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Budget Implementation Act, 2022, No. 1   will balance itself and that monetary policy is not a priority. When looking at the overall picture of the Liberal government’s spending, the numbers are concerning to say the very least. In just over six years, government spending has increased by 53%, yet Canadians are worse off than

May 5th, 2022House debate

Robert Gordon KitchenConservative

Economic and Fiscal Update Implementation Act, 2021  , and all of us here, to be good stewards of their money? When we think about finances, and I recognize that no government is perfect, the Prime Minister previously said things such as “the budget would balance itself” and that the budget would be balanced by 2019. I believe

May 3rd, 2022House debate

Frank CaputoConservative

The Economy   tax for the feds to squander. It's a tax grab and I'm upset. I'm on a limited and fixed budget. This hurts me financially. I know the Prime Minister could care less about me and my family. He figures my budget will balance itself. I love our country, but my family just cannot

February 16th, 2022House debate

Ziad AboultaifConservative

Veterans Affairs   been hired to alleviate the current backlog. Apparently, according to the government, veterans are asking for more than we can give them. That is straight from the Prime Minister. The budget never balanced itself. Will the backlog of veterans also clear itself, in the government's

December 15th, 2021House debate

Frank CaputoConservative

Resumption of Debate on Address in Reply  . A throne speech is supposed to present a unifying vision of the government's priorities, so how is it possible to deliver a throne speech without mentioning the three issues I just raised, if only very superficially? In 2014, the Prime Minister said the budget would balance itself

December 10th, 2021House debate

Dominique VienConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1   minister coming in and saying, “the good times will last forever, do not worry about it, the budget will balance itself, so we can run modest deficits”. Recall that 2015 election campaign, three $10-billion deficits followed by a balanced budget in year four: that was the promise made

June 21st, 2021House debate

Garnett GenuisConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1   will balance itself. The people of Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte who call my office and email us are anxious and looking for a plan. Adding $1.4 trillion to the national debt saddles our grandkids, their grandkids and their children with the burden of paying this back. That is unfair

June 11th, 2021House debate

Doug ShipleyConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1  . The grand plan for the budget to balance itself was failing. Now here we are a year and a half since the last election, and the $20-billion deficits we were concerned about then seem like a drop in the bucket compared with the enormous budget we are debating today. For years

May 26th, 2021House debate

Gerald SorokaConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1   costs take all the fun out of the party. Let us all just agree the budget will balance itself. That it is modern monetary theory at work, and we should not be surprised this is coming from the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Modern monetary theory says

May 25th, 2021House debate

Tako Van PoptaConservative

The Budget   itself, which is unbelievable. A budget cannot balance itself. We have to work to make that happen.

April 22nd, 2021House debate

Bernard GénéreuxConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1   believe the budget will balance itself, have taken a look at the current financial situation of the provinces and territories, which have been absolutely devastated by this pandemic. Very few provinces are going to have the resources to kick in and pay their share of the made-in-Ottawa

May 6th, 2021House debate

John BarlowConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1   spending. He then raised a red flag about the government's data. Much like the Prime Minister, the government acts as though money grows on trees, that money can be printed or that it is no big deal and the budget will balance itself. Those are the words of the Prime Minister himself

May 6th, 2021House debate

Alain RayesConservative

Criminal Code   will balance itself. For some reason, the Liberals believe that creating more red tape for law-abiding firearms owners in confiscating their property will somehow stop gang and gun violence in Toronto. They are so confident this is a proven solution that they have even introduced another

April 23rd, 2021House debate

John WilliamsonConservative

The Budget   to him. She wonders who will pay that back. Concerning the urgency to introduce a budget, we did not expect that from this government, because this Prime Minister, of course, famously said that the budget would balance itself and that we would have very modest deficits during his

April 21st, 2021House debate

Michael BarrettConservative

Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2020   sheet, our national debt recently surpassed a tragic milestone, a debt of $1 trillion, which is a first for Canada. That is $1,000 billion for those counting. This all from the party whose leader famously stated, “The budget will balance itself”. While these numbers may seem too

February 2nd, 2021House debate

Kerry-Lynne FindlayConservative