Evidence of meeting #38 for Government Operations and Estimates in the 42nd Parliament, 1st Session. (The original version is on Parliament’s site, as are the minutes.) The winning word was business.

On the agenda

MPs speaking

Also speaking

Penny Walsh McGuire  Executive Director, Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce
Katharine MacDonald  Owner, Milk & Amber
John Barrett  Director of Sales, Marketing and Development, Vesey's Seeds Ltd.
Scott Gaudet  Vice-President, Local 129, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Marcia Carroll  Executive Director, The PEI Council of People with Disabilities

12:45 p.m.


Yasmin Ratansi Liberal Don Valley East, ON

Thank you.

12:45 p.m.


The Chair Conservative Tom Lukiwski

Thank you.

Madam Carroll, Mr. Casey, thank you very much.

It's been informative, and illuminating from my perspective at least. I will give the same standing offer that I have to all of our panellists. Should you have any additional information that you wish to bring to the attention of this committee, please forward your comments or your briefs directly to our clerk. We will be tabling a report in Parliament, my best guess is by late November or early December. So if you could get those comments—should you have any—or recommendations or suggestions to us as quickly as possible, we would appreciate it.

Once again, thanks for your participation.

Thanks for being here, and, Mr. Casey and Madam Carroll, you do have a very, very beautiful province.

We are adjourned.