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Parliament of Canada Act   is going to get there, but part of the reason, in both of those cases, that the government came up with an ad hoc process was that it said members of those committees did not have appropriate classification. The bill before us would help address that, but ultimately

April 15th, 2024House debate

Alex RuffConservative

Privilege  I am now ready to rule on the question of privilege raised on February 26, 2024, by the House leader of the official opposition, concerning the alleged premature disclosure of Bill C-63, an act to enact the online harms act, to amend the Criminal Code, the Canadian Human Rights

April 11th, 2024House debate

The SpeakerLiberal

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act   are deeply concerned that the so-called Canadian sustainable jobs act, Bill C-50, remains a massive missed opportunity and an example of checkbox politics rather than substance. This is about checking a partial box from the government’s supply and confidence agreement with the NDP

April 11th, 2024House debate

Mike MorriceGreen

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act   regions of the country that will create jobs and opportunities for generations. They are about ensuring that we prepare workers and communities to fully seize these opportunities. As far as this piece of legislation is concerned, there are five key elements. Firstly, the bill

April 11th, 2024House debate

Jonathan WilkinsonLiberal

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  Madam Speaker, it is always a pleasure to see my hon. colleagues in this most honourable House. As we continue the debate at report stage of Bill C-50, it is imperative to note that what we are seeing across the world is being driven by technology in response to the climate

April 11th, 2024House debate

Francesco SorbaraLiberal

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  . It has pushed forward with anti-energy legislation at every turn, including the “no more pipelines” bill, Bill C-69. Despite universal provincial opposition, it decided it was going to go ahead with it. Despite the fact that it did not have jurisdiction, it decided it was going to go

April 11th, 2024House debate

Laila GoodridgeConservative

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  Madam Speaker, while it is a privilege to stand in this place and participate in debates, it has become commonplace that we have to deal with bills put forward by the Liberal government that are typically ideologically driven, deeply flawed and divisive in nature. Yesterday

April 11th, 2024House debate

Kelly BlockConservative

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  Madam Speaker, it is a privilege today to rise to speak to Bill C-50. I have spoken to it before. As well, I sit on the natural resources committee, and this is a bill that we studied. We heard a lot of testimony from different folks with all aspects of concern for and support

April 11th, 2024House debate

Ted FalkConservative

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act   and reject nearly all amendments proposed by Conservatives in the early hours of the morning and to silence and sideline every Canadian who will be impacted by the costly coalition’s anti-energy, anti-private sector agenda embodied in Bill C-50 immediately and in the long run, was almost

April 11th, 2024House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  -plus amendments to an 11-page bill. That is not Conservative hard work at play. That is artificial intelligence, AI, being utilized as a weapon of destruction, if I can put it that way, to try to prevent legislation from passing. I do not quite understand why the Conservative

April 11th, 2024House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  Madam Speaker, it is always a pleasure to rise and speak on behalf of the residents of Kelowna—Lake Country. This unjust just transition bill is the NDP-Liberal coalition's attack on jobs and Canada's economy. This is important legislation that would drastically affect

April 11th, 2024House debate

Tracy GrayConservative

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  moved: Motion No. 76 That Bill C-50 be amended by deleting Clause 9. Motion No. 77 That Bill C-50 be amended by deleting Clause 10. Motion No. 78 That Bill C-50 be amended by deleting Clause 11. Motion No. 79 That Bill C-50, in Clause 11, be amended

April 11th, 2024House debate

Jeremy PatzerConservative

Natural Resources committee  Do we have any further debate? (Amendment agreed to: yeas 11; nays 0 [See Minutes of Proceedings]) (Clause 38 as amended agreed to: yeas 10; nays 1) Shall the title carry? (Title agreed to: yeas 11; nays 0) Shall the bill as amended carry? (Bill C-49 as amended agreed

April 11th, 2024Committee meeting

The ChairLiberal

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act  Madam Speaker, it is a pleasure to finally rise in the House of Commons to speak to Bill C-50, after eight months of dealing with the bill in committee. I can tell the House that I have never seen such antics being played out by any opposition party on any legislation in my

April 11th, 2024House debate

Yvonne JonesLiberal

Business of the House  Mr. Speaker, I thank my good friend, with whom we have, of course, ongoing co-operation and good work. I can assure the hon. member that we will continue today with the report stage of Bill C-50, the sustainable jobs act, despite the 20,000 automated, AI-generated robo

April 11th, 2024House debate

Steven MacKinnonLiberal