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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was energy.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Timiskaming—Cochrane (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 2000, with 62% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Petitions December 15th, 1994

Madam Speaker, I am very pleased to present a petition signed by 290 Canadians with regard to mining.

The petitioners are very concerned about the decline of ore reserves in this country. They are very concerned about the fate of the 150 mining communities that depend on mining for their livelihood. They call on Parliament to take action that will grow employment in this sector, promote exploration, rebuild Canada's mineral reserves, sustain mining communities and keep mining in Canada.

I concur with the petitioners.

Canadian Flag December 14th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, 30 years ago tomorrow, members of the House of Commons adopted the Canadian flag.

The final date of debate was December 14, 1964 and the final vote was held on December 15.

Her Majesty the Queen gave royal assent in February 1965.


On this historic day I recite my pledge of allegiance to the Canadian flag as authored by Alexandre Cyr: "To my flag and to the country it represents I pledge respect and loyalty".

Wave with pride, From sea to sea, And within your folds, Keep us ever united. God keep our flag. God protect our Canada.

I am proud to be Canadian. Long live a united Canada.

Long live a united Canada.

Recognition Of The Patriotes Of Lower Canada And The Reformers Of Upper Canada December 13th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I would like the record to show that I was present during the vote, but that I deliberately abstained from voting.

Supply December 8th, 1994

Madam Speaker, I have been listening with interest to this play that the Bloc Quebecois has been performing for us since this morning. The problem is that I still do not know whether it is a tragedy or a comedy. It may be a tragicomedy.

The draft bill proposed by the separatists is a monumental deception. The Bloc Quebecois should be ashamed of associating with this undemocratic process.

I always felt that the leader of the Bloc Quebecois was a great democrat and I am convinced that, from his hospital bed, he must be upset by the PQ flouting the democratic process in Quebec. He must also realize that the PQ has just made a strategic mistake that will cost the separatists dearly. This bill

insults Quebecers' intelligence. It is a bomb that will explode in the separatists' faces.

I have more confidence in Quebecers' integrity and intelligence. I am convinced that they will detect Mr. Parizeau's deception through the smoke screen he has put up. This process reminds me a little of a somewhat unscrupulous insurance agent who showed up at our house. He told me that I certainly needed insurance and that he would sell me term or permanent insurance. I asked him who had told him that I needed his insurance and I threw him out the door.

The leader of the PQ shows the same attitude by telling Quebecers in his patronizing manner: "I know what is good for you. You want independence, you want separation. Now, do you want separation with or without the Canadian dollar? With or without Canadian citizenship?"

I think that Quebecers will say no, not only to the PQ's and the BQ's separatist option, but also to the separatists' deception and manipulation.

Supply December 8th, 1994


Supply December 8th, 1994

Quebecers are not crazy.

The Environment December 2nd, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I would like to remind hon. members and all Canadians that, as citizens of Canada and citizens of the world, each and everyone of us is responsible for protecting our precious natural heritage and for transmitting it to future generations.

Each year the Environmental Achievement Awards recognize the special contribution Canadians have made toward protecting and restoring the integrity of our natural environment.

The 1994 winners of the Environmental Achievement Awards, the finalists and the candidates, are an outstanding example of how we all, individually or as a group, can make a difference.

Special congratulations are in order, Mr. Speaker, for yourself and all the employees of the House of Commons. The House received an Environmental Achievement Award yesterday, recognizing its environmental leadership within the federal government for its program "Greening the Hill", an initiative designed to incorporate environmental considerations into its daily operations.

Bloc Quebecois November 30th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to warn the House and the Board of Internal Economy that some members of the Bloc Quebecois shamelessly use their privilege as members of the House of Commons by promoting Quebec's independence in their Christmas cards.

In addition to being in poor taste, this practice probably goes against parliamentary rules. Using taxpayers' money and the great Christmas holiday for political purposes is reprehensible and shameful.

Will Bloc members reimburse the Canadian government for these immoral expenditures? Will Bloc members include these expenditures in the "yes" campaign in order not to contravene Quebec's referendum act?

I therefore ask you, Mr. Speaker, to investigate and condemn this outrageous practice.

Senator Jean-Robert Gauthier November 24th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is to be commended on his judicious appointment of Jean-Robert Gauthier to the Senate of Canada.

Mr. Gauthier faithfully served Canada and his constituents in Ottawa-Vanier for 22 years. For many years he championed the cause of Canada's francophone minority as well as that of other minorities, all of which are part of Canada's cultural mosaic.

I am sure that Senator Jean-Robert Gauthier will continue to serve Canada faithfully and with passion. I would ask all members on all sides of the House, and especially the hon. member for Rosemont, to join me in congratulating our senator and wishing him the very best in the Upper House.

Petitions November 23rd, 1994

Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure for me to present to the House a petition signed by 1,152 Canadians from across Ontario.

The petition addresses the serious decline we have experienced in our ore reserve in the mining industry. The group Keep Mining in Canada has developed a 10-point plan to address this concern.

The petitioners call upon Parliament to take action that will create employment in this sector, promote exploration, rebuild Canada's mineral reserves, sustain mining communities and most of all keep mining in Canada.

I congratulate this group for its initiative and I totally support its objectives.