House of Commons Hansard #109 of the 38th Parliament, 1st Session. (The original version is on Parliament's site.) The word of the day was fishery.


Senator Isobel Finnerty
Statements By Members

2 p.m.


Anita Neville Winnipeg South Centre, MB

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Senator Isobel Finnerty, one of our colleagues in the other place, on the occasion of her retirement from politics.

Appointed to the Senate in 1999, Senator Finnerty has brought commitment, energy, enthusiasm and dedication to public service at the local level in the provincial and federal arenas.

A long time advocate of and a trail blazer for political organization and getting more women involved in the political process, Senator Finnerty has been nationally and internationally recognized for her successes in this field, culminating in 1994 with her invitation to Benin, Africa as an international trainer.

Senator Finnerty's flair for volunteerism was instilled in her at a young age. From the age of 19 until the age of 39 she served as the only woman on the board of the Timmins Parks and Recreation Commission. Since then she has been a tireless volunteer for such organizations as the Stratford YMCA, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Burlington Arts Centre.

I ask all my colleagues to join with me in saluting her.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Statements By Members

2:05 p.m.


Loyola Hearn St. John's South, NL

Mr. Speaker, in case you have not noticed, summer is coming and everyone is planning summer vacations. All are asking, where can we go?

Why not visit the oldest settled part of North America? Why not come see where the Vikings settled 1,000 years ago? Why not come see famous archaeological sites, such as Lord Baltimore's colony? Why not come see 620 million year old fossils? Why not come see lighthouses, historic sites, scenic parks, wildlife and icebergs?

Why not come visit Cabot Tower from where Marconi sent the first transatlantic message? Why not see the St. John's regatta, North America's oldest sporting event, and visit Cape Spear, our country's most easterly point?

Why not come enjoy our festivals, experience our food, and meet the finest people in the world?

Why not visit Newfoundland and Labrador this summer?

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Statements By Members

2:05 p.m.


Marc Godbout Ottawa—Orléans, ON

Mr. Speaker, the local television station, CJOH, and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario held their 22nd annual telethon yesterday in a spirit of overwhelming enthusiasm and generosity. They raised over $4.537 million, exceeding the $4.112 million raised last year. Congratulations and cheers to the organizers and, of course, our donors.

The national liberal caucus golf tournament, held last summer, succeeded in raising $40,000 for sick kids at CHEO.

Finally, many thanks to the pages of the House of Commons who volunteered their services during the telethon and who wore bright yellow sweaters to become real yellow pages for the event.

Ottawa is a wonderful place to live. Congratulations to all.

Léonard Brisson
Statements By Members

2:05 p.m.


Bernard Cleary Louis-Saint-Laurent, QC

Mr. Speaker, I want to mention the extraordinary contribution made by Léonard Brisson, a passionate man, who has been involved in archery for over 40 years.

Léonard Brisson is a renowned coach, who worked for 16 years at the Université Laval, took part in the Montreal Olympics, the Pan-American Games in Orlando and led the Quebec team to a number of Canadian championships. In 1987, he founded the Kamentukash archery club in Loretteville.

On behalf of all my constituents in the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent and myself, I want to thank the co-founder of the Kamentukash archery club, and its collaborators and volunteers who help make the future brighter for our young people.

Statements By Members

2:05 p.m.


Russ Powers Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Westdale, ON

Mr. Speaker, over the recent weekend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities met to discuss the challenges of our 1,100 Canadian municipalities. Overwhelmingly the message sent to Ottawa was to put partisan politics aside and get on with passing the budget.

It seems that the Leader of the Opposition was not listening. Last Saturday the leader of the Conservative Party provided remarks full of weak promises and feigned support for the Liberal government's new deal for cities and communities, a speech that failed to commit to the passing of budget 2005.

Representatives who attended the conference were not fooled by the Leader of the Opposition's promises. They know that he has a long history of not supporting, and actively campaigning against the new deal.

When will the Conservative Party come clean and simply admit that it is no friend to Canada's municipalities? More important, when will the Conservative Party stop stalling and get on with passing a budget that FCM staunchly supports? This is a budget that Canada's mayors, municipal leaders and Canadians want and deserve. Let us make it happen now.

