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Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1   for doing that? What is the plan for bringing in a government that works for those who do the work? First, we need to lower prices. We are going to do that by getting rid of the deficits and inflationary taxes that are causing the current problem. History has shown us that deficits lead

June 7th, 2023House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1   would just end by saying that none of our demands have been met and the Conservatives will not support an anti-worker, tax-hiking, inflationary budget.

June 6th, 2023House debate

Cathay WagantallConservative

The Budget  Mr. Speaker, Liberal inflation is crushing Canadians. One in five Canadians is skipping meals, and food bank usage is skyrocketing. What is the Liberal government's response? It is a massive $60-billion inflationary budget deficit and carbon tax 2. We all know the sequel is way

June 6th, 2023House debate

Kyle SeebackConservative

Finance committee  , it wouldn't completely achieve its objective. It would've had to be amended, which is no longer possible. That brings me to amendments BQ‑3 and BQ‑4, which concern the excise tax on fruit-based alcohol products. This takes us back to the debate on last year's budget implementation bill

May 29th, 2023Committee meeting

Gabriel Ste-MarieBloc

Finance committee   that we're dealing with. This is a serious issue, which requires more witnesses in order to have a serious consideration of such a massive spending bill. There's $84 billion in new tax credits for businesses in this budget and fiscal framework and this budget implementation bill. That's

May 26th, 2023Committee meeting

Rick PerkinsConservative

Finance committee  ' participation tax rate. Before 1985, there were nearly zero individuals who paid more than 50%. In fact, in 2010, it was still a very small percentage; it was less than 10%, by my read of this graph. However, as we get to 2022, that number dramatically increases. We've seen an increase

May 25th, 2023Committee meeting

Philip LawrenceConservative

Finance committee   concluding thoughts if there is still time. As members know, we've already carried clauses 2 to 6. With regard to clauses 7 to 70, we are in favour. On clause 71, we are opposed. On clauses 72 to 112, we are in favour. The first government amendment is on clause 113

May 29th, 2023Committee meeting

Terry BeechLiberal

Canada Early Learning and Child Care Act   children are in that position. I hope that the $6 billion that will be transferred from the federal program to Quebec will be used to address the lack of child care spaces in the province. The situation is different in other provinces, which do not have this kind of program in place. We

June 6th, 2023House debate

Bernard GénéreuxConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1   more than ever before. That is the consequence of the costly coalition’s agenda to tax and spend recklessly. Budget 2023’s $70 billion in new spending will have to be covered by $4,300 from every Canadian family in the taxes they pay. Since 2019 alone, the Liberals have increased

April 27th, 2023House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  Madam Speaker, it is always a privilege to rise on behalf of the residents of Kelowna—Lake Country. Budget 2023 is titled, on the cover, “A Made-in-Canada Plan”. There is no doubt that this is a Liberal made-in-Canada plan. It features made-in-Canada tax hikes, made-in-Canada

April 27th, 2023House debate

Tracy GrayConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  . It is not mentioned in the budget at all. Do members remember 2015? The Prime Minister said that the election would be the last first-past-the-post one. It did not happen. In 2019, he said, “we will plant two billion trees”. It never happened. How about the carbon tax and the claim that “Canadians

April 27th, 2023House debate

Marty MorantzConservative

Finance committee  , generating over $13 billion in economic activity and $5.7 billion in taxes. Currently, federal and provincial taxes and markups account for almost half of the retail price of beer, giving Canada the title of having the highest beer taxes among G7 countries. I think we can all agree

May 18th, 2023Committee meeting

Luke Chapman

Canada Early Learning and Child Care Act   for the next five years. In fact, the Government of Quebec will receive $6 billion in compensation for opting out of this centralist policy. In that sense, the bill respects the will of Quebec not to have the government interfere in its jurisdictions, especially since Quebec is a pioneer

June 6th, 2023House debate

Andréanne LaroucheBloc

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  , it would bring an extra $43 billion of new inflation, debt and taxes. This is what the Prime Minister delivers year after year: debt, inflation and more costs on the backs of hard-working Canadians. Last year, the Deputy Prime Minister pledged that the debt-to-GDP ratio would decline

April 25th, 2023House debate

Larry BrockConservative

Business of Supply   have we seen in the past few months? Over the past 30 years, every province in this country has been complaining non-stop about the lack of adequate funding for health care. There were negotiations recently. What happened? Quebec asked for $6 billion a year. We got barely $1 billion

May 18th, 2023House debate

Denis TrudelBloc