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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was international.

Last in Parliament April 1997, as Liberal MP for Etobicoke North (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 1993, with 61% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Trade December 8th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, in the first nine months of 1995 Canadian merchandise exports grew by 20 per cent, compared to the same period last year. Exports to the United States rose 17 per cent, but the United States is far from our fastest growing market. Sales to Latin America, including Brazil, have increased by some 29 per cent, to Japan by 32 per cent, to the European Union by 42 per cent, to China by 44 per cent and to all other Pacific nations by 47 per cent.

In 1992 our exports amounted to only 26 per cent of our gross domestic product, but today exports constitute 37 per cent of our gross domestic product.

International Trade November 1st, 1995

Mr. Speaker, yes, we will see.

International Trade November 1st, 1995

Mr. Speaker, the discussions with Israel are progressing. They were undertaken some six or eight months ago. They are still at a stage where various details are being considered, including manufacturing, garment manufacturing for example. There are some aspects of the agricultural trade between us that need clarification.

I cannot give the member any definitive report other than to say the negotiations are proceeding.

U.S. Border Tax October 30th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I believe there have been a few sightings recently. In fact the House leader, who is something of an expert in these matters, has reported one such sighting.

The United States Senate judiciary subcommittee did indeed agree to a dollar tax on people entering the United States, but when it goes to full committee it is unlikely to carry. We are quite confident that when the full committee reviews the recommendation it will not go forward.

In any event, I would add that we have consistently pursued our point of view with the United States government, which is that, as the member suggests, such a measure would be in conflict with the United States commitments under NAFTA, a point that my colleague, the Minister of National Revenue, made when he visited Washington recently.

Middle East September 25th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, the question from the member for London-Middlesex is especially timely given the progress that has been made in the peace settlement process in the Middle East. Against that background the need for infrastructure and the need to sustain the economic development of the region is evident everywhere. It is in such products that Canada is eminently qualified to supply.

We reopened our embassy in Beirut in January, indicative of the commitment we are making to the further progress in the Middle East.

I also take this occasion to pay tribute to my parliamentary secretary, the member for Ottawa Centre, who has been particularly active in leading delegations and trade fairs to the Middle East.

Human Rights June 22nd, 1995

Mr. Speaker, the terms with regard to the accession of Chile to NAFTA are set forth in the agreement. A country acceding to NAFTA must meet the terms of the agreement.

There are other forums in which we pursue the questions of human rights and we shall continue to do so.

Trade June 21st, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I am not sure to what the hon. member refers. In the case of the so-called black list, there have been press reports of the United States treasury issuing a "black list", if he wishes to call it that, against four subsidiary companies in Cuba, in which a Canadian company has an equity position.

The United States treasury has not issued such a list. Therefore I must take the member's question as hypothetical.

Trade June 21st, 1995

Mr. Speaker, we have been vigorous in our protests about the Helms bill. They have taken a variety of forms. We followed the traditional one of protesting to the United States state department. The Prime Minister had occasion to raise the matter during heads of government meetings. For my part, I have on a number of occasions pressed the matter with the United States trade representative.

The result of our protests and those of European countries, Japan and other major trading partners of the United States has been to encourage the administration to seek a revision of the bill in such a way as to meet our trading concerns.

Canadian Film Distributors June 20th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, I do not have in mind the correspondence to which the hon. member refers. I will be glad to look into it and respond to her, but I do not know to what she refers.

Trade June 13th, 1995

Mr. Speaker, as I indicated, we do not have the details and certainly not details on the supposed action that might be taken against Canadian sugar companies in the context that the member mentions.

Our present concern is to ascertain the possible action the U.S. treasury might take against four Cuban Canadian joint ventures led by the Sherritt company. In that instance, we are seeking further information. I hope that I shall have more information I can provide the member in due course.