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Return To Canada Of Karim Noah   out $1 billion Canadian by buying Exxon shares which were held by Imperial Oil. These are reasons enough not to just investigate gas pricing but to have an energy price review commission which would have oil companies justify their prices with accuracy and truth, not smoke

October 1st, 1996House debate

John SolomonNDP

Mining Industry   tailing sites and over 10,000 abandoned mines resulting in clean-up costs conservatively estimated at $6 billion, costs which will likely be borne by taxpayers. A sustainable mining industry would ensure that the price paid for its products includes the costs of repairing damage

May 15th, 1996House debate

Charles CacciaLiberal

Goods And Services Tax  Mr. Speaker, in chapter 6 of the red book, "Governing with Integrity", the Liberals promised to restore the quality of our democratic institutions, end arrogance in political leadership and improve their accountability with Canadian voters. That rings pretty hollow today

April 22nd, 1996House debate

Deborah GreyReform

The Budget   of this government taking steps to recover the $6 billion in taxes owed by various companies and individuals. They also do not say that what is currently being put into the pot allegedly for job creation is simply money from elsewhere. There is nothing in the budget for research and development

March 18th, 1996House debate

Gilbert FillionBloc

Speech From The Throne   election. Does this really mean that we can all look forward to an end to pork barrel politics, bloated regional development agencies and $6 billion infrastructure programs that provide neither useful infrastructure nor long term jobs? If I could use another biblical reference

March 5th, 1996House debate

Lee MorrisonReform

Employment  Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Prime Minister finally admitted what Reformers have been saying all along. The government's role in job creation is to create the atmosphere or environment for the private sector to invest. This government has failed to deliver. Despite a $6 billion

March 1st, 1996House debate

Jim SilyeReform

Speech From The Throne   have reduced the deficit from over 6 per cent of gross domestic product in 1993, not to the targeted 3 per cent we initially committed to in our red book but, as we heard the other day, to a projected 2 per cent by 1997-98. We have avoided increasing personal income taxes

February 29th, 1996House debate

John CannisLiberal

Small Business Loans Act  . There is an interest by government for which I want to offer some congratulations in supporting this sector of our economy. Today about $6 billion in loans to small businesses is guaranteed in this manner. Under these proposed amendments to the act, the amount of money available

October 24th, 1995House debate

Philip MayfieldReform

British Columbia Treaty Commission Act   taxpayers some $10 billion. In studying Bill C-107, I became concerned about some of the clauses. The first concern is there are several money spending clauses. For example, clause 6(3) assumes the commission has been functioning informally already, that any transactions which occurred

October 20th, 1995House debate

Margaret BridgmanReform

Manganese-Based Fuel Additives Act   between them, and the final objective would become unattainable. This is what the government is doing now, it is dividing up the environment, much to its detriment. I will remind you that the Green Plan, for which the initial budget was supposed to be around $3.5 billion over five

June 19th, 1995House debate

Monique GuayBloc

Agreement On Internal Trade Implementation Act   interprovincial trade barriers ranged from 2 per cent up to a possible 6 per cent growth in GDP. In other words, with the Uruguay round of the GATT we spent seven years and millions of tax dollars to negotiate with 120 foreign countries to open up trade and yet we have an opportunity

May 15th, 1995House debate

Ed HarperReform

Budget Implementation Act, 1995   they accept, and cut elsewhere in the budget. The government ignored these consultants' recommendations. Not only did it cut the budgets of granting councils and the research budgets of all government departments and agencies, but it has the nerve to continue giving $1 billion in R&D

April 6th, 1995House debate

René LaurinBloc

Supply   negotiating position since this is a serious study. I remind you that we already pay for the national debt. Some people ask how we are going to pay for that debt, as if Quebecers did not already pay their share of that debt! Each year, we pay $30 billion in taxes to help finance programs

December 8th, 1994House debate

Pierre BrienBloc

Social Security Program   by this government's freezing of the UI premiums below the required statutory rate in 1994; and the implementation of the $6 billion Federal Infrastructure Program to encourage capital expenditures. Employment growth will be further helped by a rollback in the UI premium rate in 1995, as announced

October 24th, 1994House debate

David WalkerLiberal

Department Of Natural Resources Act   managers and technocrats to conform with today's economic reality? This department, which deals almost exclusively with matters of provincial responsibility, has a $1 billion budget and about 5,000 employees, of whom 3,000 are right here in Ottawa. How can that be rationalized? I know

September 27th, 1994House debate

Lee MorrisonReform