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Business of Supply   cards, that he should have called the police and he regrets not doing so. According to a very clear and simple rule of law, silence is consent. By failing to report an illegal act meant to rig the election, the member is himself guilty of election rigging. He presented

March 24th, 2014House debate

Alain GiguèreNDP

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  . It seems that in the past couple of weeks Maliki's government is very much engaged in trying to rig the election in their favour and they do not want to get engaged in some other activities, but the concern is real. After the announcement of the result of the election, we are expecting

May 15th, 2014Committee meeting

Maryam Rajavi

Democratic Reform  Mr. Speaker, the commissioner of elections has asked for the power to compel witness testimony during an investigation. It is the same power that the director of competitions has in investigating deceptive telemarketing and price fixing. We believe that rigging an election

April 4th, 2014House debate

Sean CaseyLiberal

Procedure and House Affairs committee  . There certainly wouldn't be what's going on now, which is wide suspicion across the country that the government's trying to rig the election by getting rules in place that favour them, especially favour those who have money, and by watering down the ability of Elections Canada to hold people

March 4th, 2014Committee meeting

David ChristophersonNDP

Committees of the House   such as the robocalls, the in-and-out scandals, all the rest that the Conservatives do to try to rig the election, and hopefully rig the next election—they wish to change the laws to permit their dirty tactics, to muzzle the Chief Electoral Officer, and to prevent him from talking and encouraging

March 4th, 2014House debate

Nathan CullenNDP

Procedure and House Affairs committee   might ask, why are they doing this? Why are they taking all these negative hits? And why are they allowing so much focus to go on their refusal to be democratic? It's a good question. That answer is because that hit is better than taking the one for the way they're trying to rig

February 25th, 2014Committee meeting

David ChristophersonNDP