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Aboriginal Affairs  Mr. Speaker, it has been about a year now since Dakota Tipi first nation was put under federal government management. Since that time, incidents of violence, including stabbings and beatings, have increased. There has been a case of arson. Last week the school was set ablaze

February 6th, 2003House debate

Brian PallisterCanadian Alliance

Justice  Mr. Speaker, under the watch of the federal Liberal government, crime in Surrey has reached a five year high with nearly 50,000 criminal code offences. Surrey has high auto theft, marijuana grow-ups, assault, break and enter, arson and property damage cases. Throughout

November 27th, 2002House debate

Gurmant GrewalCanadian Alliance

Criminal Code   of punishment for criminal acts such as arson that injure or kill a firefighter. This bill is long overdue. (Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

October 28th, 2002House debate

David PrattLiberal

The Middle East   directed at visible minorities. We have called on the government to address the environment that is resulting in attacks against houses of worship for example. In the immediate aftermath of September 11, a mosque was firebombed in Montreal. This week we learned of arson at a synagogue

April 9th, 2002House debate

Alexa McDonoughNDP

Criminal Code   and protection to firefighters. The recent incidents in the United States have highlighted the value of firefighters, how courageous they are, and the fact that they rush in when others rush out. We should do whatever we can do to help protect them. A lot of arson fires are just lit

March 14th, 2002House debate

Rick CassonCanadian Alliance

Criminal Code   and properties while putting their lives at risk. I also take this opportunity to commend them for the good work they do for all of us. The motion simply asks for a deterrence by changing the criminal code. The idea was that arson fires have been on the rise. Booby traps have been set which

March 14th, 2002House debate

Gurmant GrewalCanadian Alliance

Criminal Code   of options currently available for the crime of arson as an indictable offence go up to the sentencing maximum of 14 years. The motion intends to expand that envelope. It does not say that in every case this will happen, surely not. The burden of proof will still remain with the crown

March 14th, 2002House debate

Peter MacKayProgressive Conservative

Criminal Code   the line of duty death or injury of a firefighter when it is the result of a criminal act such as murder or arson. Putting additional penalties into the criminal code for murder or arson that results in the death of a firefighter might go some way to deterring people who

March 14th, 2002House debate

Bill BlaikieNDP

Criminal Code  % of these are arsons. This is not insignificant in the life of communities. This is a public interest issue and a community safety issue. However, if our colleague sees his motion die on the order paper, without saying that he worked in vain, the fact remains that the investigation could go much

March 14th, 2002House debate

Réal MénardBloc

Criminal Code   that was deliberately set, and to amend the provision that deals with arson by adding language that addresses the death or injury of a firefighter. I agree with my colleague that firefighters play a crucial role in the protection of human lives and property in Canada. I recognize that firefighting

March 14th, 2002House debate

Paul MacKlinLiberal

Criminal Code   with the crime of arson by adding language that addresses the death or injury of a fire fighter engaged in combating a fire or explosion that is deliberately set. Madam Speaker, it is a very great pleasure to rise in the House this evening not only on behalf of my constituents in Surrey

March 14th, 2002House debate

Gurmant GrewalCanadian Alliance

Multiculturalism  Mr. Speaker, on Friday, November 30, a fundraising event was held in Hamilton to raise funds for a Hindu temple that was burned to the ground as the result of an arson attack in mid-September. The temple was the spiritual home of 800 local Hindu families. Approximately 1,200

December 10th, 2001House debate

Beth PhinneyLiberal

Criminal Code  , such as arson, that injure or kill a firefighter. Specifically, the bill would create two new criminal offences of aggravated assault and first degree murder when the victim is a firefighter acting in the line of duty. When I think back to the bravery shown by firefighters on September 11

December 7th, 2001House debate

David PrattLiberal

Terrorism   that there are those in our own nation who have allowed it to happen through misguided attacks on their fellow Canadians. Reports of death threats, vandalism and arson against various ethnic and faith communities in the days following last Tuesday's attacks serves only to acknowledge

September 18th, 2001House debate

Lynn MyersLiberal

Terrorism  . The arson attack on the Hamilton Hindu Temple and the threats against schoolchildren are examples of this. I wish to speak out strongly against these acts of intolerance. Each of these acts, each rift between us, constitutes a victory for terrorism. Let us not be our own enemies. All

September 17th, 2001House debate

Jacques SaadaLiberal