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Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act   businesses. My Conservative colleague, the member for Huron—Bruce, introduced what was a common-sense bill to remove the carbon tax from farm operations. The Parliamentary Budget Officer determined that the bill would save farmers $1 billion by 2030. That is $1 billion that the Liberals

February 14th, 2024House debate

Rosemarie FalkConservative

Oil and Gas Industry  , the way it has been applied to banks and life insurance companies. Even just a 15% windfall tax on their profits over $1 billion could generate $4.2 billion to fund these kinds of solutions. Another option, and the one I focused on in this question, is to stop wasting our money

February 8th, 2024House debate

Mike MorriceGreen

First Nations Clean Water Act   to develop their own safe drinking water by-laws and initiatives; [and] a commitment of at least $6 billion to support reliable access to safe drinking water on reserves”. A plan of “modernization of Canada's First Nations drinking water legislation” is included in that as well. Bill C

February 5th, 2024House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2023   recover from. The first thing I will focus on is the carbon tax. We live an hour north of Toronto and do not have access to mass transit like they do in the city of Toronto. We have a Barrie transit system and a GO transit system that gets us where we need to go for special events

January 31st, 2024House debate

John BrassardConservative

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2023   minister, delivered a really clear message to Canadians on Sunday: Axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, stop the crime. I hear from Canadians regularly, from right across Fort McMurray—Cold Lake, who are struggling. What they are seeing are higher grocery prices, higher home

January 30th, 2024House debate

Laila GoodridgeConservative

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2023   services, travel, medical care and so much more have become inaccessible, unreliable or non-existent. Canadians know that the Liberal government has caused this misery with the rampant overspending, a record $600 billion of inflationary debt and countless tax hikes that increase

January 30th, 2024House debate

Scot DavidsonConservative

Committees of the House   and their customers if this ban were to be implemented. The CEOs of both Loblaw and Metro said that, if the NDP-Liberal government proceeded with a ban on primary food packaging, it would increase food costs by approximately $6 billion a year, severely impair competition, threaten the availability

January 29th, 2024House debate

Lianne RoodConservative

Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act  , Canadians will have paid $6 billion for GST just on the carbon tax, not on every other good and service they use. It is no wonder that Canadians cannot afford to put food on the table, put fuel in their car and pay their mortgage. Certainly, it is no wonder that farmers are struggling

January 29th, 2024House debate

John BarlowConservative

Government Operations committee   like you put on your hamburger, but catch-up. They're catching up to the IRA. President Biden caught them flat-footed. He said, “Here's what we're going to do. We're not going to impose a carbon tax in the United States like Canada does. That would be foolish, because a carbon tax

December 14th, 2023Committee meeting

Rick PerkinsConservative

Affordable Housing and Groceries Act   afford housing. Faced with $20 billion in new costly spending, we were quickly walked through this mini-budget in the fall. Prices are going up, rents are going up, the debt is going up, and taxes are going up. What about the price of groceries? That is going up too. More than $20

December 11th, 2023House debate

Jacques GourdeConservative

Business of Supply   for, what life has now become after eight long years of Liberal government, the policies it has enacted and the living hell that Canadians are living through because of the Liberal policies. Today, we are going to talk about the carbon tax. There are many terrible policies the Liberals

December 7th, 2023House debate

Corey TochorConservative

Agriculture committee  Are the import processes to compete with Canadian...or where Canadian products aren't available? Can you be more specific on what direction you've given this government? I mean, this government has front-of-package labelling, which my colleague has raised, of $6 billion to $8

December 7th, 2023Committee meeting

Dave EppConservative

Affordable Housing and Groceries Act   interest rate hikes ever seen in Canadian history, while putting Canadians most at risk in the G7 of a mortgage default crisis. The Canadian dream is gone. Everything is up in this country: rents, mortgages, food prices, the debt and taxes. It is sad that the only thing that is truly

December 5th, 2023House debate

Jasraj Singh HallanConservative

Committees of the House   to cost our produce farmers upwards of $6 billion to make that happen. Can members imagine what we are going to face in food security if we already have Canadians who cannot feed themselves? We have two million Canadians using a food bank. There are 800,000 who use a food bank

November 29th, 2023House debate

Lianne RoodConservative

Business of Supply   the increased basic personal amount, which we raised to $15,000 in 2023-24. That will provide Canadians $6 billion of tax relief from coast to coast to coast. This is money in the pockets of Canadians. For my family, my little daughter is at day care. The families that use that day care

November 28th, 2023House debate

Francesco SorbaraLiberal