House of Commons Hansard #107 of the 39th Parliament, 2nd Session. (The original version is on Parliament's site.) The word of the day was conservatives.


The Environment
Statements By Members

10:55 a.m.


Omar Alghabra Mississauga—Erindale, ON

Mr. Speaker, as World Oceans Day and Canadian Rivers Day approach this weekend, Canadians are stuck with a Conservative government whose environmental policies are all wet.

How else can we describe a government that ignores the crisis of climate change, is unconcerned about the amount of water used to extract oil from the Alberta oil sands and does nothing but attack premiers who propose innovative solutions to environmental problems?

In fact, a recent Senate report showed that the federal government does not even have the resources to measure Canada's water supply, let alone protect it.

The federal government is abandoning its duty to protect Canadian waters. In commemoration of World Oceans Day and Canadian Rivers Day, we call on the federal government to take real action to protect Canada's oceans and rivers.

Châteauguay Emergency Services
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11 a.m.


Carole Freeman Châteauguay—Saint-Constant, QC

Mr. Speaker, it is with pride that I acknowledge today the heroic efforts of emergency services personnel in Châteauguay, particularly firefighter Patrice Dubuc, policewoman Catherine Laberge and ambulance attendants Marie Pauzé and Pascale Boulé.

On March 21, a 75-year-old man suffered a heart attack in his car. Firefighter Patrice Dubuc witnessed the scene. Realizing the urgency of the situation, he immediately called emergency services and started CPR with the help of constable Catherine Laberge. Once on site, the ambulance attendants got the victim's heart started beating again using a defibrillator, saving him from certain death.

These admirable actions do credit to the firefighters, police officers and ambulance attendants in our community, which can feel safe and proud to count on such people who really care about our safety.

Statements By Members

11 a.m.


Paul Dewar Ottawa Centre, ON

Mr. Speaker, starting on June 11, people in Ottawa Centre will hit the streets for the fifth annual Westfest. In celebration of its fifth anniversary, Westfest has been extended to five days this year, with more time than ever before to take in the music, visual art, theatre, literary readings, dance, and spoken word and performance art.

This year's festivities will celebrate Canadian aboriginal women in music. With headliners such as 1755, Joel Plaskett and Buffy Sainte-Marie, and local artists Lynn Miles and Sue Foley, the fifth Westfest promises five nights of top performances for our communities in Ottawa Centre.

As always, Westfest is 100% accessible, truly inclusive and environmentally friendly, and the best part is that it is still free.

I congratulate Westfest's organizers, its founder Elaina Martin, all the volunteers and the Westboro BIA for continuing to build on the successes of this festival.

Ottawa loves Westfest.

National Scleroderma Awareness Month
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11 a.m.


David Sweet Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Westdale, ON

Mr. Speaker, even though thousands of people across Canada suffer from scleroderma, few people are familiar with this dreaded disease. Because this disease has just recently become known, we can ask a dozen people at any given time and be hard pressed to get one knowledgeable answer regarding scleroderma.

Tragically, many people suffer from the terrible effects of scleroderma, such as hardening of internal organs, heart, kidney and lung problems, and skin that tightens and becomes like parchment and tears open as a result of even a minor abrasion. These people often suffer in silence because of the lack of funding for research, lack of awareness and the difficulty in diagnosing this terrible disease.

I call on my parliamentary colleagues and all Canadians to assist the Scleroderma Societies of Canada and the provinces by raising awareness in our communities, particularly now in June as this is National Scleroderma Awareness Month.

I call on my colleagues and all Canadians to join me and hundreds of others at the Scleroderma Walk 'n Talks that are raising dollars for research to find a cure for this terrible and ultimately fatal disease and to bring hope to many.

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
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11 a.m.


Marlene Jennings Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine, QC

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary on its 30th anniversary.

Created in 1978-79, the Coast Guard Auxiliary formalized a long tradition of volunteer maritime search and rescue that existed before Confederation.

Today the auxiliary is made up of close to 5,000 dedicated volunteers. Since 1978, its members have been credited with participation in 36,000 missions and saving 4,000 lives.

Canadians owe a lot to these good Samaritans of the sea. On behalf of the House, I wish to congratulate them on 30 years of dedicated service to Canadians.

