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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was workers.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as NDP MP for Jonquière (Québec)

Lost her last election, in 2019, with 25% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Divorce Act January 30th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague from Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot for her excellent work, both in her riding and at committee.

I wonder if she could speak to us briefly about the rights of indigenous children in the context of Bill C-78. The NDP proposed an amendment in that regard at committee.

International Trade January 29th, 2019

Mr. Speaker, the Liberals have not mentioned the U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs for a long time.

A Russian aluminum company recently managed to be taken off the list of U.S. sanctioned entities. They no longer pay the tariff.

What are the Liberals going to say to the people back home, the people of Jonquière? Thousands of families and good jobs are affected. They have the right to know.

What are the Liberals going to do to have these steel and aluminum tariffs lifted?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns January 28th, 2019

With regard to the Minister of International Trade’s trip to China in November 2018: (a) who went on the trip, broken down by (i) Minister’s staff, (ii) Members of Parliament, (iii) Senators, (iv) departmental employees, (v) other guests; (b) for each person identified in (a), what were the travel costs, broken down by (i) total cost, (ii) accommodation, (iii) travel, (iv) meals, (v) all other expenses; (c) what are the details of all events and representation activities during the trip, including (i) dates, (ii) cities, (iii) number of participants, (iv) total costs; and (d) what agreements were signed?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns January 28th, 2019

With regard to problematic issues related to the Phoenix pay system and the implementation of mixed pay teams in the 13 departments in June 2018: (a) what is the evolution of the cumulative backlog, broken down by department; (b) how many people were underpaid by the Phoenix pay system, in total and broken down by department; (c) how many employees experienced a total pay disruption, broken down by department; (d) of those employees in (c), broken down by department and sex, (i) how many did not receive any pay, (ii) how many had other errors related to pay; (e) what is the average error processing time, broken down by individual complaint; and (f) how many hours of overtime were required to address these issues, broken down by hours of work and costs incurred per pay period?

Labour December 12th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, the Liberals say they are working for the middle class, but they side with big corporations every time.

They forced Canada Post employees back to work. They gave our money to Bombardier with no strings attached. When Lowe's bought Rona, the government demanded no guarantees. To top it off, there is no local content requirement in the fleet renewal contract VIA Rail awarded to Siemens.

Why are they turning their backs on middle-class workers?

Labour December 11th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Like the Conservatives in 2011, the Liberals have imposed back-to-work legislation on Canada Post employees. Like the Conservative legislation, the Liberal legislation is being challenged in court. By imitating the Conservatives, the Liberals have shown that they are the bosses' party, not the workers' party.

The Liberals criticized the Conservatives' tactics at the time, so are they not ashamed to be doing the exact same thing now and denying postal workers their right to free bargaining?

Mishell Potvin December 11th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, today I would like to salute the exceptional work of Mishell Potvin, a resident of my riding who has been a volunteer for going on 60 years.

Mr. Potvin travels all over Quebec to help people in need. As a Red Cross volunteer since 1996, he has participated in a number of major operations, such as bringing Canadian citizens home after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and responding to the Lac-Mégantic disaster.

Recently, when a tornado hit this region, Mr. Potvin came to lend a hand by helping to manage the Gatineau emergency shelter. He helped tornado victims with their basic needs and provided them with moral support.

As some may know, Mishell Potvin won a Hommage bénévolat-Québec award, which recognizes volunteers' exceptional dedication and commitment and rewards them for their work in their community.

I would like to thank Mr. Potvin on behalf of all the people he has helped during his many years of volunteering.

Employment December 10th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, that is called the privatization of our services.

The Liberals are letting the Montreal airport privatize its operations, while they themselves, champions of privatization, backed off because it was a bad idea.

Threatening employees that they will be laid off if they do not agree to a pay cut of 27% to 33%, and just a few weeks from Christmas, is appalling. This is only possible because the federal government refuses to protect our good jobs.

How many good jobs need to be lost before the Minister of Employment will put an end to outsourcing at public airports?

International Trade December 4th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, our dairy producers are fed up with being used as a bargaining chip in trade agreements. The Liberals have been in such a hurry to finish the Conservatives' work that they abandoned dairy producers for the third time in three years.

What is more, they agreed to a clause that gives the United States oversight of our supply management system. That is unacceptable, and our producers have good reason to no longer trust the Liberals.

Can the minister tell us exactly when his government will offer producers full compensation for all three agreements?

Canada Post December 3rd, 2018

Mr. Speaker, the NDP knew that passing legislation to force Canada Post employees back to work was a bad idea. Canada Post executives are doing whatever they want. They have the government's support and they know that they have the upper hand. They cut employees' hours of accumulated leave and their personal leave using the same tactics they did in 2011, even though those tactics were found to be illegal.

Are the pseudo-progressive Liberals going to allow Canada Post to erode the working conditions of workers whose hands are now tied?