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Historic Sites and Monuments Act   with Survivors, Aboriginal organizations, and the arts community, to develop a reconciliation framework for Canadian heritage and commemoration. This would include, but not be limited to”, and this is the section that is covered in Bill C-374, “Amending the Historic Sites and Monuments Act

May 3rd, 2018House debate

John AldagLiberal

Aboriginal Cultural Property Repatriation Act   than a year ago, and we would so love to have the additional support of the House and Senate to allow the Beothuk remains to be returned and to reside, most likely, at The Rooms, which is a museum in my riding of St. John's—East. I would be very interested to hear the comments

November 28th, 2018House debate

Nick WhalenLiberal

Fisheries Act  . They have identified five concerns, and one is the purpose of the Fisheries Act, which must include reconciliation with aboriginal people. They said there is no reference to aboriginal people or unique and important ties to the fishery. The Prime Minister has said that the “failure

June 11th, 2018House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Veterans Affairs committee   know many veterans would love to serve their comrades when they're having challenges. Would it help aboriginal veterans? When we look at the population of aboriginals in the service, they represent just over 3%. Would it be appropriate to have that reflected in caseworker numbers

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Gord JohnsNDP

Human Resources committee  Mr. Morrissey, if I can add before further discussion, the reason that it was felt to be inadmissible is that there's no context to the definition of aboriginal people anywhere else in the bill. It is much broader than what is—

November 7th, 2018Committee meeting

The Vice-Chair

Federal Sustainable Development Act   pillars that surround them. If we go back almost 10 years, then minister John Baird, under the Conservative government, supported a Liberal member's private member's bill regarding the federal sustainability act. The bill was passed, and we followed the guidelines. We had positive

May 24th, 2018House debate

Jim EglinskiConservative

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee  , that the crown's opportunities are also constrained. When subsection 35(1) was passed, it represented a constraint on the sovereignty of the crown. Just as the charter is a constraint on the sovereignty of the crown when it comes to individuals, so are aboriginal and treaty rights a constraint

May 3rd, 2018Committee meeting

John Borrows

Environment committee  This is being brought forward to suggest—what a wild concept—that we actually have consistency in federal legislation. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, some time ago, amended the law to divide up federal land and what they call in that bill “aboriginal land”. It's

May 8th, 2018Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Veterans Affairs committee  . Thank you for your service, sir. You talked about nobody understanding a veteran more than a veteran. We've heard in the United States that they shoot for a goal of 30% of their front-line caseworkers being former veterans. Would it help to have designated aboriginal veterans

June 12th, 2018Committee meeting

Gord JohnsNDP

Canadian Heritage committee  Thanks for that. My riding is Saint John—Rothesay. It's in southern New Brunswick. It's a riding in a city that has a strong indigenous heritage but a very small indigenous population. How can a national action plan for the repatriation of aboriginal cultural property

October 18th, 2018Committee meeting

Wayne Long

Foreign Affairs committee   or have any problem with a great emphasis on aboriginal reconciliation. Nor do I at all deny climate change. However, there's been very little attention to parallel economic and social investment programs in these priorities that facilitate other national goals in the Arctic, from

October 17th, 2018Committee meeting

John Higginbotham

Veterans Affairs committee  With respect to homeless veterans, could you talk about how we can reach aboriginal homeless veterans? We heard from the communications director of the aboriginal veterans society of Canada that they did a survey and found that 6% of those living on the street in Montreal were

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Gord JohnsNDP

Veterans Affairs committee  Thank you. It's an honour to meet you, sir. Before I get started, since we're studying aboriginal veterans, I think it's appropriate to acknowledge that we are on the unceded territory of the Algonquin and Anishinaabe people. Like Mr. Ellis, I just travelled the country. I

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Gord JohnsNDP

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   natural beauty in our country. It is very different on one side and the other, yet we are shipping large oil tankers all the way up the St. Lawrence to Montreal. We are shipping Saudi Arabian oil to the east coast through the many islands to get to the refineries in St. John. If one

April 30th, 2018House debate

Martin ShieldsConservative

Business of Supply  . The aboriginal social history must also be taken into consideration during all risk assessments. Based upon the entire risk assessment, a placement decision is made by CSC. At this point, I hope I have conveyed that this is a very rigorous process with respect to both the classification

October 2nd, 2018House debate

John McKayLiberal