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  • Her favourite word is conservatives.

Liberal MP for Humber River—Black Creek (Ontario)

Won her last election, in 2015, with 67% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader October 17th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, earlier today the global spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community arrived in Ottawa for a formal visit to Parliament Hill. During his time with us, he will meet with cabinet ministers, senators, members of Parliament, and the Prime Minister in an effort to further underscore his peaceful message of love for all and hatred for none.

This work is part of an ongoing effort undertaken by his holiness to showcase the peaceful nature and beauty of the faith at a time when we are celebrating Islamic History Month and while calling on global powers to advance an agenda of peace, religious freedom, and the advancement of human rights in Canada and around the world.

I applaud his holiness and members of the global Ahmadiyya faith for their work, and I extend a hand of friendship on behalf of my constituents and the people of Canada.

Petitions October 3rd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I am really pleased today to present a petition for ending child hunger. The following petition has been put together by students at York University enrolled in a course entitled “Social Interaction and Community”, taught by Professor Peter Dawson.

According to the “2014 Who's Hungry” report, the greater Toronto area had well over 1 million people visit a food bank between April 2013 and March 2014, and 31% of those people were children.

The petitioners call on the Government of Canada to take immediate action to end child hunger in our country. One way of approaching is by allocating funding for food banks and other programs to ensure that no child goes hungry.

Committees of the House June 16th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the sixth report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, entitled “An Update on Rail Safety”. This report was intended to underscore the need for safety on Canada's rails.

From Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, to Richmond, British Columbia, the committee heard the common theme that people and communities support commerce and recreational rail travel, but they do so with the expectation that it is safe and reliable.

The members of the committee submit the report with the hope that the recommendations will help to positively move the bar when it comes to safety on the rails. I also want to thank all the committee members for their great work.

Pursuant to Standing Order 109 of the House of Commons, the committee requests that the government table a comprehensive response to the report.

West Finch Bakery June 13th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Joseph and Maria Montinaro, long-time residents and business owners in Humber River—Black Creek. Joseph and Maria own West Finch Bakery, a local institution specializing in quality bread, cakes, pastries, gelato, and chocolates of all kinds. While these products are both stunning and delectable, it is the friendly nature of the place that keeps the locals coming back.

Joseph's father started West Finch Bakery in the 1960s, while Joseph spent his formative years apprenticing. Following in his father's footsteps was never his plan. However, as happens with life, Joe found himself down a winding path to where he needed to be.

Today, West Finch Bakery is a place that showcases local talent with a flavour profile that satisfies even the most discerning palate. Congratulations to Joseph and Maria, and thanks for all they do to make our communities great places to live, work, and play.

Committees of the House June 6th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to present, in both official languages, the second report of the Liaison Committee regarding committee activities and expenditures.

Petitions May 31st, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I have the pleasure of presenting thousands of petitions in regard to the Falun Gong community, asking on their behalf that the Canadian Parliament and government pass a resolution to establish measures to stop the Chinese Communist regime crime from systematically murdering Falun Gong practitioners for their organs, that we amend Canadian legislation to combat forced organ harvesting, and that we publicly call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Petitions May 31st, 2016

Mr. Speaker, it is a great honour for me today to present a lot of petitions on the issue of home children.

The petitioners call upon Parliament to offer an unequivocal, sincere public apology to the home children who died while being ashamed of their history and deprived of their family.

To the living, yet elderly home children, this is a significant issue. I present a number of petitions on the issue of the home children.

Committees of the House May 31st, 2016

I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the fourth report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities in relation to the supplementary estimates 2016-17.

Mr. Speaker, I also have the honour to present, in both official languages, the fifth report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities in relation to the motion adopted by the committee regarding certain provisions of the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act.

Committees of the House May 12th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the third report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, in relation to Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act and to provide for certain other measures.

The committee has studied the bill and has decided to report the bill back to the House without amendment.

Humber River—Black Creek May 10th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the communities of Jane and Finch are some of the warmest and most culturally vibrant places in Canada, but times are tough for my constituents.

A decade under the thumb of a government putting politics before people has clearly cut deep. Conservatives held back on spending, stalled social programming, slashed integration services, ignored job creation needs, and denied help to families, students, seniors, and the unemployed.

This hurtful and divisive approach took a toll on our communities, and people in my riding felt the pinch.

This government has taken a people-focused approach, and we are already seeing changes. Increased Canada summer jobs funding, financial help for families with children, and a restoration of the retirement age are steps that put people first.

This is a government that is clearly putting people first.