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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was well.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Outremont (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2011, with 24% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Member for Outremont May 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, having decided not to seek re-election, I wish to take this opportunity today to thank all the voters in the riding of Outremont who have put their trust in me three times in a row. Because they have supported me, I have been able to make a contribution to Canadian public life and the growth of our democracy, which is unique in the world, for the past 10 years.

I also take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the right hon. Jean Chrétien, who not only entrusted me with significant ministerial responsibilities, but also, through his vision and his leadership, helped make Canada a “cool” country in the eyes of the world.

I would also like to underline the work of the political staff and the public servants who I had the chance to work with during my years as secretary of state and minister. They faithfully accompanied and supported me, and for that I thank everyone.

I want to thank my wife Dorine and my children, Charles, François and Catherine, for their support throughout all those years.

I would also like to tell our young people that their active involvement in the political process is one of the keys for change.

In closing, I want to wish every success to the Liberal team of Paul Martin in the next election.

Child Pornography November 7th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member knows very well what the government has been doing over the past few years.

In light of the Sharpe decision of the Supreme Court, we have decided to proceed with Bill C-20 in order to increase the protection of our children in Canada. We have been working hard in order to pass that bill.

He knows that we did not really have the full cooperation of his party and he should be ashamed. Working together, we would have been able to pass Bill C-20.

Child Pornography November 7th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the member knows very well that the government is strongly committed to charging those people. We will get rid of those people who are involved in child pornography, which is an awful crime that has no place in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

We have lately created the new offence of Internet luring, which has been used to charge people across Canada. We have also created, with the Government of Manitoba, the website which has been working very effectively as well.

Organized Crime November 7th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, with regard to such a crime, which is indeed an awful crime, I would like to draw the attention of the hon. member to what we are doing as a country at the international level.

For example, lately we had a meeting in Paris among G-8 colleagues and talked about the question of child pornography and protection of our children, not only in Canada but anywhere in the world.

We have Bill C-20 as well, which is before the House. At the international level we know that people are using more technology and we need more international cooperation. It works well and--

Transport November 6th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, we have in place across Canada regional development agencies. Of course when we look at the programs, because they are flexible, we have programs that could vary from one region to another.

On the question of Charlevoix, it is clear to me that tourism development is key. Of course when we look at what we have there, the golf courses, Le Manoir Richelieu, as well the casino, it is just normal to get involved in such a fantastic project for economic development there.

Justice November 5th, 2003

First of all, Mr. Speaker, the hon. member knows very well that the gun registry and gun control system in Canada has been very effective. I advise the member to have a look at the stats that we have seen lately.

Second, with regard to organized crime, we have been very effective in moving ahead with a new piece of legislation that is now part of the Criminal Code. With regard to the mega trial, as I said, we will come forward following the work which is taking place with the provinces and territories at the beginning of next year in order to make sure that we will improve the system and, to be more precise, the question of the mega trial.

Justice November 5th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the member knows very well that the government has been involved in legislation that started some years ago. That is when we decided to proceed with special legislation regarding the question of organized crime.

The legislation has been tested across Canada and has been proven to be efficient. Lately, at the last federal-provincial meeting, we discussed the question of mega trials with colleagues from across Canada. There is a special working group working on that. We intend to come back as soon as we can to make the justice system even more efficient.

Criminal Code November 3rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order to bring the opposition members to order. This is an important bill for Canadians. When I listen to them, I hear comments that essentially distort the bill and its objectives.

When they talk about the competitive role—

Criminal Code November 3rd, 2003

moved that the bill be read the third time and passed.

Criminal Code November 3rd, 2003

moved that the bill be concurred in at report stage.

(Motion agreed to)