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Procedure and House Affairs committee  Madam Chair, I want to say how much I appreciate Ms. Duncan saying how important it is to plan for a pandemic or other emergency. I really appreciate that comment. Thank you.

May 13th, 2020Committee meeting

John BrassardConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee   going to go through what each province is doing, I think it needs to be more reflective of the current scenario. It doesn't take much, Madam Chair. It just takes a line to reflect that. I've gone through a whole list of the latest information. I've shared with Mr. Duncan our

May 12th, 2020Committee meeting

John BrassardConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  I beat him. I thought Mr. Duncan was going to jump in here.

May 7th, 2020Committee meeting

John BrassardConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Thank you, Madam Chair. I want to address the point that Ms. Duncan brought up with respect to health. I think all of us clearly understand that we're in the middle of a public health crisis at this point. Our mandate from Parliament is to look at virtual sittings

April 16th, 2020Committee meeting

John BrassardConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  . There have been several examples, and Mr. Duncan and Mr. Gerretsen spoke about this. Certainly, when I was on Barrie city council we never made the decision on what kind of increase we were going to have. We made the decision on whether we were going to get the increase as recommended

February 25th, 2020Committee meeting

John BrassardConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Thank you, Mr. Patrice. Good morning, Madam Chair and committee members. I am accompanied today by Duncan Retson, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, and Jennifer Garrett, director general responsible for the Centre Block program at Public Services and Procurement Canada. We

February 18th, 2020Committee meeting

Rob Wright

The Economy   the wonderful team of staff and volunteers who supported my campaign, people like Erica, Gale, Tom, Epiphany, Eleanor, John and so many others who worked so hard. I would like to say a special thanks to my good friends Scott Parker and Megan Rich for being such incredible supports for me

December 12th, 2019House debate

Heather McPhersonNDP

Committees of the House  , and that the committee be composed of: Ruby Sahota, Kevin Lamoureux, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Kirsty Duncan, Churence Rogers, Mark Gerretsen, John Brassard, Blake Richards, Eric Duncan, Corey Tochor, Alain Therrien, and Rachel Blaney.

December 11th, 2019House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1  ; Lynne Yelich of Saskatchewan; Rick Casson, James Rajotte and Monte Solberg of Alberta; and John Duncan of B.C. We still stay in touch and we will always remain friends. The many Hill staff I have worked with, and this is only some of them, are such great people that I want to name

June 4th, 2019House debate

Larry MillerConservative

Industry committee  John, thank you for highlighting it. Yes, it was disappointing to provide stats only to 2017, knowing the historic budget was in 2018.

May 30th, 2019Committee meeting

Kirsty DuncanLiberal

Industry committee   particularly important to the IT sector. That's block one, if you like. Block two is around technology and science. There has been a huge investment in fundamental science of $10 million and Minister Duncan will have an opportunity to speak to you about those investments in program

May 28th, 2019Committee meeting

John Knubley

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee   and provincial bodies, there was a lot of apprehension. Maybe just talk about that. At the time the minister was John Duncan. It took several years to get this agreement. What were the obstacles to this agreement? When you're dealing with schools on reserve, as you know, Darcy, everybody

April 9th, 2019Committee meeting

Kevin WaughConservative

The Budget   happened to him. He resigned, just like that. There was not a prolonged period of debate. There was not an extended period of conversation. There was literally nothing to talk about. He was a minister. He called a judge. He resigned. It was simple. John Duncan, a very distinguished

April 2nd, 2019House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

The Budget   called because he thought he was advancing the public interest. Do members know what happened to him? He resigned. He was done. In the previous Conservative government, former minister John Duncan received some input from a constituent about a case that was before a quasi-judicial

April 1st, 2019House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis Children, Youth and Families   children away from their families and to destroy who they were as a people, which meets one of the key international tests of genocide. Duncan Campbell Scott did not invent the residential school system, but he certainly perfected it. When he was faced with the appalling deaths

March 19th, 2019House debate

Charlie AngusNDP