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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was divided.

Last in Parliament April 1997, as Independent MP for Beauce (Québec)

Won his last election, in 1993, with 40% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Oil Industry May 15th, 1996

Mr. Speaker, I would like to express the anger of the people of Beauce at the latest increase in

the price of gasoline. How can the government allow oil companies to exploit us in this way, especially with the profits they are already making?

I am calling upon the government, and the minister responsible, to take the necessary steps to put an end to this abuse, to condemn this unjust and unacceptable increase. Must we assume that the oil producers are exploiting those with cars by plotting together to fix prices at a high level?

The industry's retail price setting mechanisms must be examined to ensure there has been no collusion. The people feel they are being exploited.

Agreement On Internal Trade Implementation Act May 14th, 1996

Mr. Speaker, I will vote yes.

(The House divided on the motion, which was agreed to on the following division:)

Canada-United States Tax Convention May 8th, 1996

Mr. Speaker, since the Canada-United States tax convention was modified, thousands of people living in Beauce, Quebec and Canada who are drawing American pensions are losing a sizeable chunk of those pensions. Their cheques have been cut 25 per cent, an extremely harsh penalty.

The new convention hits those receiving U.S. disability pensions even harder, since most of them have dependants and the pension is often their main source of income. Some have experienced cuts of several hundred dollars a month.

I am therefore asking the Minister of Finance to look at appropriate measures to lighten the financial burden we have recently imposed on these people, most of whom already had barely enough to live on.

Credit Cards May 1st, 1996

Mr. Speaker, I want to talk about "shylocking" or usurious lending rates. I must keep on condemning the outrageous interest rates charged by the banks and by some companies on credit card balances.

According to an Industry Canada report, the interest rates charged on credit card balances exceed the bank rate by 12 percentage points.

The government has a duty to legislate to prevent these abuses and protect consumers. The government is currently turning a blind eye to this legalized "shylocking". The time has come to end this nearly scandalous exploitation.

Unemployment Insurance Reform April 30th, 1996

Mr. Speaker, some provisions must be amended in the employment insurance bill, including the number of hours, which is too high for many workers to be eligible, and the intensity rule, which adversely affects workers.

As well, the contribution rate of employers and workers should be lowered, instead of accumulating surpluses in excess of $5 billion in the employment insurance fund, given that the current rate has a negative impact on the level of employment.

Lowering the rates would pump new money into the Canadian economy, which would result in the government reducing payroll taxes and encouraging the private sector to create more jobs. I urge the Minister of Finance to reflect on this.

Canadian Armed Forces April 16th, 1996

Mr. Speaker, with new developments every day, our armed forces are in disarray. The disappearance or hiding of documents has aroused suspicion about the actions of senior officers in the Somalia affair. This situation, in addition to the degrading initiation ceremonies, is appalling.

On behalf of the people of the Beauce region, I demand that a thorough investigation be held so as to restore the public's right to know and that sanctions be imposed on the senior officers involved. We want greater transparency and tighter administration of defence budgets. A serious clean-up operation is in order.

We also hear that our armed forces have more officers than men; this system is costly and ineffective. Left, right, left, right; the time for action is now.

Canada Transportation Act March 25th, 1996

Madam Speaker, I vote nay on this motion.

(The House divided on Motion No. 17, which was negatived on the following division:)

Canada Transportation Act March 25th, 1996

Madam Speaker, I vote nay on this motion.

(The House divided on the motion, which was negatived on the following division:)

Canada Transportation Act March 25th, 1996

Madam Speaker, I will vote against the motions.

Canada Transportation Act March 25th, 1996

Madam Speaker, the only elected independent member votes no.