World Oceans Day
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11 a.m.


Gerald Keddy South Shore—St. Margaret's, NS

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge and applaud World Oceans Day, which will be recognized across Canada this Sunday.

Our government and our Minister of Fisheries are dedicated to enhancing the world's ocean environments. Evidence of this could be found just last week when our government proudly supported a motion in this House that calls on Canada to use its position and influence at the United Nations to have June 8 recognized as World Oceans Day.

Our government supports oceans every day. We have invested $61.5 million in the health of the oceans initiative and we have invested in concrete projects, none of which are more important than our dedication to the establishment of a national network of marine protected areas. In fact, we have already designated 10 areas across the country. At least 10 more will follow in the near future.

We have successfully led an effort to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems outside our national waters in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization, as pledged in the United Nations General Assembly.

Sunday will be a day to celebrate our success and to reaffirm our commitment.

National Transportation Week
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11:05 a.m.


Mario Laframboise Argenteuil—Papineau—Mirabel, QC

Mr. Speaker, National Transportation Week is being observed from May 29 to June 7.

This week serves as an opportunity to highlight the importance of transportation in the economic and social development of Quebec. From work to play, from travel to the supply of goods, different means of transportation contribute every day to our quality of life.

This week also gives us an opportunity to pay tribute to the thousands of men and women working in road, rail, air and maritime transportation.

This week promotes awareness of the challenges facing our people and our industries, in particular road infrastructure, safety, technology, environmental effects and the development of green fuels. This is the time for choices.

That is why the Bloc Québécois is offering a long-term vision of the future of transportation for the well-being of the people of Quebec.

The Environment
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11:05 a.m.


Rick Norlock Northumberland—Quinte West, ON

Mr. Speaker, once again the Liberal leader is in today's National Post calling for a job-killing national tax on the Canadian economy.

Oh sure, he likes to hide his tax in terms such as “revenue neutral” and “green shift”, but if it walks like a tax and it talks like a tax, well, members know the rest.

The fact is that if we are going to reduce greenhouse gases, we have to take action against big polluters, like this government is doing, and not hike taxes on middle class and fixed income families, but then again, the Liberals never met a tax they did not like.

This government believes that Canadians, especially low income and middle income Canadians, pay enough tax. The real question is this: why does the Liberal Party of Canada insist upon forcing them to choose between filling their cars, filling their cupboards or filling their prescriptions?

Khilafat Jubilee
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11:05 a.m.


Jim Karygiannis Scarborough—Agincourt, ON

Mr. Speaker, I join today members of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam as they celebrate 100 years of Khilafat.

I have been privileged to know two khalifas of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, the current khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V, and the fourth khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. I have been privileged to be called his brother.

Founded in Qadian, India, members of the Ahmadiyya Movement have emigrated to 190 countries, where they have established new lives, built mosques and become respected members of society.

The community delivers a message of peace, tolerance and offering assistance to those in need. Their message reminds us of the kind of society we want for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, a just society.

I have many friends in the Ahmadiyya community. Over the years, I have worked with them as they have offered humanitarian relief to victims of tsunamis, floods and earthquakes. They are the kind of friends we look for: honest, loyal, dedicated and trustworthy. They are truly a people who live by their community motto: Love for All, Hatred for None.

I ask my colleagues to join me in offering best wishes to the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam as they celebrate this important milestone of their faith, 100 years of the Khilafat.

Liberal Party of Canada
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11:05 a.m.


Gary Goodyear Cambridge, ON

Mr. Speaker, in the smear campaign against the Prime Minister regarding Chuck Cadman, the Liberals consistently referred to an audiotape by Tom Zytaruk as total proof of their claims.

The Prime Minister said from the very beginning that nothing inappropriate had happened. The RCMP found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Prime Minister or the Conservative Party. Now, two independent audio forensic experts have determined that the tape is “incomplete”, “doctored” and “edited”.

Canadians deserve to know the truth in this matter. The Liberals need to come clean and explain their involvement in the doctored tape.

The Liberal leader must answer some very important questions. When did the Liberal Party obtain the tape, before or after it was doctored? Was the Liberal Party aware of or perhaps involved in the doctoring of the tape? Why did the Liberal Party not at least make sure the tape was authentic?

