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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was richmond.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as Liberal MP for Steveston—Richmond East (B.C.)

Lost his last election, in 2019, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple June 6th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, the Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple in Richmond is proud to champion health care in our region through its generous donation to help build a new acute care tower at the Richmond Hospital.

The Temple was established in 1979 as a place of worship and gathering for people of the Sikh faith. Followers believe that the purpose of life is to grow closer with God through service to others. Its $1.3-million donation certainly meets these principles.

To quote Gary Berar from the temple, “We all rely on our local hospital during our days on this earth. It’s a common need that unites us all.”

On behalf of the Richmond community, I want to thank Maharaj Ji, Gary Berar, Jinder Berar and all members of the Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple for their service to our great community.

Joanna Wardley May 7th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Joanna Wardley, who passed away in March.

When Joanna's son, Steve, was suffering with HIV/AIDS nearly 20 years ago, Joanna and her husband, Brian, felt they had nowhere to turn for support. She vowed that she would help others when she retired, and she stayed true to her word.

Joanna and others founded the Heart of Richmond AIDS Society in 1997, and later the Gilwest Clinic at the Richmond Hospital. Thanks to Joanna, Brian and other like-minded advocates, Richmond residents living with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C now have treatment and support closer to home.

I wish to extend my sympathies to Joanna's husband, Brian, and their family. May they find comfort knowing Joanna leaves a legacy of love and compassion.

Interparliamentary Delegations May 1st, 2019

Madam Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order 34(1) I have the honour to present to the House, in both official languages, the reports of Canadian delegations of the Canada-China Legislative Association respecting their participation in the Co-Chairs' Annual Visit to China held in Beijing, from October 21 to 25, 2018, and the Parliamentary Mission to China held in Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, from January 7 to 11.

Richmond Firefighters April 9th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, let me give a big shout out to Cory Parker and Jim Dickson, who are both in Ottawa for the International Association of Fire Fighters Annual Legislative Conference.

Cory serves as president of the Richmond Firefighters Association and Jim as its union treasurer. Both are passionate advocates for their fellow firefighters in Richmond and right across Canada. I know I will likely see them flipping pancakes or burgers in support for the many local organizations in Richmond.

It is truly my privilege to stand in this House to recognize and thank Cory Parker, Jim Dickson and all first responders for their commitment and service and for all they do in keeping Canadians safe.

Bhullar Wrestling Club April 3rd, 2019

Mr. Speaker, Richmond's Bhullar Wrestling Club scored another win recently at the B.C. high school championships because of outstanding performances by five area students who train at the club. Under the mentorship of Arjan and Jag Bhullar, these students came away with medals and the experience of a lifetime.

These are not the first medals for the club. Both Arjan and Jag have represented Canada on the world stage with distinction, and often as the first Sikh and Punjabi Canadians in their competitions. Arjan and Jag are among the volunteers coaching wrestling for young members practising in a small gym on the family's farm. They also work with the esteem team program, helping to inspire and activate young people.

I would like to thank members of the Bhullar family for their contributions to youth and sport in Richmond and wish them continuing success.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation March 20th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, over the span of 130 years, 150,000 indigenous children were forcibly taken from their parents and placed in Indian residential schools. The goal was to assimilate them into Canadian society and make them forget their culture and their history.

Today, I will be voting in favour of Bill C-369, which seeks to designate September 30 as a national day for truth and reconciliation. The date was chosen to coincide with Orange Shirt Day, which was created by Phyllis Webstad and Joan Sorley. I want to thank them for their leadership, and I also want to thank the member for Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River for introducing this vitally important bill.

Shootings in New Zealand March 19th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, like all Canadians, I was appalled by the terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand, where 49 people were killed and many injured as they went about their Friday prayers.

I wish to extend my deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy. Canadians join with Muslim communities around the world in their grief, and stand with them at this incredibly difficult time.

I stand in solidarity with my friends at the Jamea mosque and the Az Zahraa Islamic Centre in Richmond during this time of shock and grief.

Attacking people in a place of worship is deplorable and despicable. Hatred has no place in our society. We must confront Islamophobia and work together to create a world where all people can feel safe and secure.

Poverty February 27th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, last summer the government announced Opportunity for All, Canada's first-ever national poverty reduction strategy. The strategy highlights all the investments the government has made in the fight against poverty. It also sets ambitious targets of reducing poverty by 20% by 2020, and by 50% by 2030.

Could the Prime Minister tell the House what progress is being made towards meeting these targets?

Corrections and Conditional Release Act February 26th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, on a point of order, I too was not here for the first vote, but I will be voting yes.

The Environment February 19th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Transport met with his provincial and territorial counterparts in January to discuss the future of vehicle electrification.

Can the minister tell us how our Liberal government plans to fight climate change?