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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was farmers.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Reform MP for Blackstrap (Saskatchewan)

Won his last election, in 1997, with 37% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Agriculture October 29th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has said he will place a high priority on children. Every day that the government does nothing to fix that farm disaster, farm families, including children, are suffering untold hopelessness and hardship.

If the Prime Minister really believes in helping Canadian youth, then why is he turning his back on farm children?

Foreign Publishers Advertising Services Act June 10th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I listened to the member give her speech and my colleague make his comments. In any country of the world where culture has been a forced issue, in other words where a government or some group has been forcing culture upon any group of people, it does not work. That is quite obvious in history. A recent case is the Soviet Union where culture and politics were forced upon people and we all know what happened.

Would the NDP member like to comment on that? She quoted from a study done by a group of people who in my opinion are forcing a culture upon Canadians.

Petitions June 4th, 1999

Madam Speaker, I also have a petition containing 312 names of people in my riding who are asking the House to reject the recommendations of the MacKay task force with regard to the banking industry becoming involved in the insurance business.

Finally, I would like to say with regard to the point of order that was brought up that I think the question is not who leaked more, but rather—

Petitions June 4th, 1999

Madam Speaker, I have two petitions to present this morning from 54 people in my riding concerning the EI fund and its intended purposes.

Points Of Order June 4th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I want to raise a point of national concern today. As I did not have access to the media last night or today, I wonder if someone in the House could inform me what the election results were in Ontario.

Supply June 3rd, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I was not aware that the House would adjourn for the next 15 minutes until 5.30. Is there something happening today that I am not aware of? I was of the understanding that I was to give a speech for the last 15 minutes of the regular time allotted.

Supply June 3rd, 1999

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member spoke at some length about fiscal accountability. I can think of one example in my home province of Saskatchewan, the Saulteaux band, which last year spent more money on travel than the entire provincial cabinet.

I would ask the hon. member a very simple question. What guarantees are there in this deal that would make myself, my colleagues and the rest of Canadians feel comfortable that those same kinds of things will not happen in this deal?

Privilege April 15th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I certainly would agree with you that it is the privilege of a member of this House to feel quite comfortable and secure when walking on the grounds or in the House. I completely agree with you.

In response to the member's accusation, I would point out that indeed there were many witnesses in front when this heated discussion took place, and that goes without saying. I believe there would be people out there who would say that the member for Mississauga West was in fact the first to open the discussion, if you want to call it that.

I would ask the House, on my behalf, to remind the member for Mississauga West that he should be very careful with accusations that I believe are false.

Youth Criminal Justice Act April 15th, 1999

Madam Speaker, I would like to ask my colleague from Wild Rose if he would agree with a few brief comments.

The member for Mississauga West mentioned in his speech that young people are often full of testosterone. I can tell the House that the member for Mississauga West is definitely not full of testosterone, but most likely the stuff that I wipe off my boots when I come from the corral.

I still have the notion that I may support this bill and I want to ask the member about that. But it is speeches like those of the member for Mississauga West that make me think and wonder what I am doing. Again, the bill is very little in the right direction, but perhaps that is all we can expect from the Liberal government.

Would the hon. member agree with me that it is members like the member for Mississauga West who give this institution a bad name? Certainly in my opinion he is nothing but a blowhard windbag who in my opinion is a waste of skin.

Youth Criminal Justice Act April 15th, 1999

Mr. Speaker, I think another 10 minutes would be sufficient.