Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was vote.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Independent MP for York South—Weston (Ontario)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 41% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Criminal Code February 28th, 2000

moved for leave to introduce Bill C-444, an act to amend the Criminal Code (judicial review).

Mr. Speaker, in the last parliament I introduced a similar bill which had the effect of repealing section 745 of the criminal code. As hon. members know, that section allows convicted killers, in particular those convicted of first and second degree murder, to have their parole ineligibility dates reduced.

The bill received the consent of parliament at second reading in the last parliament. In light of the fact that parliament has already adopted the bill at second reading, I ask that you seek unanimous consent of the House to have this bill sent directly to the justice committee.

Hockey February 24th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, the minister is responsible for the criminal law. Surely she must be concerned that the criminal code for which she is responsible is not enforced equally across Canada.

May I put this question to the minister: Will she urge provincial attorneys general to apply the criminal law equally across the country?

Hockey February 24th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Justice regarding violence in hockey.

All Canadians were appalled by the vicious assault in an NHL game in Vancouver a few days ago.

Can the Minister of Justice explain why there is one standard of justice for NHL players and another for ordinary Canadians? Can the minister explain why the criminal code for which she is responsible is not enforced in NHL rinks?

Supply December 13th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege. I would like to address the motion that was passed by the House on December 7, which in the result would apply a series of votes, some 120 votes, with regard to supplementary estimates. I submit that would in effect breach the privileges of independent members of parliament.

The House leaders of the various political parties came together and decided that with regard to their respective political parties the votes could be applied. This motion presumes to anticipate how independent members of parliament would vote on each and every motion before the House.

For that reason I submit that it breaches the privileges, because how could the House know in advance how I would vote on the 120 motions before the House?

If I might conclude, technically it would be my submission that unanimous consent would be required in order to avoid a roll call vote on each of the votes, and if it is the will of the House in effect to apply votes then again unanimous consent would be required.

However, having said that, and in the spirit of Christmas, I am prepared to give my unanimous consent so that all votes can be applied.

Points Of Order December 13th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, at about 11.30 today the bells calling in the members for a vote started to ring. It was indicated on the parliamentary channel that the vote would take place 30 minutes from the moment the bells started ringing.

Within a matter of minutes both the opposition whip and the government whip were approaching the Chair and the vote commenced. I would submit that breaches the parliamentary privileges of members of parliament who were not present in the House at the time.

National Unity December 13th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, it is the government's position that it will refuse to negotiate separation unless the Government of Quebec puts forward a clear question.

My question is for the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. In the event that the question is not clear, is it the intention of the federal government to participate in the referendum campaign, or would it be the position of the government that it would boycott a referendum that did not include a clear question?

Would he not agree that it would be illogical not to negotiate while participating in the referendum campaign?

Municipal Grants Act November 30th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, the good people of York South—Weston would want me to vote in favour of this motion.

Division No. 57 November 23rd, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order to ask that you seek unanimous consent to apply the previous vote to the current motion.

National Unity November 23rd, 1999

Mr. Speaker, Canadians are sick and tired of the destructive unity debate. At a time when polls suggest that support for sovereignty in the province of Quebec is declining, the Prime Minister wants to bring in rules for the next referendum, which is not likely in the foreseeable future.

Why now? Why is the Prime Minister stoking the fires of separatism? Is he not concerned that his move will backfire and in fact increase support for separation in the province of Quebec?

Goods And Services Tax November 16th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask the finance minister a question about the GST. In the 1993 campaign the Liberal Party promised to scrap and abolish the GST. In May 1996 the Minister of Finance apologized for not being able to keep the promise because of the difficult financial situation the country was in.

Now that the Minister of Finance and the country are awash in cash, now that he is rolling in the dough, will he keep his promise to scrap the GST? At the very least, will he use the surplus to reduce the GST?