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Crucial Fact

  • Their favourite word was chair.

Last in Parliament September 2021, as Liberal MP for Brome—Missisquoi (Québec)

Won their last election, in 2019, with 38% of the vote.

Statements in the House

World Milk Day June 1st, 2021

Mr. Speaker, today is World Milk Day. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our dairy farmers, who play a key role in Canada's agricultural sector and our economy.

Canada is proud of its dairy industry, which adheres to some of the strictest quality standards in the world. Our farmers are also innovating to make their operations as environmentally friendly as possible. Canadian milk now has one of the smallest carbon footprints in the world.

The dairy industry is the lifeblood of our rural communities. This year, I had the pleasure of speaking with local farmers in my riding of Brome—Missisquoi a number of times. Our government has always been there to support them, and I will always make the growth of this industry my priority.

I invite all Canadians to grab a glass of milk or an ice cream cone and join me in celebrating World Milk Day.

Agriculture and Agri‑Food May 6th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, young people are the future of Canada's agriculture and agri‑food sector. Their ideas contribute to building a strong and innovative sector that is ready to meet the changing needs of tomorrow. For them to consider a career in the agriculture sector, it is important that they have contact with our farmers.

Can the minister tell us how our government will support jobs for young people in the agriculture sector?

Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon May 3rd, 2021

Mr. Speaker, students are the future leaders of our communities, and I think it is important to encourage them and recognize their contributions.

That is why I want to recognize Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon, a mathematics and applied psychology student at Bishop's University. This year, this young man from Bedford was awarded the 3M National Student Fellowship, which recognizes 10 Canadian students who have demonstrated leadership and involvement on campus and in their communities.

Georges-Philippe helped design a service to assist professors in finding innovative solutions to pandemic-related challenges. His work modernized classrooms and helped hundreds of students with their virtual learning during a turbulent school year.

This award is one of many honours he has received during his academic career. He was also selected to participate in a forum for the world's 100 most promising young researchers.

I congratulate Georges-Philippe for all of his accomplishments, and I hope he keeps up the excellent work.

Appalachian Corridor April 26th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, Thursday was Earth Day. I want to mark the occasion by acknowledging the excellent nature conservation work being done in Brome—Missisquoi.

Since 2002, the organization Appalachian Corridor has been working to increase the acreage of protected natural areas in the Eastern Townships. The group recently finalized the purchase of 125 hectares of Mont Foster to protect it in perpetuity. This land will be added to the 15,000-plus hectares the organization has already saved over the years. Thanks to this purchase, no less than a dozen species at risk will be able to maintain their natural habitat.

Fortunately, the achievements of Appalachian Corridor have not gone unnoticed. The organization earned an Eastern Townships environmental award of excellence. Its conservation efforts are a true gift to future generations and I will always be there to support initiatives that preserve the wonders of our region.

In closing, I want to thank Mélanie Lelièvre and the entire Appalachian Corridor team for their excellent work.

Agriculture and Agri-Food April 20th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, in the spring of 2020, the rate of livestock slaughter slowed considerably.

This has forced producers to keep their animals longer and has resulted in significant additional costs for them. Our government is committed to supporting the agricultural industry by helping to maintain and adapt financial tools for agricultural risk management to cope with climate change and market conditions.

Can the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food tell us about the measures that have been implemented in Quebec in that regard?

Benoît Fontaine April 19th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, our poultry producers are facing a number of challenges, but I am proud to highlight the work of a man who has been advocating tirelessly for the sector, Benoît Fontaine.

Mr. Fontaine is a resident of Stanbridge Station in my community, Brome—Missisquoi, and he was recently re-elected for a sixth term as chair of the Chicken Farmers of Canada.

The former high school teacher and principal has focused on running his family business since 2012. He has built quite an empire with 11 poultry farms in Quebec. For years now, he has been working hard to advocate internationally for the interests of Canada's 2,800 poultry producers. His work is not always easy, but his passion and expertise make him the best possible spokesperson for our poultry sector.

I would like to congratulate Benoît Fontaine on his re-election. I look forward to continuing to work with him on these important issues.

Health April 12th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, the beginning of 2021 has brought its share of challenges and anxiety, but Canadians can take great comfort in the results of the government's vaccine procurement efforts.

Not only did the government meet its objective of six million doses by March 31, but it exceeded its target by 3.5 million doses, which is a tremendous success.

Can the minister give the House an update for this week, this month and this quarter that will reassure Canadians and help them keep their hopes up?

Telecommunications March 25th, 2021

Mr. Speaker, this past year has been difficult.

The citizens of Brome—Missisquoi contacted me many times to share their frustration at the absence of a reliable Internet connection. Many of us have had to work or study at home. The pandemic accelerated the need for this essential service.

Can the Minister of Rural Economic Development share with the House the measures our government is taking to make sure that Quebeckers have access to reliable high-speed Internet?

The Budget March 23rd, 2021

Mr. Speaker, over the past year, Canadians have had to roll up their sleeves to deal with an unprecedented health and economic crisis.

Ever since the pandemic started, our government has been there to support Canadians, and we will be there for the recovery so we can build back better and make Canada even stronger.

Would the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please tell the House when the government plans to table its 2021 budget and its vision for the future?

Stansje Plantenga March 22nd, 2021

Madam Speaker, yesterday was International Day of Forests. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Stansje Plantenga, a citizen of Potton Township who has spent decades fighting to protect our natural environment.

It is a deep love of nature that pushed her and her husband to create a land trust in 1987. It was one of the first organizations of its kind in Quebec and it is modelled after the American Land Trust.

Today, more than 80 similar organizations protect our Quebec forests. Stansje's forest is a wonder to behold. Those who visit it describe it as heaven on earth.

This woman's story is a prime example of the power of the people when it comes to protecting the land. The entire Brome—Missisquoi region is benefiting from her hard work of the past 35 years. We are all extremely grateful to her.