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Canadian Foreign Policy   Harper in our previous government was very clear in terms of leading on. He gave a speech to the Knesset that was very powerful in terms of standing up for Israel. I want to read a section of that speech. Stephen Harper said: Let me repeat that: Canada supports Israel because

June 6th, 2017House debate

Garnett GenuisConservative

Resignation of Member   years. I arrived here in September 2007 after winning the first by-election for the Stephen Harper government. At the time, I had an office on the sixth floor of the Confederation Building. I had just arrived here when my neighbour to the left knocked on my door. I did not have staff

June 20th, 2017House debate

Denis LebelConservative

Canada Elections Act   want to be absolutely clear and on the record on this. The previous Harper government did not do that. Stephen Harper, as prime minister, did not attend these events. Full stop. Period. When I was in cabinet, which I was for the duration of the Harper years, it was absolutely

June 15th, 2017House debate

Tony ClementConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1   spending from 6% to 3%. That was roundly criticized by Liberals in the last campaign and there was a clear promise in their platform and by the Prime Minister that not only would he not adopt the Stephen Harper funding model but that he would change the way the funding model was decided

June 9th, 2017House debate

Daniel BlaikieNDP

Changes to the Standing Orders   of them with civility and good cheer. They would have handled such a review in a professional and capable fashion. Sadly, it was quite clear that the Liberals on the committee were under firm instructions from the Prime Minister's Office not to let their members' own better judgment

June 19th, 2017House debate

Candice BergenConservative

Main Estimates, 2017-18   they have to say. We appreciate their fine work. I have heard a lot about the Senate. A number of my colleagues brought up the biographies of numerous senators. It was encouraging. It was not that long ago when we heard Stephen Harper, while he was prime minister and even before

June 14th, 2017House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Preclearance Act, 2016   Stephen Harper, because the preclearance bill was negotiated and concretized in 2015 between the previous government and the Obama administration. The U.S. Congress passed its version of the bill back in early December. This version, we were told in committee, is take it or leave

June 21st, 2017House debate

Elizabeth MayGreen

Amendments to Standing Orders   to the Standing Orders, he respected the rules and he respected the opposition, and there was no change made if there was no agreement; the issue was not brought forward. That was the record of Stephen Harper. We know that the government will not follow Stephen Harper's example

June 20th, 2017House debate

Mark StrahlConservative

Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Act   assessment process. This process was developed in Yukon, by Yukoners, for Yukon, and the Harper government imposed these changes without consultation. Like many of Stephen Harper's agendas, this fell into the hands of the courts. On October 14, 2015, the Champagne and Aishihik First

June 19th, 2017House debate

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Amendments to Standing Orders   and positive motion. I would encourage all members of this House to recognize the value of this particular motion. If we take a look at the five aspects that I want to highlight, one only needs to look back to the last federal election. The Prime Minister made it very clear that he wanted

June 20th, 2017House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Amendments to Standing Orders   area that is captured in Motion No. 18 relates to the estimates. The purpose of that change is to deal with what is a backward process right now where information about the budget is not clear. The changes being proposed would give parliamentarians better information ahead

June 20th, 2017House debate

Arnold ChanLiberal

Amendments to Standing Orders  . The government simply wants to get its agenda through the door, regardless of the impact on Canadians. The role of the opposition, as we all know, is to hold government to account, debate ideas, and represent the people in our constituencies. It has become clear over the past two years

June 20th, 2017House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Cannabis Act   impact. With the passing of the legislation, we would be sending a very clear message. The message is that given the importance of infrastructure, not only for today but into the future, we need to make it very clear that we have a stand-alone department of infrastructure that has

June 7th, 2017House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Changes to the Standing Orders   political consensus among the parties in this place. Again, the bigger parties have exercised that without regard to those of us who represent parties. I am here not as an independent. The seating chart of the House of Commons makes it clear that I am here as a Green Party member

June 19th, 2017House debate

Elizabeth MayGreen

Changes to the Standing Orders   members on committees. This gives, I think, the clear impression that parliamentary secretaries and ministers would not be on committees at all; not so fast, as we will see. They also said they “will ensure that the Parliamentary Budget Officer is truly independent...properly funded

June 19th, 2017House debate

Murray RankinNDP