It was poorly done. Canadians deserve better.

Violence Against Women and Children
Statements By Members

11:10 a.m.


Judy Wasylycia-Leis Winnipeg North, MB

Mr. Speaker, so many times we have pleaded with the government to take seriously the growing number of missing and murdered women and all victims of sexual violence.

Today I will simply refer to the tireless work in Winnipeg of the Sexually Exploited Youth Coalition and Sisters in Spirit. Through their work and through the words of a poem entitled Unfortunate Soul, by Chrissy, I hope that this will finally bring results:

Her body is her treasure
That she will give away
To an unfilled stranger
Who will have to pay
With no worries or a conscience
She'll go out on the street
Where she'll perform for her money
And his expectations she'll meet
Little did she realize it'll be her paying the price
When she didn't come back and paid with her life
Slain, smothered, dead
Just another statistic
Not aware of those dangers that were very realistic
With her name in the papers
And a picture as well
She wasn't just another sex trade worker
She had a story to tell
She was once a happy being
And she did have a soul
Turning to drugs and prostitution
Just to fill an empty hole
Now she's buried in the cold ground
No more pain and worry free
And what's even more disturbing
Is that this could have been ME

May these words bring wisdom to this government and finally open its eyes.

Statements By Members

June 6th, 2008 / 11:10 a.m.


Nancy Karetak-Lindell Nunavut, NU

Mr. Speaker, today marks the 64th anniversary of D-Day, the beginning of the Allied effort to liberate the European continent from the scourge of Nazi oppression.

I stand in the House keenly aware of the sacrifices that were made by the brave young men of the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force, aware of the lives that were lost, and aware of the valour that was displayed on that day.

Nobody can question the unparalleled success of our soldiers on that fateful day. In fact, Canadians can remember with pride that our boys pushed farther inland than any other nation, achieving many of the ambitious goals that had been set for them as part of Operation Overlord.

Yet we must never forget the terrible losses that our soldiers suffered. Forty-three airmen and 369 soldiers paid the ultimate price for our freedom on D-Day. It is in their honour and in their memory that I invite all members of the House to join with me in recognizing this anniversary of their final victory over the tyranny of evil.

MercadOr Awards
Statements By Members

11:10 a.m.


Nicole Demers Laval, QC

Mr. Speaker, the 10th edition of the MercadOr awards gala recently took place. The awards recognize the success of exporters in the Laval region.

The leading exporter award went to Pelican International, a pleasure craft manufacturer and the third largest kayak manufacturer in the world.

Alpha Vision won for best foreign ventures, for its ability to set up shop close to its clients, both in the United States and Germany.

Équipement d'emballage MMC and Cirion won in the market diversification category. Équipement d'emballage MMC opened it doors in 1991, penetrated Latin American markets in 2005 and is now targeting Europe. Cirion, which specializes in biotechnology, entered the American market in 2000 and now does 35% of its business in Europe.

Lastly, Bedcolab, a laboratory furniture manufacturer, was honoured as best new exporter. It began exporting to the United States in 2003, and those exports south of the border now represent 40% of its revenues.

My Bloc Québécois colleagues and I would like to congratulate the award winners and commend their contributions—

MercadOr Awards
Statements By Members

11:10 a.m.


The Speaker Peter Milliken

The hon. member for Don Valley East.

Conservative Party of Canada
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11:10 a.m.


Yasmin Ratansi Don Valley East, ON

Mr. Speaker, there is a fierce competition taking place on the government benches these days.

Parliamentary secretaries are locked in a battle to determine which one has the least amount of credibility.

The PS for Treasury Board is the leading contender. His ability to fall in line and say outrageous things means he is always near the bottom of the credibility pile.

Not to be outdone, the PS for Public Works made a bold move on Wednesday to demonstrate that he too can be just as ridiculous as his colleague, even if it means breathing new life into an old scandal.

However, when it comes to lack of credibility, no one can hold a candle to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He lacks credibility internationally, which is something that the government excels at.

With such shining performances from his parliamentary secretaries, it is easy to see why the Prime Minister has no confidence in his frontbench and is the minister of everything.