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Indigenous Languages Act   million for indigenous organizations. John Duncan, from Vancouver Island, was the then aboriginal affairs minister. When he was put in that position in 2012, he said the Conservatives would change the funding model for aboriginal organizations and tribal councils, focusing on the areas

February 7th, 2019House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

The Budget   called because he thought he was advancing the public interest. Do members know what happened to him? He resigned. He was done. In the previous Conservative government, former minister John Duncan received some input from a constituent about a case that was before a quasi-judicial

April 1st, 2019House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families   children away from their families and to destroy who they were as a people, which meets one of the key international tests of genocide. Duncan Campbell Scott did not invent the residential school system, but he certainly perfected it. When he was faced with the appalling deaths

March 19th, 2019House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

John Duncan was Conservative MP for Vancouver Island North (B.C.) until 2015

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   such a fundamental role. I also want to take this opportunity to express my deep condolences to a former member of this House, John Duncan, who used to represent a large of my part riding, who recently lost his wife, Donna Richardson Duncan. We may not have always seen eye to eye in terms

April 19th, 2018House debate

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Impact Assessment Act  , and circumstances of first nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples are acknowledged, affirmed, and implemented. In response to this feedback, the committee has amended the bill to ensure that membership of key committees under the legislation reflect a distinctions-based approach. Indigenous peoples

June 6th, 2018House debate

John AldagLiberal

Environment committee  : (i) First Nations, (ii) the Inuit, and (iii) the Metis. Again, this is to enable that first one, “of up to 19”. This gives a very good construct, I think, to achieve what we're trying to do to make sure we're respecting the first nations, Inuit, and Métis presence

March 1st, 2018Committee meeting

John AldagLiberal

Indigenous Peoples and Canada's Justice System  , we worked with the former aboriginal affairs minister, John Duncan, for two to three years in our city, and the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. The graduation rates for indigenous students in this country are deplorable. What are we going to do? There are two things we can do. We

February 14th, 2018House debate

Kevin WaughConservative

Canadian Heritage committee   the building of the railway and the first francophone prime minister. It said nothing about their respective roles in residential schools. John A. Macdonald was an enthusiastic endorser of them, and hired Duncan Campbell Scott; Laurier was prime minister at the time when Dr. Bryce's reforms

October 25th, 2017Committee meeting

Dr. Cindy Blackstock

Donna Richardson  Mr. Speaker, today I want to pay my respects to a special friend who lost her life last week after a four-year battle with cancer. Donna Richardson was known to many of us on Parliament Hill not only as the wife of our former parliamentary colleague John Duncan, but for her

April 24th, 2018House debate

Cathy McLeodConservative

Business of Supply   Commission. Duncan Campbell Scott articulated the policy: I want to get rid of the Indian problem....That is my whole point. Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic, and there is no Indian question

April 26th, 2018House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Environment committee  . The second approval was with the area that was reduced by John Duncan, the then-minister of AANDC, that we reluctantly agreed to. I also want to acknowledge the elders who were with us through the negotiations, as well as those who have passed on since the finalizing of the Sahtu Dene

November 17th, 2014Committee meeting

Rocky Norwegian

Government Operations committee  Mr. Chair and committee, thank you for the invitation to come and shed some light on our experience with the PSAB program. Today I am accompanied by Donelda DeLaRonde, the executive director of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation. I will be brief in order to save some time for que

November 30th, 2017Committee meeting

John Derouard

British Home Child Day   of boys and girls arrived on Vancouver Island at the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School, near Duncan, B.C. Canadians were falsely led to believe these children were orphans who had been living on the streets of British cities, but in truth only 2% were. Most of the children came

February 1st, 2018House debate

Linda DuncanNDP

Environment committee  I'm speaking now, John. Give me the courtesy of articulating what is in the hearts of many of us at this table, and that is about the sham of a process that we're going through. We have many more amendments—you can see them right here—that we still have to go through

May 22nd, 2018Committee meeting

Ed FastConservative