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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was post.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel (Québec)

Won his last election, in 2000, with 77% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Public Works November 9th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, as I have said from the beginning, as a minister I do not interfere with the current management of any crown corporation. It is not appropriate for a minister to interfere.

I am sure there is a management board. There is a board of directors that has an audit committee. There is the annual audit report where the auditor general is involved. I am sure they will look at those things.

Immigration November 8th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, let us make it clear Mr. Creuso was not my special adviser. He was acting as marketing agent for one of the corporations, or two corporations, I am responsible for.

I said from the beginning that I do not intervene in current operations of crown corporations. There is a board of directors and there is a management board.

Public Works November 7th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, I said from the beginning that I do not get involved directly with crown corporation operations. Therefore, if the hon. member wants that information I will get it for him. I can transmit it to him or he can get it himself directly from the crown corporation. I do not get involved in the current operations of any crown corporation.

Public Works November 7th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, all contracts given, whether through my department or through responsible crown corporations, have all followed treasury board guidelines. Therefore I will let the case rest by itself.

Immigration November 6th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, as I said before lunch today, when I was asked by the media, I did not know about his problem with the Italian law. I learned like anyone else who reads the Globe and Mail on Saturday mornings.

Public Works November 5th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, I explained that he got a mandate to represent the CMHC, which wanted to do business in Italy. The report I had from CMHC was that he did a good job because in the space of a year and a half we are already building model houses so we can sell Canadian housing technology and Canadian businesses can do business outside Canada with team Canada, which the Prime Minister has been promoting since we have been in office.

I think the contract was good. Why they gave it to Mr. Creuso, that is the crown corporation's--

Public Works November 5th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, first let me make it very clear that crown corporations manage their own affairs and ministers do not get involved in giving contracts.

Second, CMHC gave a contract to Mr. Creuso to have relations with the Italian government. We signed an MOU in January 2001 and last month the Italian government budgeted enough to build three Canadian model houses in northern Italy.

Canada Post November 1st, 2001

Mr. Speaker, we are, as a government with Canada Post, fighting this decision before the Canadian international trade tribunal and we will continue to fight it. We are working with all the partners. When it comes to the trial, Canada Post and the Government of Canada will definitely be there.

Pyrite October 31st, 2001

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to announce that an agreement was reached with the Government of Quebec. The government of Canada will make a financial contribution equivalent to 25% of the total cost of Quebec's program to provide financial assistance to the owners of residential buildings damaged, up to an amount of $17.5 million.

The Government of Canada and the government of Quebec are pleased with this agreement.

Terrorism October 26th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, right now we are facing an emergency situation and therefore we will collaborate with our neighbours and make sure that everyone is protected.

In the meantime, if Canadian industry also makes available Canadian manufactured tools that we can use, our objective is to make sure that our more than 50,000 postal employees are protected and all Canadians are protected. The Canada Post administration will do everything in its power to ensure that protection.