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Export and Import Permits Act   agree with in Bill C-57. They are certainly rooted in the work done by the Conservative government, such as instilling the polluters pay principle and a number of tangible things that will have benefits. They will show that everyone in our country, including corporations, will need

May 30th, 2018House debate

Erin O'TooleConservative

Export and Import Permits Act  . The only country to actually use chemical weapons is now chairing the body to prevent the use of chemical weapons. What we should do is work on the sustainable development goals, but also take ownership of our own house. The polluter pay principle does that. When it comes to the 90

May 30th, 2018House debate

Erin O'TooleConservative

Federal Sustainable Development Act   into account, such as the precautionary principle, the polluter pays principle, and the principle of intergenerational equity, which is important for meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It also

May 29th, 2018House debate

Michael ChongConservative

Federal Sustainable Development Act  Mr. Speaker, on this side of the House, we support Bill C-57 and the sustainable development strategy. Throughout the member's speech, I heard a number of phrases used, such as quality of drinking water, pollution prevention, polluter pays, a results-based approach

May 24th, 2018House debate

Harold AlbrechtConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   operated under strict regulations and environmental protections. These measures included modernizing Canada's navigation system, enhancing area response planning, building increased marine safety capacity in first nation communities, and ensuring that polluters pay for any spills

May 4th, 2018House debate

Kevin WaughConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act  , and ensuring polluters pay for spills and damages. These were meaningful changes while still supporting our energy sector in Canada. I want to remind the House that there is already a voluntary exclusion zone of 100 kilometres for oil tankers travelling from Alaska to Washington state

May 3rd, 2018House debate

Bob SaroyaConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   capacity in aboriginal communities and ensured polluters pay for spills and damages. What we should be doing is building upon that successful safety record. Let us build more. We should be harnessing Canadian ingenuity and the great skills that our pilots have on the west coast. We

April 30th, 2018House debate

Martin ShieldsConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   and implementation of a world-class tanker safety system. This included modernization of navigation systems, enhanced area response planning, and ensuring that polluters pay for the spills and damages caused by accidents in their operations. As a result of this legislation, on top of Canada's

April 30th, 2018House debate

Dane LloydConservative

Environment committee  Thank you very much. One of our colleagues today used the phrase “polluter pays“, and I strongly object to that. The implication is that you're polluters. In my previous life I managed environmental licences, and I know very well that modern industry does not pollute. It's

March 29th, 2018Committee meeting

Robert SopuckConservative

Environment committee  . In your presentation, you spoke of the new principles being proposed. When you speak about principles, these are intergenerational equity, prudence, the polluter pays principle, internalization of costs, openness and transparency, the contribution of aboriginal peoples, collaboration

December 5th, 2017Committee meeting

Joël GodinConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   symbolism, the previous Conservative government strengthened Canada's environmental regime by creating a world-class tanker safety system, including modernizing our navigation system, building marine safety capacity in first nation communities, and ensuring that any polluters pay

October 2nd, 2017House debate

Kelly BlockConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   that modernized Canada's navigation system, enhanced area response planning and marine safety capacity for first nation communities, and ensured that polluters pay for spills and damages on all coasts. Canada has industry-leading regulations with standards well beyond other jurisdictions

October 2nd, 2017House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Abandoned Vessels   to manage. That said, I am supportive of the proposed amendment by a government member to add a line to the motion that would urge the government to “consider measures to ensure owners are strictly liable for remediating abandoned vessels”. This is a very fair point; it is the polluter

October 24th, 2016House debate

Robert SopuckConservative

Fisheries committee   in the Vancouver harbour. Are those costs not recoverable from the polluter pays system?

March 8th, 2016Committee meeting

Mel ArnoldConservative

Income Tax Act   package. It invested in things like the Pipeline Safety Act, which included another $1 billion to respond to incidents, and we enshrined the polluter pay principle. The main thing that bill did was add certainty to how long a process was going to take. It was not about getting to a yes

February 1st, 2016House debate

Michelle RempelConservative