Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was reform.

Last in Parliament April 1997, as Liberal MP for Saskatoon—Dundurn (Saskatchewan)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 22% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Petitions February 20th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, my third petition is a petition indicating that the petitioners believe that gay men, lesbians and bisexuals are subject to discrimination in this country and that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that everyone has a right to protection against discrimination.

They request that Parliament amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to protect individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Petitions February 20th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, today I have three petitions. In the first one the petitioners request that Parliament continue to reject euthanasia and physician assisted suicide in Canada and that section 241 of the Criminal Code which forbids counselling, procuring, aiding and abetting of a person to commit suicide be enforced vigorously.

In the second petition the petitioners request that Parliament ensure that the provisions of the Criminal Code prohibiting assisted suicide be enforced vigorously and that there be no changes to the law to sanction euthanasia in any manner.

Agriculture And Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act February 13th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, comments have been made about the hon. minister of agriculture being heavy handed but there have been no specifics. The comments have been long on rhetoric but short on specifics.

With the quick resolution of the dispute over durum wheat exports to the United States, does the hon. member feel that is heavy handed on the part of the minister of agriculture? Does the hon. member consider the minister's acting to protect our supply management system in parts of Canada protecting the best food supply system perhaps in the world is being heavy handed? Does the hon. member feel that acting with due haste to make sure the regulatory system in Canada particularly in areas like the biotech industry and trying to streamline it and getting it done very quickly is perhaps another example of the minister being heavy handed?

Installation Of Governor General February 9th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of my colleagues on this side of the House I would like to acknowledge the observers from the Reform Party who graced us with their presence at the installation of the Governor General yesterday.

For the next such ceremony that members of the Reform Party attend, my colleagues in the Liberal Party would ask that they please show some signs of life, as yesterday we were quite concerned that they had all passed away in their seats. It must have been extremely difficult for many of them to sit so quietly for so long.

After the ceremony I learned that certain members of the Reform Party had not been present. Perhaps these members could not find cabs, which of course they could have billed to their tax free allowances. Or perhaps they all got lost somewhere in Ottawa-Vanier. After all, it is difficult to read French street signs.

Questions On The Order Paper December 15th, 1994

With regard to the recent audit of the Saskatchewan Metis Nation, completed by Deloitte-Touche, ( a ) what was the total amount of expenditures questioned by the auditors, ( b ) in terms of these questioned expenditures, (i) who made each expenditure, (ii) for what amount, (iii) for what purpose and on what date?

Petitions December 7th, 1994

Madam Speaker, this final petition opposes the amendment of the Canadian Human Rights Act to include the words sexual orientation, a term that is undefined.

Petitions December 7th, 1994

Madam Speaker, I have another petition from constituents of Saskatoon-Dundurn wherein they ask that the unborn child's rights be protected by Parliament.

Petitions December 7th, 1994

Madam Speaker, another petition asks that Parliament expand further the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly powers to include all grains and oilseeds, and a petition that strongly supports the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly powers in marketing wheat and barley for export.

Petitions December 7th, 1994

Madam Speaker, I have two petitions that are identical that oppose euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide, both of which I endorse.

``Ugly Face Of Freedom'' November 28th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, recently the American television show "60 Minutes" aired a story called the "Ugly Face of Freedom" which alleged that anti-Semitism was on the rise in Ukraine.

This story slanders Ukraine and ethnic Ukrainians everywhere. To make its case it relied on historical events and interviews with radical political groups. It offered no firm evidence to prove its case. It interviewed the editor of a daily right wing ultranationalist newspaper and allowed him to voice his demented opinions but forgot to mention the number of papers that he sells.

From its lofty platform as media "60 Minutes" is allowed to broadcast its message across Canada and the United States. When people see this show on television how are they to know that it is not so?

I call on the CRTC to take steps to ensure that this kind of misinformation is not allowed to be broadcast across the border so that this type of harmful misinformation may never slander another group again.