Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was vote.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Independent MP for York South—Weston (Ontario)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 41% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Supply March 17th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, if the hon. member is so opposed to the debate, why is she participating in the debate?

I have been listening to the debate all morning. Perhaps the hon. member can explain why, instead of dealing with the merits of the motion before the House, she and her colleagues have chosen to attack another political party. They accuse the Reform Party of being partisan in bringing forward this motion. Rather than dealing with the merits of the motion itself, she has chosen to attack the Reform Party, presumably to make political points.

My question to the member is does she feel somewhat inconsistent? On one hand the Government of Canada is saying to Canadians to fly the Canadian flag and it sent out hundreds of thousands of flags to Canadians this past year at a cost of millions of dollars. On the other hand, she would support a restriction of the use of the flag in the Canadian House of Commons.

Supply March 17th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, can the hon. member advise the House whether she is aware of any other place in Canada, whether it be a public place or a private place, where the displaying of the Canadian flag is prohibited? Could she also comment on whether she believes the prohibition of the displaying of the Canadian flag in a place other than the House of Commons would be contrary to the charter of rights and freedoms?

Immigration March 10th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, I did not hear a categorical rejection of that recommendation. Her own leader at Queen's Park said yesterday “I cannot support any federal immigration policy that contradicts the spirit of Canada's tradition”.

I put the question to the minister again. Will she today categorically reject the racist recommendation?

Immigration March 10th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the minister of immigration.

The minister is now seized with a report which recommends that people who cannot speak French or English should not be allowed to immigrate to Canada. Is the minister prepared today to categorically reject this racist recommendation?

The Budget February 26th, 1998

Madam Speaker, I would like to ask the Chair whether it is appropriate for this motion to be put at this time. As I understand the order of the House, at 4.45 the Chair is required to ring the bells to call in the members to vote on the Bloc amendment to the amendment.

Madam Speaker, could you indicate whether the whip of the government is in order to put the motion at this time?

Point Of Order February 26th, 1998

On a point of privilege, Mr. Speaker, the place to speak is here in the House of Commons. You referred a matter to the House leaders—

Point Of Order February 26th, 1998

Well, it is, Mr. Speaker, because—

Point Of Order February 26th, 1998

On the same point of privilege, Mr. Speaker—

Point Of Order February 26th, 1998

Yes, I do, Mr. Speaker. Some might consider this to be a frivolous matter, but a few moments ago you indicated to the House that you would be my voice as the only independent member of Parliament with respect to the matter that was discussed at a House leaders' meeting.

As I understand it, Mr. Speaker, you are not present at House leaders' meetings. I know it was not your intent to mislead the House or to mislead Canadians.

As I understand the workings of the House leaders, the leaders of each of the respective political parties get together, not in public but behind closed doors, to make decisions that impact on all members of Parliament in the House, members in their own political party including the member for York South—Weston.

Often, Mr. Speaker, you seek unanimous consent in order to implement the decisions of the House leaders, decisions that I have not participated in, decisions that you have not participated in, and I am expected to expedite the workings of the House.

I simply wish you to clarify, Mr. Speaker, that you are not my voice at House leaders' meetings, that you do not participate at House leaders' meetings—

Point Of Order February 26th, 1998

Then it is not properly represented, Mr. Speaker. It is a matter for Parliament to decide, not some guys in backrooms.

You should have respect for all members of the House, not just those represented by political parties.