are breaking the promise they made to Canadians.

Veterans Affairs September 22nd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, retired Master Warrant Officer Barry Westholm used to volunteer to help his fellow soldiers who were dealing with operational injuries. At first, the door was wide open to him at the Canadian Forces. However, when he wrote to the Prime Minister to complain about how our flawed system is failing our most seriously injured vets, the Canadian Forces slammed the door in this face.

Whether on mefloquine or our seriously injured soldiers, the Liberals turn a blind eye and ignore the facts. Why the cover up? Why shoot the messenger? Veterans do not want selfies, they want action.

Veterans Affairs September 22nd, 2017

Mr. Speaker, “Clearly you are...just the kind of person we need to help move our yardsticks”. This is what our Canadian Forces first wrote to retired Master Warrant Officer Barry Westholm for a position to assist the troubled Joint Personnel Support Unit. However, this was the response before that veteran wrote to the Prime Minister himself to expose the failure to our most wounded soldiers. He was then turned down.

Will the minister confirm that veteran Westholm was canned because he was critical of the Liberal government inaction?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns September 18th, 2017

With regard to psychometric tests conducted by the government since January 1, 2016: (a) for which positions or appointments does the government require a psychometric test prior to employment or appointment; (b) how many applicants or potential appointees received psychometric testing; (c) how many individuals being considered for the position of Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada received psychometric testing; (d) how was the psychometric testing for the position of Commissioner of Official Languages administered and graded (letter grade, pass fair, recommended for hire, etc); (e) how did Madeleine Meilleur’s psychometric test results compare with that of the other candidates; and (f) what firm or individual conducted the psychometric tests referred to in (d)?

Canadian Coast Guard September 18th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, today I want to acknowledge the delivery of the largest ship built in Canada by a Canadian shipbuilding yard in the past 20 years for our Royal Canadian Navy.

On July 20, the Davie shipyard in Lévis celebrated Project Resolve, an innovative and ingenious solution to help meet the urgent needs of our Royal Canadian Navy by transforming a container ship into a joint supply ship on the cutting edge of technology.

The report of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence recommends that the government procure a second similar supply ship for our navy without delay, to say nothing of the pressing need for icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard, which is struggling to ensure the navigability of our waters, such as in Saguenay for Alcoa.

Our prosperity, security, and sovereignty depend on our ability to meet the urgent needs of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard. The government must act without delay.

Public Safety June 8th, 2017

That sounds like a no, Mr. Speaker.

Speaking about marijuana, yesterday the Prime Minister said, “...until the law is changed, the law remains the law.” Implementing a public registry of high-risk sex offenders is the law, as well.

If the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness shares the opinion of his Prime Minister, what is he waiting for to enforce the law and implement the new registry? If money is the issue, what is the hold-up? We already have a $30-billion deficit; our children's protection is certainly worth more than that.

Justice June 7th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, when I was the Conservative public safety minister, I stood my ground when there was pushback from officials on implementing a public registry of high-risk sex offenders.

Today, that registry is law. Today, those same officials want to gut it. Our Conservative government was able to stand up to them for the good of all Canadians.

My question is quite simple. Will the Prime Minister and his minister get serious and stand up for the victims, the families, and their children instead of kowtowing to officials?

Paris Agreement June 6th, 2017

Madam Speaker, I listened to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and there were major omissions in her syrupy speech.

I would like to refresh her memory and remind her that it was our Conservative government in 2006 that fixed the Liberals' big problem. They failed to give the provinces and the cities any money to implement their green plan.

As far as ecotrust and ecoenergy are concerned, I would remind my hon. colleague that it was our Conservative government that put an end to oil sands development subsidies. I would remind her that it was also under a Conservative government that Canada reduced its greenhouse gas emissions for the first time in its history.

In addition to debating a commitment that we already agreed on, what is the minister doing to truly reduce greenhouse gas emissions other than imposing an ineffective carbon tax, raising taxes on people who use public transit, and holding consultations?

Enough talk. We want action.

Public Safety June 6th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, not only is the government taking its sweet time appointing judges, but now, terrifyingly, it wants to take an essential tool away from our police services. It wants to shut down the National Sex Offender Registry, which the police use to monitor high-risk sex offenders.

Canadians have the right to know if their neighbour is a sexual predator known to the authorities.

Can the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness confirm that he is putting victims, parents, and their children ahead of high-risk sexual predators?

June 5th, 2017

Madam Speaker, I welcome my colleague's question. I would just like to say that we Conservatives are known to do what we say and say what we do. I am disappointed that my colleague is not only attacking the current generation but the future generation.

We are very proud to have left a $2.9 billion surplus to our friends across the way. Unfortunately, they are in the process of mortgaging the current generation and future generations.