Alternative Energy
Statements By Members

2:05 p.m.


Ted Menzies Macleod, AB

Mr. Speaker, in the town of Okotoks, Swindells Pool, the Murray and Piper arenas, and the recycling and operations centres are all heated, cooled and lit using solar technology.

In Vulcan, residents are becoming leaders in renewable energy use. A plan to use football field sized solar panels and biomass energy would cut Vulcan's non-renewable energy use by 40% to 60% and heat homes and water.

In Willow Creek, the McBride Lake wind farm powers more than 32,500 homes annually with wind energy.

Efforts to increase slaughter capacity led to an environmentally innovative beef processing plant planned for Pincher Creek.

The 250 head per day New Generation Co-op will use bio-digesters to convert animal waste into bio-gas, killing BSE prions and other organisms in the intense heat. The bio-digester will generate electricity to operate the plant, with the excess sold to the grid creating 110 jobs locally.

Canadian Forces
Statements By Members

2:10 p.m.


Keith Martin Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca, BC

Mr. Speaker, yesterday was Canadian Forces Day and today is the anniversary of D-Day.

Today we have the distinct opportunity to recognize and thank the men and women in uniform and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they make on our behalf.

Today in Parliament we have 12 of those forces members, accompanied by Canada's dynamic chief of the defence staff, General Rick Hillier. They are Lieutenant Kabesh, Master Seaman Mackintosh, Leading Seaman MacDonald, Corporal Byne, Lieutenant Earl, Corporal Leclerc, Captain Selhi, Corporal Selig, Master Corporal O'Leary, Corporal Escobar, Captain Parker and Master Seaman Vallée. These members and the soldiers, sailors and air personnel they represent are our finest ambassadors. They serve our country with great dignity and courage.

On behalf of all Canadians, I give my profound thanks and gratitude to all of them for the service they give to our great nation with courage and dignity.

Arts and Culture
Statements By Members

2:10 p.m.


Judy Wasylycia-Leis Winnipeg North, MB

Mr. Speaker, I want to invite you to Winnipeg to witness a musical happening that is so spectacular it defies all description. You will have to come soon because the musical Strike! ends its world premier run on June 14 at Rainbow Stage in north Winnipeg.

This is the story of the 1919 Winnipeg general strike set to words and music, using song and dance, all an original score by Winnipeg producer Danny Schur and performed by a most excellent cast, all with Winnipeg roots and all union members. This is a performance that delights the senses, feeds the soul and stimulates civic discourse. It is about the power of collective action to make the world a better place. As Karen Toole said: about how racism restricts us all to stereotypes and denies the fullness of our humanity. about how some people come to presume privilege while others end up trapped in that world of day after day repetition of labour that leads nowhere except into fear and despair.

Congratulations to dream weaver Danny Schur, the entire cast and all sponsors.

Statements By Members

2:10 p.m.


James Rajotte Edmonton—Leduc, AB

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the progress made by astronomers in this country. A recent article in The New York Times applauded Canadian astronomers for delivering “the most scientific bang for the buck”. Such praise is generated as a result of Canada's growing stance on the international stage in the field of astronomy. This is witnessed by the fact that Canadian research is cited in scientific papers at a more frequent rate than that of any other country.

I call on the government to act on the recommendations from many groups, like the Canadian Coalition for Astronomy, to establish a single authority or single window to review big science projects like the long range plan for astronomy. A simplified application and review process would enable our researchers to continue to excel rather than devote precious lab time to paperwork.

We are extremely fortunate in Canada to have researchers and scientists of this calibre in this field. We have indeed travelled far.

Bernard Landry
Statements By Members

2:10 p.m.


Diane Bourgeois Terrebonne—Blainville, QC

Mr. Speaker, one of the great architects of the Parti Québécois has just stepped down from political activity.

Thanks to his determination, Quebec has the political tools to carry us into the future. His unshakeable faith in the ability of the Quebec nation to govern itself and his unconditional attachment to Quebeckers have made him a fierce proponent of sovereignty for our country, Quebec.

