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Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  . The Prime Minister and the minister boasted that they had listened to the Liberal caucus, that they had listened to members speaking out on behalf of their constituents. Guess why? They wanted to make sure that the tax hike on alcohol would not be too high. I am not going to judge them

April 21st, 2023House debate

Gérard DeltellConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1   for Canadians. In other words, Canadians believe that Canada should work for the people who have done the work. However, the budget meets none of our demands. Instead, what the finance minister and the Prime Minister presented were more Liberal tax hikes, more deficits and more

April 25th, 2023House debate

Glen MotzConservative

Finance committee   property or tax? Who owns those patents and who is the beneficial owner of that Canadian company that received the tax credit? This is $3 billion to $4 billion a year of tax credits. The policy is set out by the industry committee, but administered by the Canada Revenue Agency

May 4th, 2023Committee meeting

Rick PerkinsConservative

Finance   that budget, the minister said that deficit spending fuels inflation and interest rate hikes; then she added $60 billion of that fuel to the inflationary fire, at a cost of $4,200 per family. Why will the minister not get off the backs of hard-working Canadians and get rid

May 15th, 2023House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  ”, before COVID, the government collected $334 billion in taxes for the year, including personal taxes, excise, GST and corporate taxes. In 2021-22, during the COVID period, the amount of taxes increased to $413 billion. This year's budget expects $457 billion to be collected in taxes

April 27th, 2023House debate

Kelly McCauleyConservative

Canada Business Corporations Act  , and they actually helped create the international infrastructure of tax havens that is now costing Canadians anywhere from $30 billion to $40 billion a year in lost taxable income because they are pushing it out of the country. As I say often, it has been hard even to know who some

April 28th, 2023House debate

Daniel BlaikieNDP

An Act Respecting Regulatory Modernization  Madam Speaker, I do not know who sat here before me, but it is everywhere. They were doing their best to cut through it. These days, we would need a chainsaw to cut through the red tape in Ottawa. With Bill S-6, the Liberals have brought nail clippers. As Canada's shadow

May 3rd, 2023House debate

Scot DavidsonConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1   expenses so she could heat her home and stay warm. Budget 2023 states, “Our seniors have made Canada what it is today”. Canada's seniors paved the way for our nation's prosperity, but after eight years of the Liberal government's inflationary spending and tax hikes, the government has

April 27th, 2023House debate

Anna RobertsConservative

Bill C-46 An Act to amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act and the Income Tax Act

payment of $2 billion 24.74 The Minister may pay an additional cash payment equal to (a) for Ontario, $776,262,000; (b) for Quebec, $447,067,000; (c) for Nova Scotia, $52,306,000; (d) for New Brunswick, $41,674,000; (e) for Manitoba, $72,450,000; (f) for British Columbia, $273,238,000

May 11th, 2023

Chrystia FreelandLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  , by reducing spending on consulting firms. There will be a 3% reduction for each department right across the government and $6 billion in savings over six years through the realignment of former announcements. I do need to touch on a couple of key things. Health care is extremely important

April 25th, 2023House debate

Darrell SamsonLiberal

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act   change. The government is sending billions of dollars to billionaires. It is appalling. It is utterly outrageous. That is what these geniuses came up with when they sat down to talk about taxes and dream up measures. I am currently touring Quebec to talk about the housing crisis

April 18th, 2023House debate

Denis TrudelBloc

Finance committee  Thank you. I appreciate the clarification. It's clear I'm drawing a huge crowd here today, so I'll continue. The budget implementation act, tabled in Parliament on March 28, amends the following items. It amends the Income Tax Act and other legislation. It has provisions

May 2nd, 2023Committee meeting

Rick PerkinsConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  . Promises made need to be kept. What is more, if I understand correctly, in this budget the government will help itself to $17 billion from the EI fund. It is not moving forward with the employment insurance reform so it can balance the budget. Members who spoke before me talked about

May 1st, 2023House debate

Yves PerronBloc

The Budget   in three decades. Debt charges rose by 52% in the last five months of the fiscal year, in tandem with interest rate hikes. Last year, the government spent $24.5 billion servicing the debt. Desjardins forecasts that debt charges of $49.8 billion are coming. We are getting to the point

April 18th, 2023House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2023, No. 1  . Overall, we allocated $88 billion in new investments between now and 2035. This means more money for greener electricity and associated infrastructure in order to create an affordable, sustainable and reliable Canada-wide electrical grid, increase battery manufacturing, reduce taxes

April 25th, 2023House debate

Peter SchiefkeLiberal