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Industry committee  Welcome, everybody, to meeting 104 of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology. Today, pursuant to Standing Order 81(4), we will be reviewing the main estimates related to the Department of Industry. Today we have with us the Honourable Kirsty Duncan

May 1st, 2018Committee meeting

The Chair Liberal

Procedure and House Affairs committee   back and look at an article from 1978. This was prior to some of these debates we've had about the Lefebvre and McGrath committees. There was an MP by the name of John Reid, who was the MP for Kenora—Rainy River. He delivered a speech at the University of Victoria to a national

March 21st, 2017Committee meeting

John NaterConservative

Environment committee  We would like to propose a subamendment to simply change “environment” on line 15 to “sustainable development” as Ms. Duncan has suggested, but then to delete the rest of the proposal.

December 7th, 2017Committee meeting

John AldagLiberal

Government Appointments  Mr. Speaker, is it any surprise that the Prime Minister would endorse that type of behaviour? It is bad enough that Dwight Duncan effectively bankrupted Ontario while he was the finance minister of the province. However, as a non-partisan appointee of the Prime Minister, he

June 21st, 2017House debate

John BrassardConservative

Government Appointments  Mr. Speaker, if Dwight Duncan is in an apologizing mood, maybe he could apologize for working with Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, turning Ontario into a have-not province while he was finance minister. With construction of the $4.8 billion bridge set to start next summer

June 20th, 2017House debate

John BrassardConservative

Canada Elections Act   to be the response to that problem. I thought it very telling that the member for St. John's East said there are rules that the parties set for themselves. That was a description of the bill. This is a bill where the Liberals are setting rules for themselves. This is not solving the problem

June 8th, 2017House debate

Peter Van LoanConservative

Finance committee  Thank you, John. Mr. Duncan Alexander Kirby, go ahead.

October 20th, 2017Committee meeting

The ChairLiberal

Industry committee  Yes. I would just add that very consistent with Minister Duncan's example of artificial intelligence, broadly speaking, in the innovation agenda, we are looking at a number of points of interest, if you like, with respect to tech transfer. Another concrete example would

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

John Knubley

Industry committee   with John Knubley, deputy minister; Kelly Gillis, associate deputy minister; and Lawrence Hanson, assistant deputy minister. Thank you very much for attending, everybody. I'm going to pass it on to Minister Duncan for opening comments.

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

The Chair Liberal

Environment committee  I had a brief talk with John. I'm still a bit confused about how this ties with the private member's bill. The private member's bill, as I understand it, has to do with tax measures, and that can only apply to private property, not government property. So I'm still a little

June 14th, 2017Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Environment committee  My questions fall well after John's. I am informed that we already have a lot of staff vacancies in the national parks, particularly in interpretation. Certainly, that's the case in Alberta. There is going to be a heightened workload because of the minister's inviting everybody

June 12th, 2017Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Official Languages committee   national capital region, with various national representative organizations. We wanted to have an open, frank and useful discussion, and that is what we did. I personally led six round tables from coast to coast to coast, including one in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, while

October 27th, 2016Committee meeting

Mélanie JolyLiberal

Environment committee  Too, Wayne and I have to work this out. I've talked to John a bit about this. The aspect that I'm interested in, frankly, has to do with the private bill as well, and is private property, whereas it's appropriate for Wayne, as our protected areas critic, to do all the parks

June 19th, 2017Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee   and the operation of the colonial government affect their lives so badly. I also want to talk a bit about who you are speaking for. In theory, you're speaking for the Canadians, because they've elected you and put you in place, but if you look at this historically, John A. Macdonald

June 8th, 2017Committee meeting

Sharon McIvor

Industry committee  I will speak a bit, and then I will turn it over our deputy minister, John Knubley. I really want to bring home that we're taking a very different approach on science than the previous government. The previous government—

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

Kirsty DuncanLiberal