He fought in every battle of the past 40 years. An activist, a responsible statesman, and great democrat, Bernard Landry has plowed the fields and sowed the seeds of our future. He has laid the foundation that will lead Quebec to national independence and one day the people of Quebec will reap the benefits.

The members of the Bloc Québécois wish this great citizen and his wife a long and peaceful retirement and sincerely hope they will continue to support the people of Quebec along the path to its destiny.

Statements By Members

2:15 p.m.


John Duncan Vancouver Island North, BC

Mr. Speaker, Canadians remember the brutal events of 16 years ago when Chinese authorities attacked students and protesters gathering in Tiananmen Square. Using tanks and deadly force, the Communist Party of China crushed the pro-democracy demonstration. Thousands of Chinese citizens were killed, and many more were detained in connection with the protest.

Even today there are as many as 250 people who remain unjustly imprisoned for Tiananmen related activities. The government of China refuses to acknowledge these crimes and continues to deny the Chinese people basic human rights. The people of China are denied the rights of free expression and thought, the rights of assembly and association and the right to worship freely.

Canadians condemn the continued repression in China and call on the government of China to immediately end restrictions on political and religious freedoms.

Member for Labrador
Statements By Members

June 6th, 2005 / 2:15 p.m.


Scott Simms Bonavista—Exploits, NL

Mr. Speaker, on May 24 the electors in the riding of Labrador went to the polls in a byelection and the results were clear. With a solid majority, Labrador renewed its trust in the government and put its trust in the young man who today officially takes office as the member of Parliament for Labrador.

The new member for Labrador, while the newest and one of the youngest members of the House, already has an impressive record of public service. For 10 years he was president of the Labrador Métis nation. More recent, he served as co-chair of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples. Above all, he has always been a strong advocate, not only for the LMN but for all who call Labrador home.

My colleagues and I look forward to working with the member for Labrador in the coming months and years to continue the government's initiatives on behalf of the people of Labrador. We welcome him to the House and look forward to seeing him in Labrador, at his invitation, in the very near future.

New Member
Routine Proceedings

2:15 p.m.

The Speaker

I have the honour to inform the House that the Clerk of the House has received from the Chief Electoral Officer a certificate of the election and return of the following member:

Mr. Todd Norman Russell, for the electoral district of Labrador.

Todd Norman Russell, member for the electoral district of Labrador, introduced by the Right Hon. Paul Martin and the Hon. Claudette Bradshaw.

Inquiry by Ethics Commissioner
Routine Proceedings

2:15 p.m.

The Speaker

Before question period begins, I would like to make a brief statement.

On Friday, June 3, I received a letter from Mr. Bernard Shapiro, the Ethics Commissioner, informing me that he is, at the request of a member of Parliament, undertaking an inquiry that will deal with alleged breaches of conduct that include the inducements allegedly sought or offered between the member for Newton—North Delta and the Minister of Health and the surreptitious taping of conversations and the alleged entrapment by the member for Newton--North Delta.

The commissioner went on to call to my attention sections 27 to 29 of the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons which stands as an appendix to our Standing Orders, notably subsection 27(5), which reads as follows:

Once a request for an inquiry has been made to the Ethics Commissioner, members should respect the process established by this Code and permit it to take place without commenting further on the matter.

All House leaders were advised of this on June 3.

Before question period begins today, I wish to advise all members that I will be enforcing the Code of Conflict provisions that the House has adopted for itself with respect to both questions and answers. I ask for the cooperation of all hon. members in this matter.

Oral Question Period

2:20 p.m.


Peter MacKay Central Nova, NS

Mr. Speaker, David Stewart Patterson, vice-president of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, is critical of the government's budget deal with the NDP, stating, “it is nothing more than a postdated blank cheque that would give the cabinet blanket authority over a $4.5 billion slush fund”.

With over $26 billion in unbridled spending announcements, there seems to be money for everything except tax relief.

The Prime Minister's do anything, say anything, cling to power strategy will hurt Canada's competitiveness in the global market. The Prime Minister has cleverly sent his own tax bills offshore.

Having bought members of Parliament votes, when will he stop trying to buy Canadian voters with their own money and give them meaningful tax relief?