Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was vote.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Independent MP for York South—Weston (Ontario)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 41% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Federal Election October 16th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is about to call an election, an election that nobody wants, not even his backbenchers.

This will be the third election in seven years. It is a cynical and arrogant move on the part of the Prime Minister. Why is the government calling an unnecessary election when it still has two years to run in the mandate it was given in 1997?

Division No. 1392 September 26th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of my constituents I would vote yes.

Manitoba Claim Settlements Implementation Act September 26th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the residents of York South—Weston, I vote yes to the motion.

Financial Consumer Agency Of Canada Act September 26th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the residents of York South—Weston, I would vote yes to this motion.

Division No. 1387 September 26th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, perhaps you can assist me. As I understand it that was a private members' vote and it would be inconsistent to have a division on a private members' vote. Could you indicate whether a private members' vote could be dealt with in such a fashion?

Penitentiaries September 26th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the solicitor general. What is happening in federal penitentiaries is unconscionable.

Clifford Olson raped and murdered 11 Canadian children. Yet while in prison he was able to have access to child pornography. He was able to enter an international poetry contest. Now we learn that he has been able to apply for and is receiving federal GST rebates.

Will the solicitor general immediately look into Mr. Olson's activities and put an immediate stop to this nonsense?

Taxation September 26th, 2000

Did you forget about me?

Toronto Waterfront March 28th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Prime Minister.

Yesterday Robert Fung unveiled an ambitious multibillion dollar plan for the redevelopment of Toronto's waterfront. In order for this magnificent vision to become a reality the federal government must be a major financial partner.

I would ask the Prime Minister today whether he is prepared to rise in his place and indicate to the people of Toronto that the federal government will contribute its fair share to the redevelopment of Toronto's waterfront. In other words, when does the Prime Minister intend to show the people of Toronto the money?

St. Patrick's Day February 29th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, as we approach St. Patrick's Day it provides an opportunity to recognize the immense contribution of the Irish community in Canada.

Ted McConnell, an Irish immigrant, is being honoured this year for his significant contribution to Irish-Canadian relations and his lifelong commitment to peace in Northern Ireland.

Ted was selected as this year's grand marshal for the St. Patrick's Day parade and will be honoured at the Grand Marshal's Ball on March 11 in Toronto.

Ted was born in Belfast in 1931 and immigrated to Canada in 1957. Throughout his successful career, Ted has devoted himself to enhancing Canada's relationship with his homeland.

In recognition of his efforts, Ted was selected the first honorary consul general of Ireland to Canada in 1997. He is currently Canada's representative on the International Fund for Ireland. He is also on the board of the Ireland Fund of Canada, the Canada-Ireland Chamber of Commerce and the School of Celtic Studies at St. Michael's College.

Ted was honoured in 1991 with the prestigious Order of the British Empire.

On behalf of parliament, I would like to pay tribute to this outstanding individual and to say thank you for bringing Canada and Ireland closer together.

Criminal Code February 28th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I would ask that you seek unanimous consent of the House to have the bill I just introduced referred directly to committee and deemed to have been passed at second reading.