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Committees of the House   are given no more than a slap on the wrist, and committed to ensuring that individuals who commit arson and burn down someone's home are not eligible to serve their sentence with a conditional sentence. What is a conditional sentence? It is house arrest. Under our Criminal Code, somebody

June 15th, 2023House debate

Rob MooreConservative

Bill C-325 An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Corrections and conditional Release Act (conditions of release and conditional sentences)

a place other than a dwelling-house), (x) section 349 (being unlawfully in a dwelling-house), and (xi) section 435 (arson for fraudulent purpose). 1992, c. 20 Corrections and Conditional Release Act 3 The Corrections and Conditional Release Act is amended by adding the following

June 1st, 2023

Pierre Paul-HusConservative

Red Dress Day   arrest: human trafficking, sexual assault, kidnapping, abduction of kids under 14, criminal harassment, prison breach, motor vehicle theft, theft over $5,000, being in someone else's house unlawfully, breaking and entering, and arson. Again, this includes sexual assault, kidnapping

May 2nd, 2023House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Business of Supply   offences, including sexual assault, kidnapping, human trafficking, motor vehicle theft and arson. Imagine how victims feel marginalized, how their suffering is ignored. The Liberals eliminated mandatory prison time for serious gun crimes, including robbery or extortion with a firearm

February 2nd, 2023House debate

Kerry-Lynne FindlayConservative

Bill S-231 An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Criminal Records Act, the National Defence Act and the DNA Identification Act

against United Nations or associated personnel), (xi.12) section 426 (secret commissions), (xi.13) section 435 (arson for fraudulent purpose), (xi.14) section 436 (arson by negligence), (xi.15) section 436.1 (possession incendiary material), (xi.16) subsection 438(1) (interfering

November 3rd, 2022

Public Complaints and Review Commission Act   of a criminal organization, making these crimes eligible for summary convictions. The Prime Minister expanded house arrest for other serious offences, including sexual assault, kidnapping, human trafficking, motor vehicle theft and arson. The government is also failing when it comes

November 22nd, 2022House debate

Kerry-Lynne FindlayConservative

Declaration of Emergency committee  Thank you, Madam Chair. The violence, and even the arson that my colleague Mr. Brock referred to, likely would not have occurred if we were not a city under siege in Ottawa at the time. Mr. Carrique, I would like to ask a question with respect to something you said earlier

November 3rd, 2022Committee meeting

Rachel BendayanLiberal

Public Safety   that the attempted arson had nothing whatsoever to do with that protest, yet that was a claim that was repeated over and over again. We saw claims that these protests were Russian funded, that they were government funded and that there were guns at the protest, all of which has been shown

October 25th, 2022House debate

Garnett GenuisConservative

Justice  Mr. Speaker, the owner of a Winnipeg convenience store is in the hospital with a serious brain injury after he was attacked by thieves. Manitobans have become quite accustomed to seeing the daily headlines of assault, murder, arson, stabbing, stealing, and break and enters

October 20th, 2022House debate

Raquel DanchoConservative

Criminal Code   a minor, arson for a fraudulent purpose, assault with a weapon, impaired driving causing death and sexual assault would be able to serve their sentences at home, instead of behind bars where they belong. There we have it. These are offences such as sexual assault, kidnapping a minor

June 9th, 2022House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Judges Act   or less than two years of time in jail for crimes such as abduction of a person under the age of 16, abduction of a person under the age of 14, arson for fraudulent purposes, marriage under 16 and participation in the activity of a terrorist group. There are a number of offences

June 16th, 2022House debate

Marilyn GladuConservative

Criminal Code   of kids under 14, thefts, breaking and entering, being unlawfully in someone's house, arson, fraud, causing bodily harm by criminal negligence, assault causing bodily harm or with a weapon, and assaulting a peace officer causing bodily harm or with a weapon. These are not minor

June 14th, 2022House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Criminal Code   mean house arrest. Arson for fraudulent purposes, so setting fire to things, could mean house arrest too, as could assault causing bodily harm or with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer causing bodily harm or with a weapon and trafficking in or exporting/importing schedule III

June 14th, 2022House debate

Raquel DanchoConservative

Public Safety   and it was the province that leveraged the licences of tow truck owners to get their co-operation. The allegations about Russian and foreign funding were false, and the accusations of arson were also false. Will the Prime Minister admit that invoking the Emergencies Act was just to punish those who

June 13th, 2022House debate

Marilyn GladuConservative

Public Safety  Mr. Speaker, according to the government, the special forces spy flight over the Ottawa protest was just training. I wonder where that data went. The minister said the Emergencies Act was justified because of an attempt at arson, which was not so, and because the protest

June 13th, 2022House debate

Kerry-Lynne FindlayConservative