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Ethics  Mr. Speaker, the Deputy Premier from Alberta is coming to Ottawa and he wants to meet with the Minister of Immigration and other Alberta members of Parliament. The minister's response to the suggestion is, and I quote, “He is a complete and utter asshole”.

June 19th, 2012House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Supply  Mr. Speaker, I heard you say my name quite clearly and I also heard the comments of the member from the Reform Party calling us a bunch of assholes, and that is unparliamentary.

March 4th, 1999House debate

Jean DubéProgressive Conservative

Supply  Mr. Speaker, he called us a bunch of assholes.

March 4th, 1999House debate

Jim JonesProgressive Conservative

Supply  You guys are just a bunch of assholes.

March 4th, 1999House debate

Jason KenneyReform

Supply   for Swift Current-Maple Creek-Assiniboia uttered the word "asshole". I am asking that this be withdrawn at this time.

March 10th, 1997House debate

Morris BodnarLiberal