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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was quebec.

Last in Parliament March 2011, as Liberal MP for Hull—Aylmer (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2011, with 20% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Committees of the House October 1st, 2010

Madam Speaker, I move that the 15th report of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs presented to the House this day be concurred in.

Committees of the House October 1st, 2010

Madam Speaker, pursuant to Standing Orders 104 and 114, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the 15th report of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs concerning the list of members of committees of the House.

If the House gives its consent, I intend to move concurrence in the 15th report later this day.

Ministerial Responsibility October 1st, 2010

Mr. Speaker, the minister cannot have it both ways.

Just a month ago, that government leader proclaimed:

The fundamental constitutional principle of responsible government...provides that ministers are the ones accountable to Parliament, not members of their staff

So when his staff broke the law by meddling in information requests, the minister is accountable.

Instead of throwing his assistants under the bus, will he stand up and take responsibility?

Ministerial Responsibility October 1st, 2010

Mr. Speaker, after denying allegations for months, late last night an assistant to the Minister of Natural Resources stepped down after he was caught meddling in access to information requests.

That is potentially criminal behaviour.

What is more, this practice was widespread in the minister's office. Documents show that a number of the minister's senior employees participated in this systematic, misleading and illegal withholding of information.

The minister cannot claim he knew nothing about this. Will he take responsibility and admit that he broke the law?

Committees of the House September 29th, 2010

Liberals will be voting yes, Mr. Speaker.

Census September 24th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, they have put an improvised band-aid on their decision, which is just as improvised and unjustified.

If francophones are entitled to fair representation in the census to be properly served by this government, why are other groups not entitled to the same thing?

Why does it tolerate the under-representation of cultural communities?

Why does it tolerate the under-representation of Canadians in difficulty?

Are not all Canadians deserving of fair and equitable representation?

Census September 24th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, francophone communities outside Quebec rely on the census to ensure that their rights are respected.

The census makes it possible to determine where French services are to be provided.

Does the Minister of Industry realize that his impromptu decision jeopardizes the survival of French in dozens of communities?

Pat Burns September 24th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, today I invite my colleagues to honour a great Canadian, Pat Burns, for his lifetime of achievements.

When his passing was announced prematurely, Pat Burns set the record straight with characteristic feistiness by stating, loud and clear, “They're trying to kill me before I'm dead!”

People in the Outaouais first came to know Pat Burns as a police officer enforcing law and order. Then, from 1984 to 1987, he was behind the bench for the Hull Olympiques, where his strict methods taught his players the meaning of the word “discipline”.

In 1988, Pat Burns began his National Hockey League career and went on to coach four teams: the Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins and the New Jersey Devils, the team with whom he won the Stanley Cup.

A passionate coach, Pat Burns scored a hat trick when he became the only coach to win the Jack Adams trophy three times for successfully coaching three different teams. Unfortunately, in 2005, illness forced him into retirement.

Pat, we salute you and we thank you.

Committees of the House September 20th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, there have been discussions among all parties and I believe you would find unanimous consent for the following motion:

That the list of members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs be changed as follows:

The Member for Don Valley East (Ms. Ratansi) for the Member for Cape Breton—Canso (Mr. Cuzner); and

The Member for Random—Burin—St. George's (Ms. Foote) for the member for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine (Ms. Jennings).

June 17th, 2010

Madam Speaker, the member is mistaken. I did not make personal accusations. The Conservatives were the ones who got rid of those senior officials. I will continue.

What about Paul Kennedy, head of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP? After four years of loyal service, the Prime Minister announced last November that he would not be renewing his contract. Why? Because in his report, Mr. Kennedy concluded that in many cases, the complaints procedures were faulty, lacking both consistency and transparency.

Who did the Conservatives appoint to take his place? A Conservative donor with no experience in criminal law or policing.

What about Peter Tinsley, chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission? The government refused to extend his mandate when the commission was right in the middle of an inquiry into the transfer of Afghan detainees who may have been tortured by local authorities. Why? Because he was critical of the potential for abuse.

The Conservatives muzzled top officials at several independent government agencies. Why?