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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was liberal.

Last in Parliament November 2005, as Conservative MP for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast (B.C.)

Won his last election, in 2004, with 35% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Business of the House October 28th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister made a promise to tell us when we would have a bill on MPs' salaries. We still have not heard when that bill will be before the House. My party and I would like to know, and I am sure every MP would like to know when we are going to see that bill. We would also like to know what the business is for the rest of this week and next week before we take the break and go home for Remembrance Day.

2010 Winter Games October 27th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, last Thursday the official opposition met with delegates from the organizing committee of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. It can be said with confidence that we are as excited about the games as are all of those who have been working so diligently on the project, both before and since Vancouver won the competition to stage them.

I would like to pay tribute to John Furlong, the chief executive officer and his senior team of Catherine Bachand, Terry Wright, Cathy Priestner Allinger and Jeff Chan. The 20 members of the board of directors also deserve our applause.

All members of the official opposition are enthusiastically supporting the concept because the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games will be Canada's games and we know British Columbians will make Canada proud.

John Furlong is an outstanding Canadian and the 2010 games could not be in better hands. His record of public service in sports at all levels serves as a shining example of the meaning of excellent citizenship.

Conservatives across Canada pledge their continuing support for the Vancouver games because we know Vancouver will make Canada proud and the world impressed. My leader looks forward to opening those games.

Privilege October 21st, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I think there is a more important issue here. We have just heard the minister talk about a call log and what was done with the call. Every member of Parliament may call or write a minister's office. It does not necessarily mean that it has to do with the sponsorship program. Yet it was inferred by the minister that the member called with regard to the sponsorship program.

I am looking at a note written by the minister to the member which says “it's on the call log, your office did call”. He said that it was on December 28. The problem is that the member's staff was not working on December 28. Members of his staff do not work between Christmas and New Years. Something is wrong here.

Mr. Speaker, are telephone calls made by members of Parliament being recorded by ministers' offices? I want to know that. I think that is very important. Are our calls being monitored by ministers' offices?

How does this minister know? There were no staff in the office and the member says that he did not call. What was the call about? He is imputing that the member called for support from the sponsorship program but the member says that it is not true.

The minister should withdraw his remarks. He should also advise the House on whether members' calls are being taped.

Business of the House October 21st, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask the government House leader if he could advise all members of the House on the business for the rest of this week and next week. Could he also advise the House when we will see legislation, as promised by the Prime Minister, on MPs' salaries?

Points of Order October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, we would like the document she had in her hand that the minister quoted from. After that if she wants to give us the complete speech we would love to have that also.

Points of Order October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I want the document that the minister rose and read in the House tabled, not one that she is going to go back to the office and maybe take something off a page. Those are the rules and--

Points of Order October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, the minister is answering the point just raised by my colleague from Calgary. The document I want is the one from which she quoted in her answer. I want the complete document, not just one page of it.

By the rules of this House she is to table that full document, complete. It is a speech of the former minister. We would like that tabled.

Business of the House October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, before I ask the Thursday question, I would like to be assured by you that the minister, before she leaves the House, will be tabling that document. Those are the rules we live by in the House. I would like to make sure she will do that and I would like an answer before we leave here.

Mr. Speaker, while you are thinking about that, I would like to ask the government House leader if he could advise the House what the business is for the rest of today and tomorrow, whether there are any new bills coming in before next week, and what we will be doing next week in the way of business.

Points of Order October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, the minister was quoting. She had the document in her hands. I would like it tabled now, not later. I would like what she was quoting from tabled immediately.

Points of Order October 14th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, in her answers to colleagues on this side of the House, stated that she was reading, quoting, from a document or a speech. I would ask her to table that document.