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Bill C-248 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sex crimes and violent crimes)

party or causing bodily harm), (xvii) subsection 273(1) and paragraph 273(2)(b) (aggravated sexual assault), (xviii) subsection 279(1) and paragraph 279(1.1)(b) (kidnapping), (xix) subsection 279(2) (forcible confinement), (xx) paragraph 344(b) (robbery), (xxi) section 433 (arson

October 16th, 2007

Joy SmithConservative

Industry committee  Until a couple of years ago we never would have considered that this might have been the cause of a fire. It's only been in the last two years that CSA has been doing training with fire marshals and so on. I investigated lots of arsons when I was in the field. If something

April 25th, 2007Committee meeting

Supt Ken Hansen

Business of Supply   was Bill C-9. Again we witnessed at committee opposition members who were elected with a mandate to get tough on crime acting to gut this bill. This means that people who are convicted of luring a child, arson, auto theft, among other things, are going to be able to serve their time

February 15th, 2007House debate

Rob MooreConservative

Justice committee  . And that's the challenge you have. We find this all time. Twenty years ago in this country, if you or somebody set fire to your car, that was not arson, but if somebody set fire to a stack of vegetables, that was arson. You say, how could that possibly be? Well, it's because the arson

February 15th, 2007Committee meeting

Rob NicholsonConservative

Anti-Terrorism Act   blown up that we should be protecting ourselves? Hijacking has not happened in Canada, but we have laws against it. Should we throw away the laws on hijacking? There are entire communities in our country where arson has never taken place. Should we throw the laws out in those

February 9th, 2007House debate

Stockwell DayConservative

Justice committee   criminal offences such as drug importation, drug exportation, extortion, arson, kidnapping, violence, gaming, and money-laundering for which the organization derives a benefit. Finally, section 467.13 provides for those who are members of a criminal organization and who knowingly

February 1st, 2007Committee meeting

D/Commr Pierre-Yves Bourduas

National Defence committee   in Afghanistan due to security concerns. Over 130 schools in the country have been the target of arson attacks in the last two years. As both my colleagues noted, of the three million students that we had celebrated going back to school, 200,000 are no longer going to school. A significant

January 30th, 2007Committee meeting

Rina Amiri

Justice committee   of support and accountability is to ease the fear of victims and to prevent further victimization. Although the circles model has been primarily used with sexual offenders post-sentencing, it has also been utilized with other kinds of offending histories--drugs, arson, theft--and has

December 4th, 2006Committee meeting

Eileen Henderson

Criminal Code  Mr. Speaker, a comment was made earlier by a member opposite about arson of a dwelling house being removed from Bill C-9. He should have been prepared when he came to the House. The truth is that it is taken out if someone is in their home when it is burnt down. However

November 9th, 2006House debate

Dave BattersConservative

Criminal Code   of Justice have publicly stated that arson was removed from Bill C-9. Is the member aware that arson of a dwelling house still remains within Bill C-9? What those members are saying to Canadians, almost every day, is, I could be polite and say that it is wrong, but it is misleading

November 9th, 2006House debate

Derek LeeLiberal

Criminal Code   commit serious crimes, like arson, break and enter into a home and car theft. Again the opposition ganged together to gut that bill. I think Canadians are saying enough is enough. Three of the four parties in the House were elected with a mandate to get tougher on crime. The NDP

November 9th, 2006House debate

Rob MooreConservative

Criminal Code  You mentioned arson.

November 3rd, 2006House debate

Jay HillConservative

Criminal Code  Yes, I will mention arson. The member across talks about the situation in California. If that is the situation, then that would be an option available to a judge, and I would hope that the judge would not even consider a conditional sentence. However, if an 18-year-old, first

November 3rd, 2006House debate

Shawn MurphyLiberal

Criminal Code  Mr. Speaker, I thank the member for her question, but the premise that she stated, and I thought I heard her correctly, that if a person is convicted of arson, this provision eliminates any possibility of that person going to jail, is not correct. That is a total

November 3rd, 2006House debate

Shawn MurphyLiberal

Criminal Code   of arson, which is what the hon. member mentioned. We just saw in the news a few days ago where an arsonist in California set fires that took the lives of five firefighters. That is a pretty serious crime. If he is found guilty, he will be dealt with severely because arson is a very

November 3rd, 2006House debate

Jay HillConservative