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The Economy  , this government is also hiking the excise tax on beer, wine and spirits by another 6.3%. This is all made-in-Canada inflation from a Liberal government that is out of touch and does not care. After eight years of the Liberal government, many Canadians can no longer afford to pay their bills

March 6th, 2023House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Business of Supply   billion went to subsidizing criminals, foreign nationals and even dead people. Will the government get Canadians' tax dollars back from the people who should not have gotten them? Of course not. Is it going to be knocking on those coffins or tombstones to ask for the money back

February 14th, 2023House debate

Jasraj Singh HallanConservative

Business of Supply   of fuel will cost Felicia over $1,000 extra if the Prime Minister does not back down on his tax-hiking plan. Felicia and Corey do not need a carbon tax to force them to adjust their thermostat. The price of oil has doubled in the last year. The people of Atlantic Canada cannot take

February 7th, 2023House debate

Clifford SmallConservative

Business of Supply  , triple the destructive carbon tax and add a second one on top of it. The reckless spending by the current government started even before the COVID–19 pandemic. The Prime Minister's promise of $10 billion was broken when, even before the pandemic, he had already spent $100 billion

February 7th, 2023House debate

Jasraj Singh HallanConservative

Business of Supply  Madam Speaker, what a surprise this morning's motion is. For the umpteenth time, the Conservatives are proposing that the carbon tax be eliminated, because they believe this is the best way to help ordinary people deal with the rising cost of living. This is the result

February 7th, 2023House debate

Kristina MichaudBloc

Business of Supply  . That math does not add up in grade 6, but apparently it adds up for the Liberals. The Parliamentary Budget Officer, in his reports on the carbon tax that exists now, has actually pointed out something the Liberals tend to ignore. I will read from the report: “most households in Alberta

February 14th, 2023House debate

Rick PerkinsConservative

Business of Supply  Madam Speaker, absolutely, we can see the Conservatives and Liberals competing. The Conservatives are saying that they did more for tax havens and the Liberals saying that they did more. We know the banks got a ton, hundreds of billions of dollars both in liquidity support from

February 14th, 2023House debate

Peter JulianNDP

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022   with their actions. They refused to commit to cancelling any of their planned tax hikes and announced plans to increase inflationary spending by a whopping $52.2 billion over the next six years. While the finance minister plays down the threat of inflation and spiralling government debt

December 5th, 2022House debate

Larry MaguireConservative

Public Accounts committee   December 6, 2022:A report from Auditor General Karen Hogan tabled today in the House of Commons found that the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, supported by Public Services and Procurement Canada, responded to the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and secured

February 16th, 2023Committee meeting

Brenda ShanahanLiberal

Business of Supply   workers, including health care workers, when the Liberal government is sitting on $4.5 billion of unspent mental health dollars. I remind the government that this needs to change. Today, we are talking about the privatization of health care in Canada. The Liberals' recent health care

February 16th, 2023House debate

Bonita ZarrilloNDP

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022   the cost of living for everyday Canadians. Second was for the government to commit to no new tax hikes. After all, Canadians are facing a cost of living crisis as a result of 40-year-high inflation being driven by the Liberal government's reckless spending. Food inflation has hit double

December 6th, 2022House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022   in this country. This economic statement introduces another $20 billion of inflationary spending to drive inflation up even further. It also includes hikes to EI premiums next month and to CPP contributions, taking more money off of everybody's paycheque. Instead of stopping their tax hikes

December 6th, 2022House debate

Kevin WaughConservative

Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022   plan to return to fiscal stability or how they will rein in their spending. It instead reannounces several billion dollars from the 2022 budget and adds over $6 billion in new spending. The PBO, economists and the Conservative leader have all warned the government that its out

November 14th, 2022House debate

Jasraj Singh HallanConservative

Canada Early Learning and Child Care Act  ' taxes will be sent to Quebec over the next five years. If a Conservative government gets elected in the next six months, will that $6 billion stay in Ottawa?

January 31st, 2023House debate

Denis TrudelBloc

Government Priorities   banks in record numbers. They reel from Liberal inflation-driven interest rate hikes. They have spent Canadian tax dollars on giveaways to well-connected insiders and they blame everyone else. After eight years, there is no one to point fingers at anymore. When will the Prime

January 31st, 2023House debate

Melissa LantsmanConservative